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Another great week out there on Bandcamp. I mean of course, with that many artists being only allowed to lock themselves in the studio, this at least could only go well. But this week we won't only pay tribute to new releases (did we ever stick to strictly new releases? Absolutely not!), and will introduce a couple of things which legitimately can be considered classics of Electronic Music. Things you need to have if you call yourself a music lover, things you will need to show people, if they think Electronic Music stops at hardtechno or worst, EDM. Things you will need to pull out of your USB when people think they know what the word "deep" means.
Because digging, supporting artists with your heart and soul, does not. mean to stop at whichever the latest thing was released, or the most expensive stuff on Discogs. Digging, should not even stop at vinyl only, or file only because your back is fucked up. Who said you will need to travel the world with those records? Don't you wanna treat yourself in one of those evenings or play one last absolute banger when coming back from a heavy session? I do.
Supporting Art, means being on the hunt for every bit of creativity that is pointing the nose out of the water. In every existing format as possible BUT for us it also means giving the money to the right people.
And these can never be anyone else but the Artists, the Labels, the Distributors, and the Physical Record Stores.
We'll then keep this going, with seven more pieces of goodness that feel like a dessert, served to you on Bandcamp.

A table!


Sputnik One - Warm Body

We're starting on the hats of the wheels this week, shpinning it off our poor minds that may encounter this mad piece of a record. Not knowing yet of a more inventive crew these days releasing music. The Wellstreet crew is absolutely blowing my mind day after day, release after release, and this time, it is Sputnik One o'clock, and you better be ready to be sent outta space.
This one is the track that mostly caught the highest level of my attention in this EP. This rhythmic section is nothing else but 6 minutes of madness. A drum lesson performed by a master of the game.
If you wanna get a headache, try to search for what could have possibly inspired this piece of music.
Good luck with that !

John Tejada - String Theory

Back when I discovered the kind of music that gently introduced me to minimalism, it started with a John Tejada record.
Suddenly addicted to this sound. It has space, rhythm, swing, it's house, it's techno, it's deeptechno. Call it however you like i'll say it's a beauty.
The release is a collection of works from the legendary producer between 1998 and 2002, but you can also see it as the legacy left to us from the times when people were making music that was not yet suffering too much from popularity or if it was, it rather inspired more artists to express themselves and fed an entire generation.
A fantastic release. Not to say how much it was a pain in the butt to chose one track out of it. But we made it at the end.

am.tape - Lucid Dreams

Insectorama back again with another release before their big 100th release. The good dub people this time are coming over hand in hand with am.tape, bringing to you a release anything but linear. Still deeply infused in the dub jar, aged for as long as was needed, these tracks will spread gently the fragrances that Insectorama has been spraying the world with through bandcamp, with of course a personal touch that makes it more then valuable to listen to.
And again, you decide how much this release is worth to your eyes. 
Be generous with these people. It is more then deserved.

Brudan - Lisboa

We're getting back on our legs now with another dub exploration, slightly more muscley then the one before.
Cabinet, house of the good kick in the balls. Here's another size 10 landing right in the nuts with the sound of a boxing bell ringing up your ears in case you forgot what time it is.
When is this going to stop seriously? That clever genuine mix of Minimal / House / Techno has got us dancing off the sole of our shoes for a good couple of decades and still finds a way to keep us on the hook, probably for another few decades to come.
It's fresh, fat, infinite and incredibly danceable. Cannot wait to play this shit.

B12 - Obsessed

Time for a classic now. Warp. Just the name of it made me shiver in my 20s. How come I never heard of this when they were coming up in the 90s? I felt like I missed the major part of the movie and desperately needed to catch up with the rest of the world.
If this is how you feel too, then here's a good way to start off, and Bandcamp will here be the best helper you could wish for as the money you'll spend in there will go directly to their well deserving pockets.
This album should be presented as another, maybe the first, one to present to people who have been incarcerated in a cryogenic prison for the last 30 years. Yes this did happen, and you might have missed it. Or not, and lucky you, you have memories popping to your mind when you listen to it. I do too. And that's what music does to you when it reaches that level of excellence.

Kosh - Keep Hope Alive

A 2019 release. Yes. Who gives a fuck? Not me. A good release, is like a beautiful Lady. You care about her age like you care about how many stones were broken to make the floor you walk to go to work.
Another fat and flying track, a happy vocal, a simple melody and strings that may have you smile up to the top of your ears if ever this gets played when sun comes up. Perfectly following the Warp one from before with a tiny bit more weight. 
The sweet melting pot of everything that was the greatest in the past 15 - 20 years of Electronic we have gone through, and I am not saying that because it comes from Morocco I promise, but still. Everything that is out of this country is absolute class, take it as my very personal opinion of mediterranean man.

Shinichi Atobe - Mix 1.

And now again for the grand finale, let's listen to some Jazz. Sunday is a Jazz day, since a long time after all.
Here a kind of Herbert style Jazz. A form of music that bends the rules of perception slightly, just enough for you to feel like you never heard anything like this before. Just enough for you to poor yourself a nice glass of wine or Whisky and make it a special time (or spacial time) that you will take advantage of to escape, just for a moment.
The entire release is sweet as an apple dipped into honey. 
And you may or may not take the time to enjoy this, but for now you cannot say you were not aware of it.
Up to you honey.

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