Listen // week 19 2021

Week 19, and I wanna talk about something more annoying then having eaten hair the night before, and feeling it naturally go down its way back to water : Spam.
Post one of your mixes on soundcloud, and some scumbag comes out of the blue with 3 followers to ask you to "promote on xyz". Announce your livestream, the same scumbag through another account is again asking you to "promote it on xyz". Release a tune or a record now, and guess what? There he is again ! 

I wish Instagram was not deleting and suspending accounts like a trader changes shirt in summertime when the AC is off, and I was able to tell that majestic kind of an idiot to promote it up his mum's butt. I mean seriously, who would even trust somebody that has 3 followers? Whatever you do out there even as shitty as one can be with promotion, if you are a minimum somebody invested enough in what you do you'll get at least 100 people to trust your words. I everytime cannot believe my eyes seeing right through their sockets, such a vibrant representation of human desperate need to be approved, that they would promote their heart and sould in the middle of all sorts of other human beings caring as less as possible about whatever makes music being able to turn around the tables with the needle on.

The world is definitely desperate and we are turning absolutely even way bonkers then we ever imagined we could be in fact. And that since the world is world, you are able to witness by reading the ancient Rome and the stories of the first Women and Men that were able to leave a proof of that fact for as long as the world will be able to see.

But the world you see, is not a one way street and it needs balance for it to keep spinning. It is another fact, that our planet as twisted as it can be contains the most precious beings alive that the world could ever remember. And if our eyes can only see the dumb and the looney, it is for us to be surprized when a certain level of greatness is offered to us on the way, almost by mistake.

And those words, were today inspired by someone I found on my quest to fill my social medias with souls that make this world a better place just by being here. You see, that someone, excused himself for spamming because he sent an invite to like his label, a label that releases stuff like the first track you will find in this selection.
And to that all I can answer, is all the excuses in the world to cover myself in apologies for my ignorance, for not knowing it before that.

To summarize it all : if you're worrying about spamming, you really are not in fact. As spamming, does not involve caring about what the rest of the world will feel when they press play.

PS : it is indeed a very creative thing to write, but a very depressing thing not to be read. And rather then blaming the world, I have come across the idea that our fast world does not have the time for that, especially on a screen. So we'll stick to what matters, as for it being the language spoken by no words that humanity were able to translate so well.


(Pssssst : I think we have an unbelievable remix from Heavenchord coming soon, but keep that for yourself)

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  • Tim Humphrey
    Tim Humphrey Usa
    Thank u for mentioning my labels release of Deep Space Network - Big Rooms (Re:discovery records)

    Thank u for mentioning my labels release of Deep Space Network - Big Rooms
    (Re:discovery records)

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