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Week 22 will carry on an aftertaste of sadness, even though the world is being slowly set free from the disaster that humanity has had to endure, we lost one of the most true to the soul, Deep artist : Soulphiction. How can one moniker handle such a vast yet compact expression of electionic music? Only he had the answer. Like an explorer of the past century, Michel has defined the map for his journey through his passion for hip hop in the 90s, and therefore inevitably a particular interest for any kind of music that helped it develop itself. A Perlon soldier, mercenary of Sonar Kollektiv, man of too many projects to name, a spirit of soul, a unique sound has left the physical world leaving to us the infinite spores of a music that is here to perpetuate the tradition of people making music from their heart, without giving the impression to mind too much about how many people were following them on social media. These are the rare ones, that conquered the feelings of people regardless of which subgenre they felt they belong to. This man, was a leading spirit of Electronic Music. We will keep you alive in our music, as your soul will haunt a lot of us while we play with our samples trying to get any close to what you have been able to do. You're not gone, until the needle is off the record.

We have not done yet a tribute to his works, as not wanting to get in business riding the waves of his loved ones's tears, but expect this to come out sometime, as a reminder of the eternity of his soul.

This week starts off with one of our beloved labels with a great spirit of Music : Insectorama. Mirror Dive delivers here an infinite pure dub track. For get about the lousy tempos, as space gets invaded by the timeless chords and tempered filter effects along the track. Get lost with a high pad coming to you, and watch the sky. Great way to start the week.

We'll then get a little more movement going, with Constant Sound serving a decent plate of their heavy light sound contrasting space and swing, minimalism and melody. A heavy atmosphere, with sharp rhythm, with lots of surprizing breaks.

Lady Blacktronika. One of our favorite Skylax albums, now gives Step Recordings the deep treatment it deserves. Knowing Lady Blacktronika as you probably do, you know what you're getting. Nothing but the real sound of Deep.
The one that cannot be imitated or reproduced by millions, the one that acts like a passport wherever your music travels, giving you the access to the soul of any alive being having their ears touched by it.

Again contrasting with a little more swing here, as Lobster Theremin  deliver their signature heavy House sound this time with Kempston Hardwick.
Never will we get enough of those stabs, and still we smile when they come over with these genuinely arranged vocal samples. Simple and efficient. Brings a smile to your face, and tightens the dancefloor like cement thrown onto water.

R&S going old school with Loxy & Ink. For those missing what real hip hop sounded like, this is what we were getting back in the days of pirate cassettes sold at the back of a truck, not to mention we're missing those days.
"Quality over Quantity", yes, but we definitely wouldn't say no to a little more of that sound. 

Galcher Lustwerk is coming back to us with the signature sound we have been almost expecting for too long to come back to us again. A new vision of deep, a modern sound that keeps the feeling alive, but drives it to the future and beyond.

And finally Redrop, the project which is at the origin of the idea of Lessenorg, is releasing on Rockets Audio.
For those who ask themselves, that wasn't planned, but it just felt natural to want to release something alongside the people being part of Rockets Audio. Stoïcism EP comes after some sort of interest to the ancient philosophy that started with accidentally reading Seneca's letters to Lucilius back in 2015. Getting to know how history repeats itself (as Marcus Aurelius also had to deal with a devastating pandemic while being on duty as an Emperor) is as comforting as it is disturbing, creates as much hope as anxiety for whoever sets his eyes on the words. Stoïcism, is the art to act on what can be controlled, and to let the rest be. Memento Mori and Amor Fati become the main ideas that guide the human life, as our days are only counted on this planet. The EP navigates mentally through these concepts in search to find the fine balance a human needs to stay alive and willing to continue the journey, or in other words, to find happiness.

Enjoy the summer knocking at the door, and smile to a future humanity together again soon.

Much love !


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