Listen // week 17 2021

This week felt like listening to something else, refreshing the ears with some more organic sound, faster, richer sound.
Breaking away from strictly what I am used to play, I am always amazed to challenge myself buying music that I might not be able to play in clubs, or might not be able to play before some time. Music that will pop up in random on my Itunes, or that I will find sitting on my shelves without remembering quite exactly what it was, are some of the best musical moments I can the pleasure to experience.

Not like we're going completely experimental, but not like we're staying quite exactly within the boundaries of the acceptable for the dancefloor (I hate this idea though). Just stuff that do not necessarily fit with my style, or things I would normally play straight ahead. That's the idea of expanding. That's how I jumped on to House Music as being an aspiring Hip Hop DJ. That's when I felt in love with Minimalism, being a vocal house head a couple of decades ago almost. And that generally happens in record stores.

It still does, but nowadays this happens more over on platforms that allow discovery, and allow many artists to release music which would normally not do under "vinyl only" circumstances. And this is why I love Bandcamp.

What a dick talking about myself, my vision. Who the fuck cares? Let's listen to music.

LISTEN BLOG // Week 17

Matthias - Eden (Ethereal Mix)

Reminds me of this Record of the week from Skylax for some reason, except it sounds as if the person who made this record slightly mistook coffee and Warana. 
Disco on steroids, with a gentle taste of Depeche Mode and a pinch of post punk/ gothic vibe.
A fantastic mix. A track like no other. So many influences in there, like this track has so much to say.
This music summarizes what has best happened in Electronic Music in the past 30 years without sounding like an encore. This is something to awaken a dancefloor that badly felt asleep as we were too busy trying to play intellectual stuff. This is no joke.

Upwellings - Archive A

Lnchtime again! For those hungry for one of the greatest imprints in town melting everlasting House Music, Ambient and Dubtechno, Spclnch is just about to release a various artist gathering some of the biggest and most prolific producers in those genres at the moment.
We spoke of Upwellings a few weeks ago about an appearance on Steve o'Sullivan's Mosaic. A true piece of greatness served with class and intelligence. On this compilation we are witnessing a deeper dub expression of Upwellings's style.
Bouncy, long lasting, floating and banging around the spaciousness of sound, filling the ears with nothing else but what is essential.
Cannot wait for this one to be released.

Taupe - Jigsaw

And now ladies and gentlement, let us level up the speed a little in order to make space for one of the most authentic Techno labels of all time collaborating with ÆX : Delsin Records. 
This one is also summarizing quite a lot of great stuff that happened in the existence of Techno, with personality, originality and with an essentialist mindset.
What more do you need seriously when absolutely all of the elements that compose your music have that level of persona... and balls ! Lord, it's a banger without the headache. A few degrees warmer then Dub Techno, but still not Berlin banger. Some say it's a tool, if it is, I want my box filled with every one of these tracks that sound like this one. Let me get rid of the wrenches to replace them with these funny hammers, that should make my days funny when time to repair the bike.
A timeless piece of music. Was not expecting anything else from this collaboration.

Significant Other - Second Skin

And now, let's shlow it down a little but not in a way that would be too predictable. Let's chose a song that would captivated every single ounce of attention we have available in our minds. Like every cl of fuel for energy we have would simply lose it's sense of control listening to this.
Rhythm madness. You're gonna with club DJs play that for their warm up sets. Gotta have a well functioning vicious brain and your pants well tight to play that shit. This could have been made by Georges Clinton or Sun Ra possibly. Or maybe have I gone too far with this primitivo I got pretty cheap from the supermarket last night.
Definitely some valuable American influences here, tribal roots, an outstanding sence of rhythm, and a very very clever construction.
Fantastic track.

Raiders Of The Lost Arp - Bridge (Extended Transmission Mix)

We felt so great this week that we decided to select not one, but two superluminal releases for this week's pick. I know, I know we shouldn't. But rules are here to be broken from time to time. And I write about who ever the fuck I want after all.

I have spoken well enough about the connection between a certain Detroit House sound and Paris, but let me say, the emotional sound of Detroit has found its pair in Italy with no doubt.
Mario's sound is ageless and here to stay, and that's the reason I finish many sets with tracks from him. Leaves your heart filled with positive emotional energy, makes you feel alive and happy. This music also connects with a lot of other things that gladly happened to us by grace of the Universe. Funk, Soul, Synthpop, Early House Music... You name it, i'm out of inspiration for that one.
You cannot go wrong with this emotional Detroit Sound. Those that say they play "melodic" should pay closer attention to this sense of melody played with more then 2 arps and 1 chord.
The real power does not rely on wether you use analog or digital, but on where your heart is when you're making the music. Mario's Heart must be in heaven all the time for sure, cause this sounds like voices of gods.

Dubphone - It's Me Again (Original Mix)

"Oh no Anthony, not again". Fuck yes! Mooooooore ! More of that sharp sound please ! Where will you take us Rockets Audio???? Certainly to the place where you get the attention, the success, and where people can recognize the extent of your contribution to music. I'm sure of that.
Dubphone is here to bring the party on slowly but surely. This is the perfect warm up track to turn a party to a riot. Fits big rooms and livestreams, cars and bycicles, men and women, camels and squirrels (????) 
Bouncy up to taste, sharp as FFFFFFFUCK. Massive track, and massive EP, that contains very similar sounding tracks, which makes it easy if you're playing lots of warm ups : you'll never feel like you're playing the same shit to take people to the dancefloor.
A precious release to keep for when the doors open.

Markus Masuhr — Silent Way

Here comes part 2 of the 100th release of Insectorama. And boss Markus Masuhr provided to me the biggest track of this part of the compilation. Again an Master of the genre delivering the essence of the idea of Dub Techno. Expanding with a clever rhythmic section, a vast space and a clean sound for us to "travel together safely" (© BVG).
It's hard to make electronic music matter outside of the dancefloor. This track not only explores another stage of the Dub Techno genre, but tries well enough the challenge to take Electronic Music outside the 127 4/4 boundaries for it to appear through a different landscape. 
It is because of music like this, that our big House and Techno family has been able to conquer the hearts of people feeling sceptical of the boom-boom. 
The power of this music goes beyond the dancefloor, and probably will take you even further.



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