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"Now I.... 
Just got my paycheck and I'm on my way home... 
Between the rent and phone bill... it's nearly gone... but I... 
Try to make ends meet that just... don't wanna meet... 
I can't complain but somewhere... I'm gettin' beat... now 

Maybe it's the system... maybe it's the cost of livin'... 
Every single weekend.... 
I never know where the money goes 
Still I'm always givin'... and I'm..."


Jesus Christ. I already told Lee Burgess how much his music resonates inside of me. But still every single time i'm playing this song my eyes fill with water. I just can't help it.
I cannot go without spending most of my spare cash into music. It's just more than I myself can handle. And everytime I buy music, I cannot help myself thinking about "what if I needed that cash for XXXYZ?????".

I cannot resist to good music. True heartfelt expression of human being putting their balls on the table and going all in. Courage, dedication, sacrifice... Name it you got it. That's all of what it represents, and I live for it, and I'll die for it. In between my infinitely crazy tight schedule, this is one of the only thing that makes me feel my presence in this world is worth something, and one of the only things that lifted my soul and will lift my soul until the particles of the air cannot handle the load of bullshit I write on the internet.

Now let me try to get my shit together to see which one of these true pieces of infinite goodness from past and present I wanna talk about first. Anybody in the audience have a kleenex? I'm still emotional (no guys, no THAT kind of emotional)

Let's get into it

Jens-Uwe Beyer, Albert Oehlen - Rockridge / Walking Jewelry Store

New Age meets Dub in a bar. The night goes on. They drink too much. Dub gets pregnant by accident. After multiple attempts to finally be able to remember who the hell did not hold the bullet in the gun and shot like a 16 year old, she decides to call New Age to tell him about the good news. And here's what got out of that.

A majestically orchestrated slow track that, again (yes again), seems to cover a lot of topics at once.
I see in there old Kompakt, Moritz Von Oswald, Steve Hillage, and I don't even know if these are actually influences of the lads behind this.
This record is precious, so precious, it just flew out the window. No more copies available of this multiple vinyl LP. But you're lucky as the lads still left it for download from their Bandcam
Another mystic voyage, falling onto me from the sky just at the time when I'm still recovering from listening to and old EP from Klaus Schulze. I am conquered from the first couple of seconds.

This is something I definitely would love to play at the beginning of a very special party or at the end of an endless festival. Not the kind of Fusion machine gun type of shit. More like a 300 friends get together near Polish border (if some may know what I'm talking about, may they manifest themselves!)

Thanks for this moment Jens-Uwe and Albert ! This is one ageless piece of music here. 

The Caretaker - O1 - Stage 6 A confusion so thick you forget forgetting


Simply the heaviest album I have ever bought on the history of my days on the internet.
Worth that disk space? Absolutely.
This was recommended by a friend coworker who has an exceptional taste for music, with which I'm not gonna lie, I wish I make music in the future.
If you haven't heard of this genre, it comes from England and is called (oh lord, I'm just realizing i'm getting into the genre game again...beat me with a shtick) Hauntology. How to twist 1920s goodness into something darker. 
As for 1920s being some of the craziest times we had in terms of creativity, there cannot be anything wrong out of this, until a gang of cunts realize they can make money out of it at least.
So before it gets so hot that everyone starts making nonsense with this music, please go and take a listen to this fantastic album, made to put to light the path of someone slowly experiencing Dementia.
You know my passion for mind, mental health, not a secret here. So it definitely is not a surprise for me to fall in love with this album, and to be able to name something I liked for sometime now, even though my aim is to really try to go genre free, or to at least consider genre for music, and for human beings, as attributes, a collection of artefacts that compose who we are, but does not necessarily puts us in a box locked up for the rest of our lives.

Francisco Aguado - Equinox 

Greyscale ... Oooooooooooh Greyshcale!!!!!
I definitely have been more focused on what comes out of there since about a year. Not that I left, but as I started this initiative of talking more about people we rarely hear from other then on the releases they put out, I actually wrote an entire article about them (for those who missed it, here it is). Therefore kept a closer eye to what comes out recently and Oh "boy, Do I have a lot to learn" like Victor Wooten would say. 

Hands in the air, so much that your arms feel like you did 7 times in a row my monday workout.
It's spacey, otherwise it wouldn't be out in there of course, and when the repetition gets you you're done. You're well done, more than a Mc Donald's burger patty. You're cooked, and hooked.

