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Plants show up above the earth in search for life force energy, generously distributed by the ways of electromagnetic radiations of light. A visible stream of power given to us for millions of years, is the source of the entire existence on our planet. All species alive benefit from light, and found a way to exchange particles for the survival of everyone.  
Women and Men of true Faith, can have the patience, the dedication, the resilience, altogether inhabited by the burning fire that is the signature of their pure spirits, to worship true love for mankind and a deep awarness expressed in the vernacular of virtue, danced to the rhythm of a warm beat.   
Heaven was created in response to Hell, as an answer to the creation of Matter, and holds in itself the seeds of the unstoppable power of life beyond the stars. Heaven initiated the "Creation Of Light", as an answer to the existence of Darkness and Sorrow, and as a logical move to establish balance in a world that is promised to see a variety of species evolve and grow.  
As to understand Heaven, we have to encompass the power of the spectrum of colors it has for us, and the idea, is that what you see is not necessarily what is. What you know you don't necessarily possess. Who you truly love you don't spend time with.  
And the emptiness of a space finally gives all its value to all things that were filling your space before. 
Heaven, is nothing. And nothing, is Heaven.
Don't expect this to make sense. It won't.


This week on Listen Blog

Skylax is getting a Legowelt treatment. The kind of remix of which the personality stands out in the middle of others by its ageless qualities. Not that we would expect anything else from the Jaguar (or any other cat like that is supposed to be). Perpetuating the tradition and still leading the way in terms of warm, true to the bone House Music, this sharp kick, comfy pad, flangy shaker make those legendary vocals sound like a message from the future.

Señor Carlo back again here with another house bomb  (also with phasing effects, did not do that on purpose). We last time experienced the energy of his powerful stabs, and we can now witness the softness of his skills when working at the legendary task of making Deep House, exactly as it should sound. Not sure if This Song Will Age Terribly though as space between the elements tend to prevent the songs from Oxidation. Some sweet music for your summer starting, for your toes to wiggle free by the lake.

Jumping to the Rave Cave now with Soramimi on Korean imprint Oslated. Our Favorite track on this release would be Geomancer for its static feeling. Energy driven from the power of a heavy atmosphere to the sharp high hats. From the toes to the head. The perfect representation of a heavy break in an intense set. Though we love this one particularly, it felt logic to start off listening to the track by primarily listening to Neurogamy, as a way to prime your ideas to be able to apreciate the track as it means to be. Another fantastic release.

Of course there had to be some of that dub with Pugilist. A Faster dub to balance the stillness with higher pulse. The recipe has proved its power and it confirms once again here in this release from the man's own Bandcamp.
The interest grows as you listen to the track, and more specifically as this pad grows in the background to appear as the center of the track during the breakdown. A fantastic construction leaving some more melodic elements show up towards the end, like an ever growing organism. Beautiful music.

Time for a banger with Jackson Ryland here delivering a massive shot of slightly Chicago inspired Heavy House Music.
The entire EP on Step Recordings is a bomb. The kind of stuff you would put in when more subtle and well distributed energy is needed for the dancefloor with just enough wonder for the mind to be free, and just enough rhythm for the legs to push. What we particularly loved on Spine Realign is the coming and going effect. A very simple gimmick coming and going in different company every time. Like Jazz Music on psychedelics. The same subliminal message repeated many times for you to remember. Remember what? You'll never be able to put words on it exactly but the marks of the power of this music will be left on your memories for the days to come for sure. A superb EP from a rising talented Artist.

As Club Der Visionäre has opened up its doors for our ears, though not yet for our feet, we felt like digging on their Bandcamp as there seemed to be quite a bit of activity recently in there. These are a series of live recordings made during the lockdown, for the music of this legendary place to stay alive even with its doors closed. Not to mention we needed this, especially coming from Argenis Brito, Miguel Noya and Miguel Toro. Cannot help thinking about Autechre when listening to this. And moreover as this EP is covering quite a large spectrum of intelligent and subtle Electronic Music. Symbiotisch travels into the realms of Dub, Minimalism, Abstract during this fantastically recorded live set for the amazement of your ears and for your interest to grow its roots in the past, while extending the leaves to the future and beyond. 

Now the cherry on the cake, the icing on the lake : the great, the infamous, el fantastico Steve Reich, performed by Nexus & So Percussion. No need to click on the name, that's just for SEO (wouldn't say no to a few more heads in the world getting to know about these artists we love). We recognize these chords, the piano and marimba singing along, the ever growing interest it grows inside our minds and the sense of nobility this music drives along itself. Sit back and relax on this one, as you'll need a lot of time to let it expand to its full potential.

See you next week :)


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