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Alchemists Of The Modern Days  

When the notion of nothing is redefined by the art of managing perception, Music appears still, calm as a river keeping safe under the mirroring water, the unfailing power of a strong current.  
Water always finds its way, through the rocks, through the soil, and within our cells. Turning itself into steam for summer time, appropriating a gas form to disappear almost from the naked eye, to better come back when the time is right.   
Some musicians play with elements and perspective like the Universe will play with its own laws or the atoms of its own creation, to shape the molecules that compose the landscape of our life.  
A virtuous soul is chosen to play the part of the Eternal, singing the melody of a piece that can only be hummed by the heart. Musicians that chose abstract for home, are the Alchemists of the Modern Days, turning lead into gold, playing with perspective and light, for your eyes to see not what the things really are, but what they mean in the language of Spirit. 

Musicians know the limits, and the Alchemist manipulates them, using the ceiling of the great house of possibility to engineer silently, the prototype of a new model of existence.  
In the beginning, Time was set as a value defined by the Earth spinning, and its perception has become the product or quotient of Time itself, multiplied or divided by the intensity of the emotions our body feel at anytime. The value of time therefore, only depends on how it is perceived from the inside.  
A short weekend with your loved ones, a long hour waiting for your flights. The mind of the beginner manipulates time with effort and pain, the master manipulates it with patience and great respect for the ungraspable eternity. Taming the value of time within our heart can simply mean rephrasing the definition of space in the language of the Eternal.   
Perception is the tool offered to every Women and Men, to accomplish the mission to shape their experience and destiny on Earth, through time and space.

(Originally inspired by Heavenchord - Through Time And Space)


Rockets Audio take off one more time, conducted this time by Yes'in  rhythmic madness. A powerful EP definitely oriented for the Dancefloor. I did not try to translate  Möchte Ich Wenn Möglich but did take the time to appreciate the intensity of the groove my dear friend is here sharing with us. He is also the owner of a netlabel aiming to release albums only, on which you can hear one of his latest, and most importantly the first, contribution to our daily dose of happiness.

Prescription time ! Thanks to DBH distribution, we see this beautiful record getting a repress treatment. Cannot mistake the sound of the Real, the sound that we called Deep House, the sound of Ron Trent & Anthony Nicholson. Soul meeting repetition in the groove, that all together combined make the heart bounce up and down, and lift the soul to a warm place. Angel vocals of Monica Elam will finish the job and certify the validity of your one way ticket to the land of your soul.

Let's make a move to a place where Space is King and reigns on Sound like the Sun reigns on the planets around it.
As always, Well Street is here to bring an open minded avant gardist sound, an imprint that can be already recognized through millions. Exploring the laws of Drum & Bass combined with the Abstract. Inspired by the past, taking roots in the origins, and extending to the future with your eyes closed. A fantastic EP as we're used to, but definitely even more powerful with this exceptional track in it. Ghost Warrior explores Time and Space with an ageless piece of music that you will wish you had more time to spend with.

Tommy Vicari Jnr back for your ears, your feet and your sweat. This track is the one that will take you out of breath when you finally find yourself able to move legally in the middle of a bunch of strangers. As warm as we are used to from the Man, as House oriented as we know, but still that little something that makes the music turn in revolution around the genre. Resonating melody introducing itself as this remix goes on, the Soul spirit not being too far from us, an original and interesting construction keeping the interest as the music goes. Always amused and amazed by the sound of this massive artist and it looks like it ain't gonna stop tomorrow.

Mattheiu again, but under his own name here. A little less feet and hands in the air directed, a little more introspective piece of music. Something to have pleasure when you play, and to be able to pay closer attention to what is being played, to the moment you share with those around you, your loved ones, those you don't know yet, and those who dance next to your body moving. 

My last release on Goldmin Music. We have been talking about releasing something for a looooooong time with Einka. Mnm Rh was in the pipe for close to 7 years, but never could find a pair to work with for an EP. Until I found myself humming a melody on a mic, deep in the cellar of a Kreuzberb building which was not legally allowed to be a studio. Pads followed, and then the rest is about living the moment. We finally found something that could fit together.
This just got released, and it's one of the track I can secretly be happy with the emotions it transfers to our ears.

Axis definitely establishing itself as a Jazz monster. Not that we had doubt about it at all no no no. But that kind of bright surprise coming from a Techno Label is always feeling like a Sunday treat. A cheat day. Those 24 hours you allow yourself to eat 3 pizza and 2 1/2 pounds of Ice cream with a couple of beers. Sweetest thing to my ear. 
This will welcome the summer days ahead and hopefully help liberate the world from what it had to endure in the past few months. An incredible piece of Music to celebrate this day that has been dear to my heart since I am a kid : La Fête De La Musique.

Enough talking shit. Let's listen to these.

See you next week !


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