Lessenorg Podcast (pilot) - AGP with Matt & MArk Thibideau

Without a doubt, two of the most amazing and radiant people I have been able to meet on the summer 2022. 
The kind of lads that will load your mind, your heart, and your creativity. Sort of a musical version of Midas Touch: every soul that will come any close to them or their Music will see his / her / their day turned to gold.
During their last trip to Europe, we had the pleasure to discuss their burning passion for Hardware Synths, the beauty of the Electronic Music scene in Europe and life being a musician while keeping a healthy lifestyle.

 Insanely talented Musicians, operating in the Deep, Ambient & Dub Techno fields for many many years now, their music has a cinematic taste and is driven by a genuine form of simplicity and a sense of movement directed by a very unique sense of subtlety. Their releases and remixes came to the world under the banners of Sushitech, Vade Mecum,  Joule, Thule, Substatic, Freerotation, or their Obsolete Component imprint, to name a few.

In this episode, we're of course talking about their creative process, some of the pieces of gear they are using, and the ever-inspiring concept behind Obsolete Component.

Next in line : releases are expected on Berg Audio and Greyscale this year, as well as another trip to Europe. So watchout for the wax, and the Live performances on the old continent.