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Sweet 16 is the week we start to see the trees show the beginning of their green leaves again, and if you're lucky, these leaves will keep you chilled for the next winter.

What an absolute pleasure to play last Friday. Never did I experience to play at home and feel connection with people that much. Thanks to a friend showing up with a bunch this livestream definitely felt like one of these intimate good parties, where everyone is connected through the music, and hopefully a functioning internet also.

The industry has shifted now and according to a lot of people it is starting to feel comfortable to share our passion through the megabytes connections, with sound and image, an image which I myself like to keep away from HD cameras that make me feel nausea like a very bad glass of sparkling wine.

Of course we're all dying to be able to share with people real time, hug, have a drink with strangers, share a cigarette and meet incredible people when the sun comes up, but if the complexity of the problem the world is having right now had to bring something, if we could, and we will, remember this for one good thing it brought to us, is our ability to deepen our connection to what makes us wake up in the morning, go through a week of hard work, and finally breathe when friday clocks out the work schedule. I see people living music more then ever, netlabels offering releases without a price tag, people producing outstanding music, and this is what I want to keep on my mind for now, despite my desire to dance.

Just food for thoughts.


Chaos In The CBD & Jon Sable - Mahia Madness

Will we get a piece of that good Fat Dub that we love and need to keep our mind calm and focused on what matters.
Fantastically made piece of music. The personality of the elements layed on this track, the intuitive construction, the evolution of the track all along makes it a perfect pick for this week to start on the good foot.
Chaos In The CBD love the good stuff, and translate this love into music that is high enough for our minds to be free, and grounded enough for our feet to dance. I know, I've said that about a lot of tracks in here, but this to me is the definitive mark of a high quality Dub Techno / Deep Dub piece of music.

A9000 - De Paseo

Argentinian super prolific A9000 keeps delivering more often then we can grasp, some really sweet slightly swinging Minimal House Music.
Why this one and not another then?
Well, the lower leg energy feeling, the vocal stabs, the jazz rides, and the general feeling being delivered over the 10 mins this track is covering nicely. 
Music, does not need to be necessarily too complex to make it to your mind. Simplicity is one of the hardest things to achieve actually as we can always add, and add, and keep adding questions and answers, like we can always get more people queueing at the door of the club.
Does that make simple better then complex? Well, what matters is not what's on the book, but what comes out of the speaker. And these classic house stabs coming along should, if you haven't decided yet, help you decide if this music makes you smile or not.
I personally have pain in my jaws... from smiling :D

Daniele Tempirilli - Break (Sakro Remix)

Uffffffffffffffff ! Tommy likes the shpeed right ?
Here's a wake up call for those who forgot what burning desire to dance feels like. Banging House Music. Yes sir.
Slightly Chicago, just enough to connect to the Great Masters, but very modern, very hypnotic besides that banging rhythm, and always forward thinking. Was not expecting anything else from Sakro to be honest.
If you wondered if a 909 hat can still turn you bonkers after being heard for 30 years in a row, here's your answer.
Still does not justify, to me, the 4k price you find it for at the moment (compared to other gear especially), but in terms of sound you simply cannot go wrong with it. 
This is an absolute masterpiece, which I will keep very safe and handy for the next time we need to go above shpeed limit until the dawn.

Niles Cooper - House Joint 

What? More banging house ? FUCK YES!
This week's selection is fairly feeling like springtime breaking down the door of your house at 5am when everybody's asleep (except me and Jocko Willink maybe).
Slightly more overdriven, warm and full on, as we need it to be sometimes. Sometimes you want to listen to jazz and have a cognac, sometimes you wanna have rough sex and pizza. 
Well get your ninja turtle outfit ready for this one and call all your appointments as you will be late tomorrow my friend.
Very happy to see Lobster Theremin coming back to that style of house every now and then. Always soul infused, bathing in great samples, and with that characteristic sound we know from the house.
What more do we need with this? A beer, and a couple of hundred dancing heads.

Heavenchord - The Way I See It

You wondered where he was gone in the past couple of weeks that I didn't share anything related to his immense talent, where here is the Master coming back to you on an imprint we particularly cherish here : Greyscale !
The one and only label making the rules of modern Dubtechno, releasing one of the most prolific artist of the gallery for him to expose a vision beyond what we can imagine as talent.
I am an absolute fan of that stuff. Did not even see Heavenchord released that until I went "wait a second, this is unbelievable !" and saw the name under this release. 
That is the best possible test you can give yourself while listening to music, and is the true mark a masterpiece leaves in your memory.

Dani Casarano - Hexo Funk

Back to sexy music again. Sexy tiiiiiiiiiiiime yay!!! All together type "you" in your address barre and be amazed to not see youtube popping in as first result. Your mum was next to you? You're very welcome.
This is one of the sexiest thing I've heard for a while on Bandcamp. A higher in the frequencies kickdrum gives it an early house feeling, a mesmerizing hypnotic bassline, and these resonating stabs keeping you to the rhythm, it's another win for Melcure once again.
This could be a perfect bridge to jump out to other style of House Music. The quality of this track combined to its utility makes it a must. Not anything to add.

ASHPPE - Flexit 

Time for a bit of home pride. French Music. Not that I particularly support French Music rather then another, but I'm always happy to see that sort of stuff coming from back home.
The swing of a Dilla / Chris Dave rhythm, the depth of dub, and a repetitive construction. All that we need to keep it going. If repetition is the mother of skill, then this is a masterclass.
Super fat, another track that can bridge various different kind of stuff, perfect fit for someone like me who hates to stay on the same genre for more then 4-5 tracks.
Another form of Parisian House, that does not sound Parisian at all to my ears. A big bowl of fresh (or French) air.



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