Lessenorg Podcast EP2 - AGP with Neil Hoare

The second Edition of the Lessenorg Podcast presents the works of a storyteller who chose images rather than words to tell the story of the world around him, through the lens of Poetry.
Neil has been dedicating his life to storing a wide variety of Life experiences, as a way to fuel his thirst for discovery, guided by an open heart and an inexhaustible source of kindness.
Trained as a Film Maker, Neil decided to go back home to Ireland to put together ideas gathered during his time in Winnipeg, to face one of the country's heaviest financial crises in the last decades. 
Berlin happened to be on the map, and boldness and passion guided his feet to the streets of Neukölln, where he decided to form a closer bond with his Camera, and switched to a static form of expression that allowed him to finally be published by Der Spiegel in 2020.

I knew Neil from Somewhere In The Distance festival as he shot the pictures for the beautiful 2018 edition, and was utterly surprised and amazed by his ever-inspiring vision and life path. I hope you'll feel the same too.