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Sun, seems to have the opportunity in this new decade, to make the people forget about restrictions currently trying to protect the future of humanity.  
For sure, many of us are currently being forced to stay out of work, and in many cases this cannot be considered anything else but a tragic disastre. Those who did not die from corona can enjoy staying alive starving to death sometimes, as governments roll out of their duty one by one, leaving some of their citizens dealing with themselves, while others have food in their fridge but bury their dreams one by one with each second of the day passing by, trying to find a reason to stay happy as their lungs fill in with the air that killed so many. The world has its balls right up in the neck from all the pressure the entire planet has been on for over a year now, so far we have at least reached a point to which we can question if testicles are not made mercury. 

Now have you heard of the test, some researchers did on children, in which they gave them one candy, left them in a room for 15 minutes, and told them if they eat the candy, this is the only one they will have but if they can wait, they'll have another. The proportion of people coming together for a dance i'd say is very probably quite similar to the one in those kids that suffered from gluttony. Yes maybe, Bill Gates wants to control the world, and Musk wants to see if the size of his dick will grow as he's flying out to space. Sure. Maybe I'm stupid, certainly, but maybe, the more we lose our shit and get together, the further away the release time will happen. Maybe by getting together, more then an act of bravery, by standing up to say no, we dig the whole deeper then the Ocean, for all our friends, brother and sisters to die slowly. Think about it. Wait : you probably forgot what that means as all that's left, is a deadly need to get absolutely smashed outta yer head, and maybe this is where the story ends. 

Apart from these raging thoughts for people getting together half naked (in february) in the streets dancing to the beats, I found myself surrounded by an infinity of good music this week. I am so amazed, to see people who can, still release and believe in Vinyl Record. To see others, giving it all to the music while wishing for being able to finally put out to the world, a physical representation of what it is they have best to give to these complicated moments we currently go through. I have found myself in the middle of so much good music, that the choice was hard (especially after a week dedicated to Ian O'Brien), but here it is : a selection of people that make you forget we question the future of our music, a collective, that united under the Electronic Music's colors, reminds you that the reason why we put all our money, all our free time, all our heart and soul into this, is for music to move all them particles in the air singing along and whispering to your ears, the true words of happiness, and the story of the unsung heroes of humanity. 

Before I throw up, here's what I have to say about these tracks.

LISTEN - WEEK 10 2021 


This one, not only comes from one of the most trusted Dub Techno Label the interwebs has to offer, but was composed by an extremely promising talent I have been talking about recently and decided to follow like a German Shepheard tracking a bone in the bushes : Heavenchord. I was pretty much expecting Heavenchord to release on Insectorama as the two seem to share a conception of Music that shaves the idea of Perfection within electronic music so close, that it gets closer to slaughter every time the blade slides on the skin. The complex simplicity in there gets so intense, the repetition so comfortable, that you cannot refuse yourself to throw in a few bucks for this album, though it has no price tag attached to it. We start this week with valuable music, signed at to a valuable label, doing it for valuable reasons. Nothing else, nothing more.


There again, could not help my happiness to find these legendary tracks out there on Bandcamp. Cabinet is the foundation of an abstract vision of House Music combined to a firm decision to make you dance, whatever the concept being developped during the 10 minutes of frenetic wander. It's just a groove after all. No one is playing a scale up and down with the speed of light and no genius schoolboy jazzman is jerking off in the back of the scene, releasing the pressure on the bridge. But your shoes may have a different opinion on that considering the amount of sweat you have left on the dancefloor listening to this track. Again another very simple piece of music, yet another perfect timeless track. No need for much, when your sound is spot on. 
This was hot yesterday, and still is hot today, and for the price you will pay this shit, you better get that in your wallet as a REAL act of rebellion against the state of the actual world of Music nowadays.


Sorry lads, got carried away by the madness Cab Driver keep infecting me with everytime I listen to their music. I never meant Jazz Music is made for isolated nerds (wait, cold that be the reason why I love Jazz so much? Let me get a sock from the drawer, where's this Barry White album....?). 
We jump from simplicity driving the rhythm, to complex musicality speaking a coded language. Like a Linndrum message in morse, of which only those experienced Generals of House Music will decode the story and laugh in the back of the room. 
Inspiration in the old school, use of influences in a clever and efficient way to take you for a colourful and efficient ride. This is what this music is about, and I don't seem to have had enough of it. Mission Accomplished Lieutenant.


Speaking of Lieutenant, here we are, back into the rhythm madness of interesting Minimalism. "But where's the new stuff Anthony? You promised an Ocean of Good News!" You may know my friend, that water you see in the Ocean, goes up to heaven through the sun sucking every single one of its drops, falls on to the hills and goes dripping down every single rock of the river to fall back into the see, washing the shore where you site on your ass drinking Piña Colada. See ? What's new in there? Fuckall. Really. Fuckall. But you still come down every year to wash your pain and your worries, your heartache and your stress down by the same beach for so many years to try to understand and take home with you, some of that infinity. 
What's the moral in there? Perfection is an ageless Lady who's birthday make her only more valuable to the eyes of the Gentleman of taste. This music, this whatever well organized brain fuck, has inspired me to give you these words. Be thankful to it.


Let's shlow down a little Tommy. Shloooooooow down all the emotion, the fear for the future, the anger and the jealousy, the love and the hate, and take the heartbeat to an almost meditative level. One to which you are awake enough to save the journey in your memory, but one to which you would be asleep enough to let me talk shit about the music that makes me mad on Bandcamp. Focus on the sound of this Rhythm that has such a well defined personality. This is Music. All of this. No limits but the ones that are necessary to paint the landscape with an acceptable level of detail for the eyes to understand. 
This is what Hip Hop should be inspired of. If Jay Dilla was still alive, he would have probably wanted to sample the shit outta this. 
Music for visionary people. Music that will stand the test of time like trees grow stronger at every season. Real Music. Real deal. I'm conquered since the first record I bought from these guys, and it doesn't seem like it is anywhere near the end.


After all that, we needed dirt. And everytime I say the word, cannot help thinking about Alice In Chains. Anyway, a little bit of space, a fair bit of breaks, and dirt, dirt, dirt, and resonance. Simple. Nothing coming from rocket science, yet this music feels like nothing else in the world. And the hot blood of the spirit of Techno flows down its veins. This is Rock n Roll. This is Punk meeting Rocket science. Actually, wait for the break and you will realize how much vice in this track there could be, and how closer to the divine sound this piece of music can appear to be. One more time : Real Deal. Nothing intended to be copied, yet a wide variety of influenced form the scent of this smokey work of art. You know where you are, you're in the Jungle Baby...


Who else but Mosaic, could come and put back together the pieces of my soul at the end of this review? Not you. Me. I don't care about you. You're probably not going to go through this entire read as you're scared by the length of these paragraphs.  
A soothing piece to close this week's variety of beautiful Electronic Music. Like a grand finale, the end of a show that would leave your questions not yet answers, but the certainty that the words will come from within at a moment you expect the least. 
A piece, to close down the loop which started from simplicity, to end on simplicity. Like a form of virtuous circle neverending and ascending to the heavens not only the books could ever imagine, and not even words can speak. This made my day, and of course, it coming from Mosaic. Space, is only fascinating for however long we will not be out there. Remember this.



Was I even going to forget?  
I'm releasing the second track of a few pieces I did last year. If you fancy a listen, it actually has nothing to do almost with what we have been listening to this week. 

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