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From now on, we'll be starting to give away one record every week not from my collection, not from our releases, but sent to you as a present directly from one of our beloved record stores which we wish to show support to. Physical Record Stores are a key point of the music industry that nowadays needs our support more then ever. They made our music what it is, made our nights memorable, and built our dreams way before instagram or Discogs could ever be thought of. They connect the dots, select what for them represents the best Music released and deserve to keep their doors open for you to come get your fix of priceless moments recorded on wax. Without Physical Record Stores, the legacy of Djs would have looked like another episode of humanity, and without you to keep them alive, the future of music sounds like a digital artefact. Wanna be part of it? Easy! Won't cost you a cent (or maybe one or two in electricity) More infos on that on

By the way, sorry for trying to make those review fit in an Instagram post. Just realized my LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG (!!!!!!!) posts were actually not making sense and tried to force myself to write more in an essentialist manner, which turned out to look like an LA 70's bordello. Sorry about that ! I guess anything that's worth doing, is worth being done badly.

This Week's picks

Heavenchord - Glitchbient 2 

Heavenchord was already opening up Week 3, but it looks like there's a lot more to talk about from this angelic sounding Artist. So please expect more content on that matter to be shared here as the ever expanding universe this music is drawing should deserve more then just appearing here and there on today's landscape.
Glitch? Yes, even more if it's that comfy to listen to. As if Trent Reznor had spent too much time watching the Smurfs, call it the hazards of being comfortable with making music rather then it being a warfare. The spaciousness equals the originality of the production here, and drove my head down the rabbit hole that the immense talent Heavenchord appears to have. You own your name for sure, but you own my heart too for this music.


Moreno Ácido - Incapacity of Giving and Forgiving

Althought I do not completely agree with the idea of giving and forgiving being not compatible, let's just say I'll shut the fuck up (for a minute) and try to give a chance to the artist to explain himself. Bollocks. You really came here to read silence? You're hear to see me lose my mind on music that blows my brain out of my skull. If you mind me talking, then just press play on the track.
So here, another sweet piece of Ambient by Lisboa Artist who definitely has more to offer from his Soundcloud page. This was out on a compilation called Ghosts Don't Sail These Shores, which invited over artists from Portugal, Poland, UK and Japan to come together to create connections between music producers aiming to sort of replace "the bonding experience of sharing a stage with new musicians, expanding one's horizons" . Good call guys! 

Armagnac - The World As We Know It (Simoncino Ambient Mix)

Yes, Skylax again, yes, Skylax. Again. I'll never say enough how much I love what is released in there and it has nothing to do with being French. It has more to do with being a fervent defender of a vision regardless the trend, which inevitably leads to musical success. Where focus goes, energy flows.
I'm pretty much in an ambient mood (like dozens of other people dying to dance but not wanting to be tempted? maybe), therefore this track caught my attention more then the rest of the EP, which doesn't mean I would not get the entire record anytime soon! 
Armagnac delivered a 90's flavored resonant and moving piece of music that reminds us dearly of the good old rave days (which I haven't had the pleasure to know myself, but I can be quite imaginative at times). When Techno and House were the only genres, and business oriented electronic music and DJ top 10 were not the object of attention. No pictures, no selfies, just music.
The sound of water ads on to the dream, the comfortable sound of nature which we tried many times to equal, but barely get close to. Wait, maybe this track does.
WAIT A MINUTE : Has it been 20 YEARS that Skylax is in the game????

AtomTM - 127

Yes, this is Jazz Ladies and Gentlemen. Jazz Music. Not because of the Rhode-ish sounding keyboard, not because of the musical progression, but because of the Question it asks. Jazz, questions, what is Music? Miles Davis spent most of his carreer going after that answer. John Coltrane drew lines between the notes in the circle of fifth to find "Giant Steps" questioning himself how to take this music further. Jazz, is asking, "What am I here to bring?". Like a party where your sister brings Couscous, your Mum made Tortilla, and your brother brings Wine. Makes it great not only because you are Mediterranean and eat yourself for 20 people to then roll back to the car down the stairs, but because everyone thinks about bringing something they think is great to the game.
This is what AtomTM has been bringing to the game. Questioning. So not only this release is Jazz, but AtomTM is Jazz. Think about this, and listen to that.

Doubtingthomas - Last But Not Least (Original Mix)

Welcome back Rockets Audio ! Was listening to that Denis Kaznacheev  record again and lord does it sound big ! The kind of stuff that keeps minimal sound go further down the story of Electronic Music (If you feel like it you can check the review here).
I decided to spend more time on basically everything on the internet mentioning your name, and look what I found ! You're also on Bandcamp ! 
Doubtingthomas has been one of the major references in terms of minimal-ish house, so of course he found himself a good spot sitting nearby all the greatness you guys are sharing. Here we have at first, a great various artist release, but this track particularly caught my attention with its spaciousness, and continuity.
Loved the work with chords and elements being filtered out all along the track (emphasizing space of course). Feels like constant effortless movement.
Kind of a morning, wake up track. Not yet very very pushy, but not that kind of laid back dub either, somewhere in between.
One more great job on the list of your releases. Get that in your cart!

Chris Stussy - Take A Leap Of Faith

And now look how fast we're going (Tommy) ! From Doubtingthomas to this one, it feels like the DJ had crossed the line between "welcoming shots with friends" to "pass me the bucket and brace yourself i'm gonna repaint the room". But no! it's just the way it is and how I found out about this music.
Rhythm here goes a little more intense, yet still not too complex to make your mind want to get out of the room listen to christmas music to restore calm. It's simple, efficient, but yet preciously interesting in the field of how every element sounds. They sound fat. Contrasting the space effects and comfortable pad laying in the back. The  end effect, is a floating yet very much moving forward type of track we have here. Effortlessly taking you until the end of the night.
Constant Sound own their name on this one !

Northsound - Nothing Else To Say

Let's get back to the singing high hats for a moment, brought to the table (really??? again??? the table????) with slight distortion reminding us of this House Music sound nobody has been able to get rid of (that I know). The Soul inspiration that sweats out of there is probably the element which makes it ageless and assures you will play this for the years to come. It's heavy and gentle at the same time, to me the perfect kind of track to start out or to play in the middle of a warm up set, to lay down foundations for something big to happen, while still being in control of the amount of pressure you put on people, by not completely releasing the hounds, but still giving it enough juice to keep the feet taping the floor. 
Will follow these guys from now on hoping any more of that stuff comes out of their Bandcamp :)

First release for  LSN-E is out, and the second is on the way.
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