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Easy for me and completely logical to find on my way, the souls behind Catharsis podcast series, maybe because of my interest, or quest, to search for the reason why, as human beings, we tend to have particular interest in this parallel universe we call Art.

"The Purifying power of Art". There would normally not be a necessity to explain more than that before listening to the podcast. These five words explain the entirety of their activity, through their soundcloud page and their events, if not their entire lives. If you do need a definition of the word Catharsis, I would highly encourage you to visit their Soundcloud, which you'll probably do, unless it's 4:30am and you found this page by accident in search for a way to find sleep in the middle of a complicated mindfuck.

As to really reveal the power of music, I believe you do have to open your eyes, ears, and mind to experience its full spectrum. As being eclectic myself listening to stuff from Classical to Hardcore (thanks sly!), I tend to enjoy as much when people are sticking to their universe and their style, as when they do explore a little more and tell a story rather than exposing an identity (do these two things really go against each other? I'm not quite sure).
This is what motivated me when I was recording my podcast for them. Even though I've enjoyed the opportunity to take that (horribly everyday felt) melodic etiquette off my face to show a deeper, more abstract side of my music, I really did feel comfortable seeing the musical landscape painted by the Catharsis crew, therefore the freedom offered in terms of music selection.

This non physical place is a place for love, good music of your own choice, positive energy, and of course is served and selected by people that fully encompass these qualities. It just feels good. Like just good. Better than peanut butter banana bread. Really!

For you to be able to fully integrate the vehicle, I will then take you through a little imaginary bike tour to present some of the many members of this fantastic collective. Some come, some go, some stay, some sneeze, some snooze. It's a big big big family, so i've selected a few here to talk bout. If I didn't mention you, it's just because we probably hate each other. You know me. And now that I'm a so called blogger i'm gettin even worst.
Let's see what we find in there.

Cathy Daniels

Dutch Vinyl enthusiast comfortably setup in Berlin (of course she is! Where else could she feel home?). A pure shot of deepness served on a wax plate.
Of course that Fred P track from one of his previous album (which I got offered as a birthday present years ago, I know, I've good friends) caught my ear at first. If there's one of his tracks in your mix, it's an easy way to have me conquered. "Deepness is a state of mind', furthermore I'd say it's a way of life. And those living according to it recognize themselves from first glance, or from the first seconds of their mix.
She is one of them. One of these Djs paying attention to an underlying real and powerful emotional content towed down from the sky, and through the vehicle of her mind, for Mankind to experience another form of deeper language, another feeling of consciousness.
In the end, simplexity would define her sound more than deepness : it is the art of majestically combining the light of simplicity through the a fairly complex system which we cannot explain with words. A language that our mind struggles to grasp, but which the emotional receptors as well as the sole of our feet integrates perfectly.
Therefore, I'll let you experience it fully, and subscribe to her Soundcloud if you will.


Do I really need to introduce Bruno? Or did his outstanding and massive contribution to electronic music speaks for itself?
Since I'm here to put words on music, let's just say Cleymoore (aka Max Binski) has been one of the major actors of the underground minimal scene for the past 8 to 10 years (that we know! But i'm sure the man's dedication goes much further back in time than this)
Coming straight from Portugal, now based in the big B, he originated in 2012 the birth of his label Pluie/Noir with no one else but the king of story telling music Petre Inspirescu, followed by a good bunch of must have records delivered by friends and other legends of minimal electronic music.
Well, if you're yet not awake enough, it's a good time to say goodbye to those floppy arms and legs and those heavy eyelids, as what will come to your ears, in case you didn't know it already, is clearly the soundtrack for a complicated sleep deprived day.
As before was a shot of deepness, that sounds more like a shot of fine Mezcal, with an electrified worm grooving in the bottle. Perfect mixes. Exceptional choice of music. Groove. And maybe a bit more groove. No fucking time for joke at all. Except I always have the time. 
Recently, Pluie/Noir and Rotate decided to officialize and organize their long time running collaboration, as two hearts work better than one, to form a new label and booking agency called Rings Of Neptune (remember that track from Thomas Romain in this post?) . This way, the Franco - Portuguese crew living between Paris and Berlin have gathered talented souls in order to explore an extended version of their vision of music. They actually donated all their revenues from releases from this label to support NAACPBlack Visions & Queer Refugees Deutschland Nice move! I wasn't expecting anything less than that from them.




