People don't read anymore. The joy one is experiencing while moving his eyes from left to right, decoding the meaning of letters put together to form words and sentences seems to belong to another generation, as can testify the incredible number of magazines that either transitioned to a 100% online format, either had to close the door of their beloved office. 
Add to this the enormous difference between actually holding a paper magazine, gazing at the pictures, or simply admiring the quality of the print, and scrolling through a page mechanically as we do on social media, and you'll understand the many challenges the art of blogging is facing to stay alive without having to blog about the same subject as everyone does. 
One reason for this to happen could be the fact that our lives have evolved to an ever-growing intense roller coaster, in which we all fight to stay alive, happy, fulfilled, in shape, well fed and hydrated, and at the end when still time there is: entertained. Another one could be that every single thing can get delivered to our doorsteps these days, and long are gone the days when an effort was necessary to get anything we wanted or needed. Amazon, Uber Eats, iTunes subscription, email notifications from new releases on Bandcamp, record stores taking the shape of a warehouse lost in the middle of nowhere spreading the vibes we normally discovered with a coffee in hand, and a sling bag filled to the rim, before heading home to try to sort whatever the fuck the next party was going to be about. Love today, also comes at the tip of the finger if you can move your hand left or right, but thankfully you still have to move from home to get laid. 

Let me make something clear from my very own perspective: reading a 2000 words article on a computer or on a phone fucking sucks balls. It truly does. Unless you are insanely hardcore about reading or about getting informed in any other way than seeing all your friends post about the same topic on social media (guilty your honor), reading on a screen that participates to eat the two extensions of your brain normally used to spot food, danger, or a potential mate, is not the most comfortable thing in the world. And if you've arrived here, then I would like to congratulate you for the immense effort you have been providing until now. 

So what now? Do we light up a fag and take another step towards the end of our lives and moan and groan like an old cunt saying "things have changed, you know"? 
Of course not. What we do, is what we always did, since the days we were walking naked and suddenly the food happened to not find itself on the floor anymore: we evolve, and we create considering the current challenges. 

I found out that listening to people talk could have more value today in the busy lives we live, as professionals, as Mothers and fathers, as Women, Men, and Non Binary human beings dying to get our shit together to make our existence on earth make sense. 
You clean your flat, you work, you eat but want to rest your eyes, you drive, you commute to work : you can listen to a podcast. Simple, easy, comfortable. 

All these letters harming your eyes, forcing your mind to go to the gym, to introduce the Lessenorg Podcast. A tiny place that will be occupied on my SoundCloud (and another enormous part of my life), dedicated to get artists to speak in a casual way, to try my best to shine a light on people, musicians, artists, lunatics, and hopefully the interesting questions they will be asked which are trying their best to be anything else but "what inspires you" and "when did you start making music". I apologize for taking so much of your time already and hope the rest of what I will be guilty for taking away from your Netflix will be worth a good chat or a good laugh, or both. 

Ladies, Gents, "and everything in between" (©Martini Cherry), let us introduce the Lessenorg Podcast.