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Week 21 and the sun is almost shining. Bandcamp though, is still burning hot with a wider then the desert selection of infinitely dedicated persistent artists exposing their talent on the only platform doing something sustainable for the music community. We all know it will take a while before Bandcamp becomes everybody's go to in search for the hot stuff to put on the phone or in the USB sticks, though we keep believing this represents so much more of a fair deal for all actors involved in the scene, Artists, Labels, Djs, that this is still the only digital platform we will support today.

We know, and fully agree, this is not the easiest place to get to know artists, and this is not the most intuitive browsing experience for those who already know what it is to buy music online, and this is what here, we aim to smoothen down by selecting these weekly picks in order for you to save time and energy. Our features are too subject to be expanded and improved as time goes by and we already have a lot in mind to make the experience on our website, but most importantly, the experience to buy music on Bandcamp more user friendly and still dedicated to the success of the artists we love and support.

So we'd like to thank you for staying with us every week, checking what we listen to and what we buy (because yes, we buy a consequent part of all this), and making the music community a fair place for our dedicated souls to evolve.

Besides, the ants were still working tirelessly (understand with no tires on their wheels)

Dott Santafeo presents another color release for Space Lunch, perfectly in tune with what we have been witnessing on this fantastic label, still up and running but more importantly, expanding tremendously. An elongated solid rhythmic section backed with a tight but very spacious ambient pad to keep your head up high and your feet tappin the beat.

Speaking of Space, UFO95 gets inspired by our mother Nature. Who ever had enough of those beats is either too old or underaged. The beautiful sense of lightness contrasted with those legendary drum samples and saturated kickdrum turn this 6 min piece of music into. 75th department of the Hexagone is once again leading the way.

Is there something with French speaking people of is it just me being tired of not speaking my language? I've no idea. But sure thing, Priori keeps setting the bar high in terms of creativity and intensity in his music. The only thing we can expect from this man is the sound, the rest is just based on a "sit back relax and enjoy the journey" basis. Definitely not another neo Jungle beat, but rather a piece of music reviving the light of a genre that marked generations of musicians with class and inventivity. We're fans, and apparently it's not about to stop.

Back to Dub, with Greyscale leading the way as they always did, paying the highest level of tribute to one of the most infinite genres of music that we have seen emerge in the past couple of decades. This time we selected the Boss himself performing the art of remixing at its best giving "Dancing Street" a rather muscular Grad_u treatment, turning a beautifully laid out eternal atmosphere into an ever evolving piece of rhythmic madness.

Heavenchord keeps growing the intensity of his signature sound which we fell in love with and still do as many times as we listen to his works. Guitars giving a slightly desertish sound to the original fullness of the heavenly orchestrated clouds of this legend. An inner experience lived in the outter world.

Now, time to check what my studio neighbors from what looks like the old time, are doing. The next two tracks come from Monsters of modern House Music which you may have heard of already. First, Black Loops , a superb dj, highly prolific producer and, AAAAAAAAND, and INSANE drummer. To summarize the works of Riccardo would take months (or maybe a Focus article? I'll keep that thought in there), so we'll stick to this track. A funky yet massively deep slightly breaked piece of goodness which himself knows how to bake. If there was one track you would play at the end of a set to put the smile on everyone's face, this would be the one. We will of course be following a little closer the activity of the man over Bandcamp.

And then last but not least, one of my fellow Spanish pal : Carlo. These two guys do make the pair outside of cooking Paëlla on a Facebook livestream. 
Carlo here serves that classic house sound better then it should, if not better then it has been. A handy piece to use to pump up the temperature of the room, as these stabs maintain the pressure (isn't temperature supposed to go down when pressure is up? Help my physics skills here please). Anyway, press play, you'll know what I mean. And while you're there, if you're still lost in the browsing experience on Bandcamp you can also hit the Follow button for this man. That'll sort you out some time to wiggle your toes.

Love y'all

See you next week.




Redrop has just released an EP on Rockets Audio 
Check it out right here 

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