Listen // week 29 2021

This week, we will take off with the repress, and recent digital availability of Primitive Urges 1. Simply one of the best and most original House records I own at the moment. Heavy groove, full swing deepvibes taking you straight into an ever-evolving atmosphere constantly traveling. A series of fantastic powerful records which I personally hope they will all repress as every one of them has something very special to bring to our ears. A series of masterpieces.

Following up we have another form of heavy Dub infused Deepness of J.S.Zeiter, for the second Revoke. Lots of space, and a gimmick showing up slowly to bring an intelligently constructed journey as we would dream of for every track of that genre. A warm analog feeling, a simple and effective rhythmic structure, and a huge space to let our minds wonder is all we need for a happy start of the week.

Let's move down from space to the heart. A very emotional track served to you by Darren Nye sequencing the elements of the world created by your brain when you think you are technically not active. Darren's Dream Sequencer devellops around one of these resonating basslines which we love and cherish, the sketches of a sweet dream better enjoyed with your eyes open, with the sound of a well-thought rhythmic section and what seems to be a superb electronic orchestra. A Journey you may certainly remember once getting ready for work.

My best pick this month now. Again this is a little heavier then what we usually intend to share (what exactly do we intend to share? Don't ask me). Another one of these best expressions of simplicity. Probably the hardest thing to achieve in Music. 5 notes to drive you absolutely bonkers. What can you do with such a little amount of black and white keys? Ask Steven. He's the Mac Gyver of Electronic Music. Building an entire village with sand and water.
This one will take you far, far away.

Now the guys from Step Recording which are bringing in a great load of interesting things these days. Here Miles Ellis singing the song of a Classic House groove as we love it to be done. Still the same signature sound we are used to on Step, that old (old...?) twist we love and cherish and the neverending sound of that driving hat, vocal shots to taste, just a simple groove to make your life easier. 

Music On Location is here with us again this week, with still as many interesting and eclectic things as in the last one, exploring the works of a bunch more artists. See this one as a possible introduction to a lot of stories, and this is the trick with this particular pick : a piece of music that can act as a starting point of thousands of different stories. So much this should have been called "Once Upon A Time". You'll go anywhere from there. The most important step of a journey being the first one, you will probably need to throw your ears and attention to what is happening on this piece.

Last, but not least, our dear friends at Rocket Audio, delivering Furz's works to showcase another bunch of rhythm madness tracks. When The Sheep Laugh Before You is still very representative of what has been happening on Rockets, but who said we had enough? Maybe you did, my feet didn't still. The 35th space launch can then be considered as another success as we see the ship disappear with enough energy to take the party off from our sight with another powerful release.

That's all ... Folks :D

See you next week!




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