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Little bit of a Florilège, or an Anthology this week. Starting with an Italo-French homie wolf Howling down the mediterranean see, a great piece of experimental, a decent portion of Kreuzberg Deep, followed by contemporary art for your ears, a legend of minimal Electronic Music, another legend of Dub and Deeptech, finishing on one of my most surprising discoveries of the past week, a dedicated lover of the Motorcity influences in Electronic Music that did not decide to only copy the sound of his inspiration, but to actually use it to go further down the path instead.

And as if this wasn't enough, we decided to launch a new section on which we will develop our focus on Artists, Labels, Genres and who knows what more, as long as a conductive wire is connecting all them tracks together : Welcome to Focus Blog !

So a pretty intense week is now behind us, I must confess my fingers are still burning from hitting these keys, and my brain still hears the tick of every single letter hitting the screen magically for hours, but hey, whatever we love, we get intense with :) 

Black Round Twelve has released its first record under its own imprint this month also, and we did hurry up to get a copy from the release day, as no one else but Ricardo Villalobos is opening the prom for this very promising record label. We will review that on Add-to-cart

All this makes it another outstanding music week, despite Europe still struggling with this plague that we wish will not be comparable to the one Marcus Aurelius had to face with the Roman Empire.
Let's see what Bandcamp had to offer.

Ghini-B - HWLSD26.1

The Ghini-B cocktail is composed under the mediterranean sun. A passion for Vinyl Records as a base, Dub inspiration, high interest in modular synthesizers, all that driven by the Musica Mentale mantra.
This track is conducted by a hypnotic reverberated pad as well as a low mid groove and a big bag of vocal samples genuinely laid out over the length of what we somehow can call a Deep track riding the wave of tension all over, giving birth to a gentle release at the end.
It's not full moon yet (or not anymore), but that will not avoid the wolves to howl and sing in harmony.

Pixel - Ericson Sandstone

I can't get the idea of Trent Reznor out of my head while listening to this. This is so avangarde that I could barely imagine someone else behind this type of track. But yes, another mind of a genius seems to exist and be wisely able to produce this kind of artistic atmosphere, close to Post Punk, Experimental music, but also not too far from dark Techno and Minimal music. It is indeed a piece that needs to be properly analyzed and hopefully, appreciated on a decent system in order for it to release its full potential. Like a very old and precious Cognac you keep in the cellar for special occasions.
Not like we have been used to anything else coming from Raster.

 Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange — Kreuzberg Kix

Let's not take the U6, and the U1 to the East, and stop by the highly inspiring, vibrant, shining Kreuzberg.
Some say its days are over since the poor cannot afford an appartment there anymore like they used to (myself included), but it seems like the evil Gentrified soldiers of capitalism did not take away the soul out of this legendary Kiez.
This track is one of these that deserves its name, that really paints the right picture for this city. 
We know Berlin for banging techno shaking the walls, but Berlin is also a place for soul more then any other city in Germany, and this fat overdriven kickdrum, these chords and comfy pads feel just as good as a couch you'll find down the streets when you're drunk enough to take a nap to it, and bring home a few bed bugs for the after party.
More seriously, this is one of the roughest, most representative interpretation of Soul House ever released these days. And we could not resist to share it with you.

Tone Rec - Hi Pie

Back on the experimental boat that floats on Lessen's river since day one. Back to the infinity, the ocean of possibility this music has gladly opened up since the days we realized music is actually made... of waves!
Nobody else but Christian Fennesz could deal with that right? You're right. Nobody else. 
Nobody else's super power would have been able to manipulate these glitches, panning fx, harmonies and melodies all coming together into an organized so called mess who's purpose is to preach the words of a twisted vision of heaven we have been following for... how many years yet? I don't remember. I wasn't even born yet that Fennesz was already expressing his talent. 
Am I the only one to think this sounds like the David Bowie of experimental music?
Anthony, you know what happens when you stick to the screens too much. It's time to go to bed.

Tolga Fidan - CLS

The sound of real drums pumping through your ears, punctuated by dissonant stabs are the weapons Tolga Fidan chose to build the deepness invading your ears, while listening to CLS. 
After delivering to the world some of the sexiest version of Minimal House, turning hips mad, giving blisters to thousands of ravers all around the world, Tolga has recently changed skin and swapped a rather sunny epidermis to a cyborg alike straight out of a spaceship, as if coming back from a trip to the outter skirt of the planet, or simply diving deep into the Detroit sound that inspired generations, and will continue to make mankind dream of the future.
And this kids, is not for the least of our joy and pleasure when we press play onto one of these new additions of his bandcamp !

Upwellings - 'Ostara' (Bluetrain springtime dub)

And now, let's assess of what sweetness really is. The man in charge of delivering the perfect mix between Dub Techno, Deep Tech, and a slight (very very high level) Tech house feeling. If you are bothered by the word, then go speak to real record collectors, and remember Deep House was giving chills to anyone hearing the word in 2012.
Steve o'Sullivan again, under the Bluetrain moniker, for an everlasting journey to another dimension (I think I really need to travel, gonna need to fix this when we can).
Already reviewed another Upwellings release in the past few weeks, could not resist to this one calling my attention when the email came from Bandcamp. 
That bassline (which you can hear even through macbook speakers), is driving the entire track. Punctuated by this reverberated clap, and these dub chords and stabs. See, perfection does not need anything more. It simply is sufficient by itself.

Giacomo Pellegrino — Disturbia

And here Ladies and Gentlemen, is my very much probably most appreciated discovery of the week : Giacomo Pellegrino. And nowhere near the idea in my mind to be affected by his music because I come from the border of Italy and feel an intricate particular connection with my fellow neighbors of 27 years. But this, is to me the one best track that Insectorama  has released for the first edition of their 100th release compilation.
You'll probably hear like me, a lot of Cabinet records in there. The sharpness of the sound, and the genuinely orchestrated relationship between the sky and the ground, the mind and the body, the chocolate and ... the Calvados (I also probably need a drink), which is sought by so many and achieved by little amount of those well intentioned well producers.
If you have a minute, keep up your level of good intention and curiosity and check out what this Man is releasing on Wax on his labels over the web. It is really worth a detour, but you'll probably find them sitting in one of our vinyl review very soon anyway. Patience est mère de toute vertu, mais l'amour est enfant de bohème.

Love. Loads.


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