In the past 12 months, the Dub Techno community witnessed the emergence of a brand new imprint coming to the world with the strength of a category 3 hurricane. In order to celebrate this year of existence with all the enthusiasm this label deserves, we decided to get to know a little more about the story behind it, and its wonderful collection of releases. Yesterday, we sat down and had an immensely inspiring chat with a man whose main talents, besides having outstanding musical taste and a dedicated passion for Electronic Music, seem to show up when it’s time to make people shine, and give back to the glory of the early days of a movement designed to keep the world awake and happy. Today, we will reveal a story based on beats, depth, Humility, and pure Passion, supported by the most powerful emotion mankind has been able to experience on planet Earth.

From Rave To Dub

When it comes to Music, an older brother bringing home a pair of turntables is all it takes to cut the rug, diving deeper every day into the addictive world of Vinyl records, using the superpower of a tool that back then every teenager had in their room to record BBC One Essential Mix by the likes of Future Sound Of London, Dave Clarke (who his brother ended up booking for his 18th birthday party in 1994 for 200 1£ coins taken from the door).
This is all it took to allow Alastair to infuse his mind into the fast developing Rave sound of the nineties though still not old enough to tap his feet to the beat surrounded by like-minded souls. 

Moving slightly up north to the capital, Alastair’s taste began to shift from the roaring rave and techno sound as the legends Rod Modell, Mark Ernestus, Moritz Von Oswald, and Wolfgang Voigt already started to invade record stores and clubs with a subgenre designed to develop the Less Is More mantra in their respective forms of expression, giving birth amongst other artists to Dub Techno and the Minimal movement, and by doing so, affirming severely the right for Electronic Music to be assimilated as an established new way of perceiving and producing Music. 

The subtleties of this new wave charmed Alastair to the point that names such as Steve O’Sullivan got engraved in his mind for future projects which he started to design in his mind, though never really considering turning this into a main source of income. 

Later on, he found himself a regular day job after studying and moved back down south to establish himself while always keeping his eyes and ears on the record collection he had accumulated during those years.

Future Sound Of London - Essential Mix, 1993. One of the shows that laid the foundations of England's Electronic Music scene.

Alastair's favorite track taken from the highly influential Gramm - Personal Rock (2000, Source) album.