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You might think I am, but no. I do not miss Paris as it is. I have here, explained my love for this city, what it has brought to me as well as to the Music in general, maybe was I not going too deep into my fascination for its historical service industry and the invention of French Brasserie there, but as long as the city will crush its citizens down to powder, and brush them out the way like insignificant dust, I will not come back.
Still, this week's selection is heavily Paris inspired by accident. Of course that did not come from my own head, but from my bandcamp subscriptions, and the people who I follow. Handy? Yes Ma'am. Not only do you keep yourself updated of what's hot, but you do that by supporting Artists, Labels, and even valuable Distributors directly to their pockets. Don't talk to me about anything else regarding Digital music, that's not even close to the level of Bandcamp.


Melchior Sultana - Focus

This one is not from Paris. "Remember what I was talking about? Well that's not it". Haha ! You got tricked! If you listened to the music first you could have believed this was a pure product of 75th department of France but no. 
Coming straight from sunny island of Malta, Melchior Sultana delivers here a true to the bone Deep EP. We never got enough of that timeless sound inspired and rooted in the deepest and warm sound that Jazz, Soul, and Funk have been able to bring to us in the past, and though yer man doesn't come from Paris, this is typically the sound I would not be suprised to hear in a party in Paris. The kind of music only real music lovers with a particular sensitivity to beauty can appreciate. 
Straight to the cart !

Ellery Cowles - Eagle Claws 

Ladies and Gents, here comes the parisian Monster of House and Techno. They were already questioning your ability to pay for your rent, and converted you to pasta for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, but it seems that was not enough, and they recently agressively attacked the bandcamp community bombing out the zone with shit like that. This one could only come from Synchrophone
Ellery Cowles providing the real American Sound to your ears, released this in 2019 on Synchrophone Records, but I feel like this music could have been from before, and will still be alive decades after. If you want the recepy for long lasting music, it's simply all there.
I can simply not pick one track more then another in there. A must have, physically (if you're not too late) or digitally.

Radiante Pourpre - VI

I really, really, really love to talk about valuable people doing outstanding stuff. Of course if you're a dick and your music is really awesome, I might mention you in there, but when a true soul gives everything it has to fulfill an infinite purpose while being an absolute gentleman, I can't resist. 
I met Antinote's boss while working behind the counter of one of my best experience as a waiter (called "Le Bar Du Central" for those interested). A fantastic memory talking about music with a man for hours and being able to appreciate simplicity, passion, a fun personality and a level of class that blew up the roof of the entire building.
Just pure music. Inspired by raw sounds, definitely not repetitive, always having a very intense common spirit infused all along every releases, not to mention I was infinitely happy to find that coming my way this week.
This album, represents many different layers of Electronic Music we have been wanting to cover here, and the spirit behind it sticks to our idea of how to express creativity with all the due respect it deserves. 
You can't go around without listening to this.

Peder Mannerfelt - Robb

The real sound of Depth explained. It's watery, it's fat, it's forward thinking, reminds us of something we never have enough of.
The entire album is superb. Covering (also) a large panel of what Electronic Music is bringing to the world. Guys, you need to have some courage, and very strong identity to be able to put out stuff like this. The guys here are not trying to follow any specific trend, therefore define the world with their own rules.
It's warm and cold, slow but danceable, old and new. Everything I love about music. 
Real deal.
What does this have to do with Paris? Here again, I would not be surprised to hear this in the city of Love.

Todd Modes - Serpent 

A little more acid funk oriented, reminds me of the early days of Saint Germain and the REAL french touch.
Gotta love them sampled. Especially when they are worked out this way. I'm generally not so much a fan of this kind of stuff but here we have someone clearly understanding and knowing like his own pockets, the sound of exotic and acid electronic music.
Listening to this is like going to a restaurant designed by an artist : you'll always find details in there as days go by, that your mind was too busy and too amazed to spot.
Another timeless bomb in my opinion.

SHKN - 18_06_17

The real sound of percussive and dynamic Minimal Music. In there, you simply cannot witness the nothingness around the  elements, as they are designed to come right to your face. Even the slowest track in this EP has power. Makes me think of the type of sound Cabinet was releasing but with a little more Urban feeling. Techno meeting House in the intelligent dimension, inspired by the sound of the 90's as well as Music for Images.
Gotta love the FM synthesis (if i'm correct in there, if not, who gives a fuck?), and a slight lofi touch of Jazz.
Fantastic EP !

Spiral Deluxe (Jeff Mills, Yumiko Ohno, Kenji 'Jino' Hino and Gerald Mitchell) - Voodoo Magic

If yo did not know Jeff Mills was in there, you would have certainly recognized his use of 909 as well as the sound of Axis for sure. This is what I call a grand finale. The kind of stuff Laurent Garnier would have been able to play out of nowhere in a set for everyone to facepalm with their feets in the middle of the dancefloor, or rush to the booth to ask what in the world this is.
This is what made Electronic Music : strong influence from solid established musical genres, revisited with the fresh mind of one or several geniuses.
I hear Paris and New York in the Jazz influences, and if you listen carefully you won't even realize you have just been teleported to Detroit with those strings magically appearing.
Speachless. Music for everyone. For you, for me, for them, for the old school and the newschool. A masterpiece.

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