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Stillness. A quality worshiped by the Stoïcs, Taoists, you name it and that's how many other spiritual and philosophical schools you have that worship this basic human quality. It is a very predictable thing then, to be expecting from people and specially musicians as they engage in the process of such a musical journey that Ambient, Dub, or Minimalism offer to our experience on Earth.  

The art of taking the time, the fine craft of observing things moving in a somehow close to static environment. The quest for the effortless path to fulfillment.  

A soul free from desire to be, is able to accept to expand and fill the space allotted to itself in the Universe, according to the words of the Unnamable, by taking the time to look, practicing inevitably the science of not forcing, the ancient teachings of Wu Wei. 

As if the performance was that easy to reproduce talented Actor, Dancer, or Musician is watched and carefully listened to, so perfectly executing the all well reheased and repeated pieces of the composition, but the complexity of the piece we are being showcased lies in between the greatest number of details which are showed on the screen after hard wired constructions of habit, which have been placed with great care as a result of practice. Practicing, following an idea, the journey, not the destination. Knowing where it begun, without questioning where it ends. Watching the inner thoughts with their eyes closed, singing the muted voices of their minds.  

It takes courage to follow blindly the laws of the unseen, the words of the unsung, and as a result of overcoming the deepest fears and the almighty devil manipulating its guts, one may accept to be whole with the rest of the world.  




Let's start this week with a bowl of fresh air. Ohm & Kvadrant  setting themselves up on the great Kontakt imprint on which they regularly perform the task of filling our shelves with the purest mix of Dubtechno and Deep. Kattegat is a gentle but yet very powerful track that liberates its power at every second of the passing clock, starting with a cloudy pad that announces the weather forecast for the next 7 mins. A surprising and uplifting break takes care of your will to dance in a very subtle yet intense way. If that ain't enough for you to buy this, I'm leaving the city for sheeps and grass.

Gerd on the Hip House as we like it, tainted of low ghetto basslines and funky Acid lead. Oustanding break with the type of vocal that lifts a church on sunday, and your ass from your chair as if the soil was on fire. Nothing can beat that classic sound.

Hoax Believers is back in the game on Madrid's Distrito 91. Expect the sound you heard and loved on Ferox yet a few years ago, praising the eternity of the Detroit school's influence on us European children of the mothership, particularly on the Break Beat Guerrero track. Referencing the soldier spirit of UR, far away from impersonating the genre as the strong influences of the legends are clearly felt as the blueprint for this humble nonetheless talented Spanish artist.
Something to press "follow" on, in there at Bandcamp.

Now here comes Waajeed with the original sound of Deep House, updated and upgraded, still alive and ready to blow up the dancefloor. Simplicity and groove don't need no make up, no artefacts to unleash the power of their beauty behind a melody that sings the song of life itself. Too Black here showcases all the greatest influences America has been able to draw from in order to build the eternal sound of Deep House Music. Waajeed pays another tribute to it, that feels like another page of a book that never meant to be closed.

A few words from the legend we recently lost. A humble presentation of tiny fraction of the immensity of the works that one man has been able to offer to the world. A sound, recognized through billions of pieces, constructions that no one can expect but yet everyone can feel as if they could. The legitimate son of Deep Electronic Music, the spirit of Groove born into flesh. As for your heart to be able to give so much, your spirit cannot leave this planet. We love you, always, and forever Michel.

Now Luc! Not only a talented DJ, but at the same time a humble and nice human being to talk to (even after I seem to have had slightly too many drinks). Coming to us here straight out of his own Bandcamp with a yet particularly heavier track then what we are used to hear, throwing on to the table more power to light up the house on fire.

Let's now finish it up with x.y.r. and Inner Tones, spreading an atmosphere around of plenitud and a feeling of stillness (which makes you understand my thoughts this morning while listening to this). An entire album dedicated to something I would not necessarily call Ambient as the fact that there is no beat does not mean that the compositions are not rhythmically driven. This is certainly beatless, but moreover heavy and intense. A beautiful piece.

That's it for this week (and for my holidays)

Much love! 


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