Spazio Disponibile : Roma Has Another Emperor, And Space It Is


Yes, Space, is again in the topic. You probably have already listened to what is happening down this Roman label operated by no one else but our dear Voices From The Lake : Donato Dozzy and Neel.

Not only is it a shock the size of a building when I get to discover what these guys are making, I fell off from my chair when discovering what was behind its name when I got a gig in the town that actually hosts this lake : Sabaudia. As a full grown mediterranean, of course I tend to connect easily with all fellow people from the southern sea, but I must confess I have rarely been in a more beautiful place than this one in my entire life.

Visually ok, it looks super appealing. But my concern was more centered around the heart, than the eye (and I promise the tsunami of Aperol Spritz that I got served that night has nothing to do with that).
We came from the hotel, and drove down the road that leads to a bridge over a lake. A very wide but not so long one from which bridge, you see something close to a little house, people rowing on boats, and all the mysterious landscape you could imagine around the lake subject ; to then admire the overhanging master Mount Circeo, watching the sailors ride the winds of mediterranean sea, with their boats full of goods and stories from far away yet culturally very close lands. The Village, the lake, the sea had my mind blown, owned my heart in just a matter of seconds.

If there is one place to visit in Europe, it is this one and nowhere else. Combining pleasure for the eye, exceptional food, warm weather, and a collection of fantastic people at every corner, all of them better proud defenders of the little paradise they live in.


Indeed, the space available in there is not only fairly impressive, but quite inspiring too. As water always inspired musicians (Ryuichi sakamoto did not make an exception here), we find these two dub techno legends getting lost in a profound yet exceptionally danceable music. The mind wonders, becomes part of the music, participates to the evolution of the image within the mystery.

 Deep roots in sensual influences and powerful drum sounds inside those patterns, this is what you get outta that box. You certainly can assess that repetition is the mother of skill after attending one of their event at Berghain, or wherever they have control over or inspire the line up. A strange sensation that you were just taught what making electronic music means. Standing firmly on solid roots, taking the energy from the past with your head up gazing at the sky, moving the music forward up to another level of intelligence, all of that using a limited number of elements carefully chosen to let space express itself.

Miles Davis understood music when he understood the use of silence. Listening to this, you learn how to let the air speak too. Like science explaining the existence of nothing, the king of the Universe, the start of everything. The drums, the synths all of them conspire in this music, to make space exist at the center of your attention.

From space evolve creativity, from space came our world as we know it and experience it, so what would you expect from a label worshiping the reign of intelligence in its most simplistic way, yet extremely complex and mind stimulating?

Enough words, my mouth is getting dry, as I remember that, "if what one say is not better than silence, then one should keep silent". Watch what space can do for your very own goodness, with that selection of 10 tracks from Spazio Disponibile's Bandcamp.



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