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Wave 3or Third Wave if you will. A year later we still haven't been able to figure out what is going on properly to the point we are able to find a solution to it ; same as we haven't been able to really come to a global conclusion of understanding for whatever is happening (Is this really happening ? Are we going to recover from that? Is the state after us all? Does anybody really care?). Some are forced to sacrifice, some actually win from this situation, but these two categories do not necessarily include those you think they would. The only people who truely benefit from whatever the endless tsunami the entire world is facing right now, are those that reacted fast, kept calm, accepted every consequence, and engaged to the dance.

As considering the unnameable and horrifying pain that the loss of these people have caused to a large number of our peers, I feel we have a responsibility to act regarding what is happening to the world. And while demonstrating has shown to be one of the reasons why we have hit wave number 2, that doesn't seem to be a sustainable way for us to react. 
If we look at the obstacle and wish it wasn't there, we cry, we shake, we lose. If we see the obstacle as just an object on the road which we can use to jump higher, we get the chance to grab that apple on top of the tree we have been staring at for so long, and as a cherry on the cake, we honour the existence and the life force which is given to us, which was taken away from our loved ones.

One of our most precious thing in life is to be able to breathe and experience our lives. Our second most precious thing in life could be our ability to adapt to what ever is coming to us, when we're able to breathe. Our third most precious thing could be our ability to hold our thoughts, to be right, to be wrong, and to own our ideas and evolve with them whichever they are.
The way we magnify these precious things is by coming together with those that we assimilate from our tribe, our friends, our families. Let us make sure, one precious thing does not hurt another. 
For sure it can be good to have such a big dick, but if it is there only to hammer our balls 24 hours a day, it becomes more of a pain then a pleasure.

My 2 cents this week.



John Hut - Oca

While writing these words and feeling the pain for my fellow Parisians suffering another lockdown, I am still infinitely happy that record stores are now considered essential. Yoyaku will of course benefit from that, and more importantly, you guys will benefit paying a visit to their new outstanding shop (which I haven't been to yet).
They recently released some stuff on their Bandcamp as a way to serve the cool stuff they distribute to the digital world too, for those who's back pain became so unbearable they switched to salad instead of the usual sandwich for lunch.
We have here a fantastic deep house track. Timeless, forward thinking, and deeply rooted. SImple and efficient. That vocal shot intelligently retriggering the groove and that arp coming towards the end will definitely keep you going with a smile on your face.
Superb release !

Rodrigo P. - Brain Chords

Halfway in, halfway out. Lovely. Just enough rhythm to keep you going, and enough space to breathe. Absolutely loving that bass and these distorted delay tails. Probably one of my favorite sound in terms of distortion.
This track is mesmerizing. Heavy dub influences, and a 4/4 beat rooting the entire thing back to a more conventional House / Techno field. We call that a win.
Very clever track and a superb progression.

Baaz - Untitled 1 0R018

Well Baaz ! Been too long since I saw you here on Lessenorgdotnet ! We missed your many interpretations of deep Electronic Music for sure but still infinitely confident of the fact you would come back to hit our heads with more bangers like this one.
This is fat, and sharp! Sizzling hi hat like bacon on a pan, sharp kick and snare, cloudy but heavy chords, wait a minute : that clearly sounds like a desert ! This close to poor myself a glass of Calvados and sit in the couch but this music makes me feel like I want to put something after it, as if it could be the start of a neverending exploration.
Let me get my indiana jones hat and my maglite, think i'm on for a mission

Lowres - Lastochka

After a few days in the forest, I have finally found the path which I wanted to explore, the one originated by the Baaz one right before. 
Slightly more crowded, but still as deep and as fat as the one before, a perfect match should I say.
A mindful happy track. Musical moment. The entire EP is an ode to a distorted vision of depth, a tribute to House Music felt from the heart.
This side-chained pad litterally sucks you in the track at the end of it. Always love when music has a powerful surprise at the end of the tracks, as if you had to pay close attention to what is going on within music up until the last seconds of a piece.
A life lesson? Maybe just a good time.

SYS - Splitting forces

That's a bang ! Not surprised at all coming from Eshu. 
Heavy, heavy, heavy rhythm section and infinite groove, backed up genuinely bu that sometimes resonating bassline and a rich pad full of personality.
Listen closer, these vocals are messing with your perception, and the groove moves slightly to something lighter, to then take you back under the consequent amount of pressure this track is providing.
No words to describe this one. Timeless, intelligent, gentle... Subtlety found itself another name.

Aleksi Perälä - FI3AC2140010

One of the most prolific artist these days. Aleksi is simply overloading the system since the past six months with album after album. 
This one particularly caught my attention as the sound of it makes me think heavily of that Detroit Techno sound I cherish more and more these days (not that I didn't in the past, but you know the deal, we focus on one thing after another)
This is Detroit Techno v2.0 to me. The same feeling of Future Music, the slightly comfortable feeling of madness and the frenzy this music has induced in the mind of so many people is to me perfectly translated in this release, paying immense tribute to the works of these legends that throne on our record shelves since the beginning of it all.
That's only my vision of it after all, probably this wasn't the intent, but you know how much I love to overanalyze everything and talk shit for hours.

Signal ST - Sun 

We'll close this week with a label we never really spoke about. Never had anytime in my life the idea of buying one of their record and for sure, never heard of the influence on Electronic Music these people could possibly have had in the past. Nope.
Jokes aside, Skylax just came back with another hit record, which you will gladly find in any respectable record store as well as on Bandcamp.
Deeper then the previous one, this one particularly grabbed my ear like your grandma would grab your hand in the candy jar when you try to get one before dinner. Reminds me of previous DJ Sprinkles releases from them. That level of sweetness, and this interest building over the track heavily makes me think of it.
A closing track? Well, not if we know the end of one thing is only the beginning of another. To infinity, and beyond...

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