The entire EP to me feels like it is centered around vicious rhythmic section. Your man Francisco Aguado is here playing the role of master and you suddenly become a slave to his power without even realizing it. Subtle at times, more obvious some other times (like on this track), it still completely sits comfortably on the Greyscale shelf but has its very own identity that makes it an EP that you can play no only for Dub Techno addicts in the fields. 

One more 4x4 all terrain mastodont I'm keeping in a playlist ready for your feet to dance.

Baaz - Null

We're not leaving space for the moment. Baaz, keeps our ship out of the stratosphere with this piece of beauty. Just enough deepness (wait, do we ever have enough of that?), just enough elements, just enough drive in there to keep us going all along a track that could easily represent the definition of eternity. Personally, that's what I know his tunes to be for : infinite and comfortable, driving and subtle, again this is another absolutely class album.
You'll find something for everyone in it, bit of band, bit of deepness, and a stunning fascinating personality that he only has the secret for.

Office Recordings has been known around the deep world for about a decade I'd say (stop me if i'm wrong) and was always in the radar on my end. The entire catalog is just a collection of ageless music that gets infinitely close to what I would call perfection for electronic music.
Lots of different directions are explored but always still the same feeling whenever the needle starts cracking the sign of the end of the record. I was actually talking about Iron Curtis earlier this year in one of my selections of deep stuff here on Lessen.

I was conquered back then, and still find myself in awe with this label at almost every release. Another great piece of music gets added to their catalog here.

Alton Miller - Papier Mache'

Here comes the essence of American Dance Music represented in a track, genuinely orchestrated by Sir Alton Miller. Yes you heard it, I called him Sir Alton Miller. I'm no king, but I'll allow myself to make this man a Lord in my space for so many times have I been playing his music and digging the spirit behind it.

Groove, warmth, originality and a firm step in an everlasting kind of House Music that we loved, love, and will always love until the sun burns down the entire solar system.
So just be ready to hear this one from me a lot of times. It sounds like a classic, it smells like a classic, and it looks like a classic, therefore it will be a classic. If you play house music, then just don't bother listening for now and just go get this one. You'll thank me later.

I can only highly ecourage, if you never heard of the Lord Alton Miller, to go and check absolutely every single one of his contributions to our beloved world of Electronic Music. You'll just get a deeper understanding of what real American Dance Music is (or should be all the time).


Simon Moncler - Data Streams 

More breaks, and more acid (no no noooo not in my glass !!! I'm working today!)
Maybe not acid, maybe just that sweet resonance is what we need. Things that resonate, amplify that deep spirit, the same I am trying to share all over this place in as many genres (sorry, i said genre, I need to puke)

This is a perfect example of simple an efficient, one of the hardest things to achieve in Music. A melody that does not feel like a Pat Metheny solo of complexity, but of which the story is interesting enough to keep the ear hooked up. The chord progression in the second par of the track has something to do here very probably.

But anyway are we here to jerk off about technical details or are we here to talk about the gut feeling you get when you listen to these tracks Anthony? Well, I think I used the right word in the beginning of this long almost useless explanation : this track resonates. And that's all you wanna know.
It resonates and its deepness shines over the camp, and will shine over the years I am sure.

Fantastic release !








Anthony Georges Patrice - Lemon Verbena

A Wee bit of self promotion never killed anyone did it? Well in my case, sometimes it is, most times I'd say. I hate to brag about my own music for several reasons. One of them is because mostly nowadays everyone is running around with a "listen to what I do" kinda sign above their heads, and another is because all my music has endless stories behind them.

This one, is an old jam which i've been working on for a few years, and never really knew what to do with it until I found myself locked down in beautiful Ardèche, surrounded by plants, which might have inspired me to turn this dj tool around.

I it out on one hell of a supportive friend's label which has some pretty good stuff in the barrel ready to be shot beginning of next year so watchout for another friend sounding name coming down here pretty soon on this NYC based imprint.


Bonus Mix

This week, I'd also like to share with you a mix which I've been listening to quite a lot from the lads of Automatic Writing of which I was talking about a few times, who got down to the Paris get together friendly zone  of FEAT., a concept store record shop, wine cellar working hard to hold your ears entertained with very regular live shows worth a watch and a listen.
I'll be sharing more regularly some stuff shot in this place but this one, particularly caught my ear's attention.

EDIT : wanted to share the video, but it seems like Facebook has something against DJ mixes and copyright for the moment.
Therefore, I'd kindly invite you instead, to listen to my good friend Cobalt at the exact same place, while I see if we can get a hand on the recorded mix (if there is one) from the lads of Automatic Writing.

RE Edit : For fuck's sake... Just go to their page on FB and see if you can get to listen to those mixes. They're great I promise.



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