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Nothing in between your wallet and the one that makes you dance

Here we collect tracks from artists we dearly love and support, labels we believe in, according to different subjects. 
Wanna really support valuable artists? Forget about Spotify, Bandcamp is the only place where digital files generate income for the artists you love.

Listen // week 8 2021

Once as a twenty something, when I was going to our local record store several times a week and hanging out with the Man in charge of this store, I was told that my taste was really "Detroit", after picking…

Listen // week 7 2021 // Curated by VT


This week's selection is curated by not only a really good friend of mine, but also one of the sharpest and most dedicated Music lover and enthusiast I have been able to meet, and spend time with.

Listen // week 6 2021

WEEK 6 Listen Blog / Lessenorgdotnet

From now on, we'll be starting to give away one record every week not from my collection, not from our releases, but sent to you as a present directly from one of our…

Listen // Week 51 2020

The soundtrack of your week on Bandcamp for the official Pastis week.

We'll be starting from the depth with an absolutely stunning ambient track from Naarky out on Spclnch. Take a moment to listen to that shortly after you…

Listen // Week 50 2020


Hiroshi, would you wanna kill me if I said this reminds me a lot of Terry Riley? I hope you dont. I would be nuts, to die for a comment on a fantastic bandcamp release.


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