Flipping things over, switching gear, changing shirts indefinitely until you find the exact way to develop something of which the core is firmly centered around beings that populate this planet, and their journey alongside one of the most significant forms of art that has been able to keep humanity warm in winter, and chill in the summertime.
A long pause away from writing thoughts about things that make me move was needed in order to make sense. This quest through a desert of thoughts started with the question "Why exactly am I doing this?"
Truth is, engaging into writing during the pandemic was originally designed to find a way to still connect with souls alike, overcoming the then-current human limits to keep building the greatness of the wall of fame of Electronic Music, seen from my own eyes.
Let's be honest here : who the fuck are you Anthony and what other heavily twisted pretentious goals have you got in store ? Thankfully a sense of humility sometimes shows up well enough in my human brain to get me to realize I am running east to find a sunset.
Taking some time to re-forcus on the goal : Humans, and their relationship with Music. This involves of course, spending more time going out there than writing in here to meet and greet these lovely souls that providence puts on our path thanks to a world getting used to dance again when the night falls.
So here, rather then myself going bollocks on tunes that make me mad, I decided to drop an empty bag to some of these people I had the pleasure to meet, and ask them to fill it with whatever music inspires them these days in order to give voice to the evergrowing passion that is keeping their lives exciting.

Until I change my mind again and have to spend another morning scratching my head to explain why on a long maybe unnecessary introduction that fills space, and makes the world spend their time away from scrolling.

Selected by Fletcher (Mosaic, Tact recordings)

After signing an outstanding album on Steve O'Sullivan's Mosaic Records (you'll find it right here),  Fletcher is coming back to us with a two tracker additionally enjoying the presence of Mike Schommer on the remix duty.
A release revealing the raw talent and genuine taste of this genuine man, in the continuum of the everlasting story that has been told for now more then 25 years on Mosaic, way deeper then the two previous releases, injecting into the atmosphere around the needle, the purity, the space, and a sense of eternity that we wish every piece of music ever released would have been inspired by.

Aside starts off with Mike Schommer's Violet Shift remix, as a way to keep your mind in a familiar space before you embarq on a ship that will take over your heart and thoughts. Mike chose to emphasize the groove, trimming the edges of the rather more complex rhythm of the original in order to give a comfortable repetitive feeling that gets in your guts, guiding your mind to the middle of the dancefloor.
AASide is where the game starts, in my personal opinion. Bohts being my definitive pick here for many reasons. An angelic pad with just enough weight and just enough height to achieve something which I often spoke of here, as being one of the major achievements of Dub Techno :  to keep your head high enough in the clouds, and your feet grounded to the earth. Add to that a magnificent rhythm section rolling and grooving, infinitely interesting in terms of sounding. This piece right here is the one you'll want to play over and over again when you need your heart to open up and your mind to see the world from the most beautiful angle.
Violet Shift Original is a suspended intelligent piece of Deep. It feels consequently higher then the rest of the EP and plays with your mind as the complexity of its rhythm unfolds, turning it into a piece to take your music listening further down the path, exploring more of what this genre of music has to offer, when presented from the mind of a passionate man devoted to this form of art.

Absolutely beautiful. Now that we have presented slightly Fletcher and his music, it's time to present the records the man have selected to come with this. 

Hidden Sequence - The Way Home EP

The way home, the perfect name for an EP to listen to while we can appreciate how good it feels to come home to the places we listen to so much great music, to then crawl into bed and take 4 days to recover from a "hangover of the universe" (© Ian). 
"Home is where the needle marks", or maybe more Home is where the needle moves to the groove.
Another name which we have been used to see on Mosaic, a great way to start off this short record selection, with an EP reflecting all the magnificent characteristics of the genre, when it stands firmly on the deeper side of the window.
 The Way Home is a sweet introduction that gently leads us into the night, like a warm friend welcoming you to a place in nature that you discover with dumbfounded eyes and a sense of peace. Where Did You Go will use of slightly more pressure with the help of a more stripped-down structure prioritizing a powerful lead gladly affected by its friends Reverb and Delay, and supported massively by a simple yet infinitely powerful bassline.<
 The Third Quadrant is our pick in this release, for the weight of the track and the sense of infinity that it infuses into the air. The kind of track you wish lasted as long as a lifetime for how much it makes you feel good. Just enough rhythm and just enough melody. Geometrical proportions translated into heart language, if that ever makes any sense (if not you can still send me a coffee at the address down below)

Steve O'Sullivan - Dimensions 1 LP

As if we really needed to reveal another point in common we have together with Fletcher, here it is. 
We did list this record in a previous review (the one of this year selected at Yoyaku), but due to the level of greatness this record and all of its contributors are bringing to the music, we'll give it another shot.
Part 1 of an album on which the man Steve O'Sullivan decided to collaborate with a tremendous amount of musicians ranging from newcomers to all-time legends, resulting in 2 LPs displaying a wide spectrum of deep Electronic Music, all coming together as they follow the Ariadne thread stretched along a heartfelt story.
As last time we chose to share the Spirit Funk track in which Steve collaborated with the great Thomas Melchior, this time we thought of keeping the deep spirit that goes so well with our beloved pick from Fletcher's release.
So here, we chose to select the one made with Dial's frontman Lawrence, who seems to want to say Just One More Thing. As just one more beer in Berlin may cut time between Thursday and Monday morning, One More Thing with Steve O'Sullivan and Lawrence will certainly cut your perception of time for the next 7 mins or so.