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Thanks to the lads from Synchrophone, I got to know a couple of months ago about this fantastic label from Montréal.
This is definitely one of these EPs I am patiently waiting to put under the needle for one of these very special moments. Don't get me wrong : the entire record fits a lot of different scenarios, but for sure I would rather want to chose carefully the time to play it to make sure I see heads coming down to ask what it is, as this is the least deserved expected reaction from people, as opposed to just tapping their feet to the ground.


Priori - SCN Review

 A Masterpiece. A record we will remember. One that you will regret not grabbing while it was in your hands, and one you will probably end up paying a lot of money for on shitscogs. SCN1 is the floating boat sailing to the highly secured borders that separate Deepness and Dub. A sci fi pad is there to question your mind enough, and a monster beat gently keeps you going. La force tranquille we'd say in French.
SCN2 is very probably my favorite of the EP at the moment, as I'm pretty sure my taste and preferences will evolve as listening. A perfect representation of what Dub Techno means to me. Minimalism, space, rhythm, personality. It moves by itself and if you get in there it'll also move you for the rest of the day effortlessly. The kind of loopy track the unexperienced ear of a brand new electronic music lover of qualified taste will tend to listen to over and over again, to understand the rules and mechanisms of this endless style of music that some extremely talented people only, have been sharing for about 30 to 40 years. I could lay down as many words as I could but never would get any closer to the most deserved definition for this track. Let's just say you have to experience it to understand.
Moving forward to the next one, it is a similar vibe as the first track of the EP, yet providing a little more muscle to the hussle. Probably something to do with a pad being a little more down to earth a little less spacey, or less high frequency effects and the addition of that Tom + Hi Hat combination that constantly recharges the groove (yes, I was gonna write the goose). Bassline here also brings a solid comfy moving ground that keeps the ... goose on (I'll stay with the bird for the rest of the post, let's see where we get). Spaciousness of course gets introduced later on with skyrocketed high pitched notes that give the last touch to the Dub infused landscape of this tune, therefore turning it into another timeless piece you could have played yesterday, you wanna play today, and you will play tomorrow.
So far here, we're facing a flawless record.
To finish up, we're heading to the sky again, but do we ever feel like we had enough of floating?
I myself can't be sure. As being the most comfortable in the world when I throw myself out of an airplane, I'll say the flight is never long enough to me. But here guys, this one feels like a slingshot the size of a human capsule, capable of throwing your mind outside the stratosphere for as long as the needle will vibrate. The black cherry on the cake. Not the one you get on shitty happy hour cocktails that adds on to the low quality of boose that you find in there, no the one you wish you had ten on a stick to come back with at the end of the night (instead of your drunk best friend wanting to listen to "that tune he was telling you about for days"). An extraordinary impressive voyage. That is the impression this record leaves you with this track when you find yourself about to put it back into its sleeve. 
As I listen again to the entire piece, I feel confused about my choice of favorite track. The entire piece is just gold. Pure perfection. Beautiful to see that after more than 30 years of existence, the human brain and will power are still capable of delivering such a level of pure moving deepness, goosing (told you...) around endlessly under the complex laws of subtlety and simplicity. Again, one that i'll keep for special moments for people to remember till the end of times. Clap Clap (or should I say quack quack?)

Now if you will, let's take a closer look in the crate to see what Dust-E-1 has to share on his.





If you're after 4 to the floor exclusively music, you can stop here (just don't forget to grab a copy of Priori's EP on the way if you still can).
Here's the UK born, Montréal resident head of Dustworld. Of course his discogs page will smell like UK rave from the 90s. It's like being from Chicago and not knowing anything about the blues, or being a Berliner and not being a Döner expert (that's my case). 
At the commands of the first and third EP for Dustworld, he delivers a wide variety of music (as well as on other labels) with almost equally music for your home listening and for dancefloor destroying duties. My personal favorite of his, in terms of what's available in store at Dustworld, are definitely Hypomania and U & Me. Hypomania to me is like a softer version of what The Martian has done to our heads in the 90s. Has to do with that resonant filter game and these toms, minus the distortion. If trance had its greatest days (I'm still searching) then it would be with that sort of stuff. Loving these vocal pads and that rolling rhythm section to keep the heads high and the feet bouncing up and down.
U & Me is definitely the perfect track to put in when you want to listen to music. Not just you wanna listen to something to cheer you up, relax or have a wank in the bath (actually now that I think of it...). Just a time you wanna be pleased with something special for your ears that you don't get to listen everyday. Like an audio treat on your high quality sound system (the one which your girlfriend and parents couldn't understand the price ). 
Of course it is heavily space infused, I then can consider myself conquered. The first record actually got back from repress recently so you might be able to get a copy for yourself if your record store is not stuck on exclusively what the high energy crowd is searching for. If not, maybe Synchro might have a copy for you.


More About Francis Latreille - The Soul Behind Priori

One very cool way to describe an artist, instead of talking shit about him, is to actually listen to what he does under great conditions. Thank fuck, Mutek is in charge of providing a well defined digital and physical platform for artists like him to express their creativity. 
This live was recorded for Mutek 2019 and is pretty much anything I'd wanna hear in terms of Techno. Forward thinking, heavily anchored on solid roots nourished by the best stuff from that style that was out in the last 20 years, and mind oriented. Pretty good for a wake up soundtrack today, very probably even better tomorrow. He will also be playing for the 21st edition of Mutek, which will also be shtreamed for those of them who prefer to shtay home (like me), and for those of us who live far from it (https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1421157)

Priori is also running Naff Recordings alongside Ex-Terrestrial, an imprint on which he delivered last year his album "On A Nimbus" , as well as a fantastic EP of remixes earlier this year in July.
What we're after on Naff, is a fairly eclectic voyage in between spacey but nonetheless heavy house, and techno. The flight will do a quick stop for refueling in the woody land of ambient and down tempo stuff, all of that with a slight 90s touch, just enough to make it sound like Real music, if i'm allowed to speak like an ignorant from the heart. It sounds like machines, and man playing with machines. Simple but how efficient? Efficient enough to make you wanna spend the next decade having an email telling you when they put out a new release on both Naff and Dustworld.

This one to the left is probably my favorite of theirs, and is the one that caught my ear when it was out.
Very intelligent vision of House to me, or if I may say it like that. Space is there again, your head is floating but your feet are not left for dead for nothing in the world, and are being taken care of by a strong, serious rhythm section (I'm particularly thinking of the one on ANF Dub here).
Everlasting. Not aging a bit, enough to make a Palm Spring Old lady jealous as hell and wanting to know what the secret of this music is.
You really wanna know? (I had no idea old ladies from Palm Springs were reading this but look...) It's obvious, like your nose is sitting on your face : it's just the expression of the purest form of passion, and the highest level of dedication to that passion, combined to the eternal quest for a sound that was great yesterday, shines today, therefore will enlight the spirit of whoever has his ears on it for the next decades to come.
Sans faute! I would say in French. Perfection on wax and nothing else.

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RDRP01 is out now! Order from Black Round Twelve, deejay.de or simply from the Redrop page


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