You probably have recently heard Sarah in one or several of the Hör shows that she hosted recently, to introduce a brand new label which they have set up with Toxido Mask called Modex 21, with a bit more punch in her sound, compared to that Catharsis podcast 02 which I absolutely fell in love with.
You know my love for ambient and experimental sound (if you don't, I highly recommend you read that post about Musique Concrete). So here instead of that leg destroyer mix she did at the beginning of the podcast, I decided to share something of hers, for your mind to wander a little more.
She was kindly invited here for the #LAB Experience (a show in which you'll also find Thomas Romain, Hubble, or Yes'in to name a few) ,  to share these tracks to perform something in which she excels, and expose the extent of her eclecticism once again. Ambient, Jungle-ish, Psychedelism, Breaks, and a track which I thought was SW at first but is not (I hate to ask "track id" but sometimes for the good cause, this shit has to be done)
The variety of the recorded material you can find about her on the Internet, should give you an idea of what is cooking for Modex21 as well as what you can expect when you come to see her play (when we finally get out of that shit that is having me running around my flat like a dog waiting for a morning piss).
Actually, do not expect. You'd have the effect of someone knowing already what the birthday present is. Just go to one of their events if you can. If you can't, get a tissue, and cry baby.




Tomash Ghz

This guy. Ooooooooh let me tell you about this guy. Another fortunate encounter at the corner of a place where I have worked, where he came to push a few records with a friend of his, and got me entertained longer than I could expect.
An absolute genius, and he might wanna kill me for saying that as he's also extremely humble, but i'll take the risk.
We're down to the minimal range, the one where mind encounters body right on the edge, that golden edge you wanna reach when playing this sort of music. He gets right there and nowhere else, leading you to infinity without a sweat until your watch battery turns off and you don't know who you are anymore. Super intelligent productions, and sharp as a knife music selections.
Besides, he also builds modules and is an extensive modular user. The kind of guy you'd like to have close to you when diving deep into this space (otherwise you'd probably end up walking on your 6 feet long beard and have no music finished at all for the next 20 years). 
He says to be a "technology enthusiast", but what he clearly forgets to mention is that the way he sees, lives, and applies technology keeps a strong sense of human connection, like the final perfect touch, the cherry that will make you feel that robot cake tastes as good as your grandma's (certainly not as mine still - don't forget I'm mediterranean) .
Just visit his website and don't be shy to fire over a donation if you like his works :)


Toxido Mask

Last but not least, the one DJ that turned my morning into paradise on January 1st of 2017, at an extensive Finow Zoo party. Chrisht what a set! Outstanding energy ranging in between House, Techno, Minimal, full of soul, a real story told for your delight, and for you to just never go home.
A perfect expression of what genre free danceable music should sound like (while still making sense in terms of story telling). I'd say it has gone one step closer to techno right now, but still with the same feeling of highly flammable positive energy keeping immense amount of interest, enough for you to be waiting for her next gig.
(Btw Boogie, we still have a dangerous appointment going on)

That is how I would simple describe what you experience when coming close to her music. Fire, creativity, enthusiasm, and peak energy rising into your heart. Passion invades your soul from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. And it takes me quite an effort to go home to my duty when her and her friends are playing (thank god I've learned how to perform an excellent Irish goodbye. Life saving skill!!!!).

She is also the other half behind the building of Modex21. More than just a label, an entire ideology transferred (or transfigurated) onto wax.
Deepness, Raw sound, Groove, Inner city (not the artist) type of vibe from my perspective. That's enough to define again another vision of infinity. This is what Electronic Music to me has in common with Jazz. You have a certain number of expected elements with which you can either do boring like hell stuff, or with which you can reach infinity. What you do vs how you do it maybe, but here for sure the how is more than mastered and conquered me already without even knowing what the first release will be.



Music to Catch Your Eye And Please Your Ears

Here now, is a selection of tracks available on Bandcamp (as usual), coming either from the artists themselves involved in Catharsis, from guests they had, or directly from the sets they played.




RDRP01 is out now! Order from Black Round Twelve, or simply from the Redrop page


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