Listen // week 7 2021 // Curated by VT


This week's selection is curated by not only a really good friend of mine, but also one of the sharpest and most dedicated Music lover and enthusiast I have been able to meet, and spend time with.
From his teenage years spent around the Limelight people in Cannes, to the start of a non-profit organization organization dedicated 100% to subtlelty and depth of Sound, as well as to the eternal chase for perfection in the world of still pictures, comes a humble man living a peaceful life in South of France, not too far from legendary city of Marseille.

His warm heart and a particularly acute form of intelligence describe in first place Vincent's taste, which spreads between a large education in Jazz Music received by a multi recidivist pianist of the Jazz Conservatoire, that he received for Father, and a positive powerful House Music enthusiast, but not only, he gladly receivd for Mother.

A hard passion as well as a very precise attention to details, eyes and ears on the hunt for Deep, Abstract, Lofi, Detroit, Techno, and an even larger sound palette, a plethora of hardly selected pieces of music he proudly collects on every type of media without any discrimination, and without pledging one more then the other.
If you are looking for a man to change your mind about those playing music on a controller, here he is. Able to jump from past, to future within a few minutes before bringing you safely back to the present moment asking where did the night go.

As for now you're most likely to find him in daytime events rather then the long evil nights, and you may find him whenever we're able to see humans getting together again, in a rather exceptional spot hidden in the 13th region of France sharing his passion with the level of dedication, and attention to details he is known for having.
Here, Vincent selected lifetime classics from his collection, of course all available on Bandcamp, evolving from scientific sharp, to deep darkness, and further on back into deeper, fat rhythm slightly dub infused.

Welcome Vincent ! Nice to have you here!


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