Listen // week 20 2021

Week 20, almost halfway through the year, and the world is so fucked up not even the weather knows what to do anymore. I'll take the risk to sound like the old fellas in the muppet show with that sort of introduction but hey, it's about honesty and spontaneity here.

This week is the result of another Bandcamp Friday as we follow more and more valuable people sharing their works for a fair price on the only platform where buying digital makes sense, when you're not buying directly from the distributor #ofcourse.

Deadbeat has always been pretty active in there, and once again is offering to us the possibility to showcase the extent of his talent, specifically with this collaboration with PC Nackt in which we find the track Challenges coming in to set itself as a major piece of electronic music destined for people to connect instrumental minimalism, with the infinity of the creative activities performed with machines.

Nuron, which we know for a signature deep sound that fits every movement House Music and Techno have been able to give birth to, is offering (since now, since yesterday, i've no clue) his gems now over Bandcamp, and you can from here start to pull out the tape measure to mark the size of our smile.

Rising Sun takes us back to the goodness of 90's DnB, and we felt like going back in time for the moment that this track lasts. A legendary Berlin distribution, true to the bone, coming to knock at your door with a big bag of goodness for this Bandcamp Friday.

Matt Star rising up the ground with his Star Dub project, here serves a mad uplifting piece of deep, dressed up with these spacious fx like James Bond on the Ritz. A magic pad, a fat rhythm, makes it fit absolutely everywhere and inevitably makes a happy person of whoever will put its ears on that. 

An Moku and Stefan Schmidt will have you onboard to a spaceship, or time machine depending on how you want to experience this, and how hard you like your monday mornings. Huge sound. A massive atmosphere will take control of your attention for 6 minutes and eventually leave you wanting some more at the end of it. Is it Darkness? Or is it just the expression of space that is left when we aim for nothingness, and therefore let the power of what humans were not made to touch express its talent? I've no idea, but i'm conquered.

Bookworms here again, with as much personality as the last time we reviewed a release, resonant filters and that atemporal signature sound that will always represent another dimension to explore no matter how many people reach this direction. The sound of future? The sound of no time.

Kareem Ali now with some soulful breaks, making the junction to this music that took to to what I love today. Hip Hop is  the poetry of the people that had to build their own movement to exist in their own terms, and it can never fade when expressed with the same will power. 

This is what was on our mind these days and what was on our browser, hope you'll enjoy, to the point you feel like giving a couple of bucks to these creators, unless we do what we do for nothing.

Peace and snaps


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