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This weekwe started our usual swim with another piece from Heavenchord of course, but also with our Argentinian Berliner buddy Hypnoize's first EP on his label Space Hybrids. That and the load of upcoming new releases hitting our mailbox around Bandcamp Friday got us having a hard time to select whatever 7 tracks were sticking out of the group, but we found our way.
In fact, most of the selection is made by listening to whatever gets released on labels we follow, as this option to follow people comes in pretty handy for staying in touch with people we want to support. Well done Bandcamp. Integrating all the benefits of social media on a platform really bringing bread and butter to the artist is one interesting function.

As it's been pretty fun to have Wayne Duggan on for one of our last livestream, we might as well and very probably will invite over more artists for non prepared back to back sessions, as soon as we figure out what we are allowed to do to stay within the recommendations but be able to share music together. Stay tuned for that! We'll announce it over our Instagram, as well as if ever we make the move to Mixcloud as a way to deepen our desire to wire the money where it has to go for artists.

For now, let's see what we have in the bag from last week's listening.


Heavenchord - Field Recordings #1

This style that you can recognize out of thousands, this signature simplicity and depth within sound, and the infinite beauty of these pieces of music. Could it be that we would fail at our recent tradition to share one Heavenchord track every week?
Not for now.
Our legendary musician's old releases dedicated to turning field recordings, the soundtrack of our life, into a soundtrack coming from another dimension. The infinity of music at its best. No need (almost let's say) for nothing else but a creative vision and extreme talent, which for both money and expensive synth can't buy.
Once again showing to us, that the only thing we should be chasing when making music, is the uniqueness of the message we want to express.
Spot on Heavenchord. You hit the target.


Andre Stordeur - Chant 10A

Belgian pioneed of Electronic Music, who I guess was quite influenced by the works of Musique Concrete (no verified information here), and who we unfortunately will miss a fair bit as we lost this gentleman on april 7th.
This album compiles his electronic works of the last two decades of the 20th century. And when you listen to him, you can understand to which point we as children of the 80's, haven't invented anything regarding music. A lesson of humility therefore, as still some musicians out there think they did revolutionize the music business, they may take a sit for one more moment thinking of what people made before them.
"Chant 10A" makes me think of Eliane Radigue with a softer and maybe less spiritual meaning (although she never meant to go that way), and a more science-fiction touch, closer to music for images.
Good thing about having no images attached to that, is that you can create them in your own mind. How about that as a present?
Like an infinite bonus that just never ceases to amaze your inner vision.
Thank you for all these years of dedicated works, and for the immense treasure you brought into the world Andre. 
Salut l'Artiste.

Roluce - Call The Foxes (Original Mix)

Here comes Rocket Audio again, as we hold them dear to our heart since we selected one of their releases as Record Of The Week . This time showcasing the workds of Roluce, with a pretty dub-ish minimal EP, in which "Call The Foxes" is here to wake you up from your half sleep with a solid rhythm, and upper leg energy (as if I knew any fucking thing about that, just had that coming to my mind, so we'll keep it as is).
Perfect mix between minimalism's forward thinking mentality, and the legendary deep dub infused sound we never have enough of.
If I was you, I would follow their Bandcamp with that little blue button as these guys are no joke and pull out consistently the highest quality you can expect from this music.

AtomTM - Hard Disk Rock (Don't Stop)

One more time in our selection, one of the most creative artist of Electronic Music, in terms of mad creativity and range of action.
Let's just say we just mention that project (AtomTM), you can simply find close to everything signed under his name. And if you don't, well yer man covered it under another alias. I am dreaming to have that level of mastery and confidence to be able to release such a large expression of Electronic Music over so many years.
This album says it all, we'll be about things running close to the 8bit area. And it works like a charm of course. 
This one makes me think of Herbert, Jan Jelinek, Metamatics, all locked imprisoned in a floppy disk for a life sentence.
Depth, musicality, madness, creativity, groove.
Oh my god this is horrible ! Anthony, what did they do to get in there?
Do I look like a police officer, or an attorney? 

Felipe Valenzuela & Abscal - First Round

No need to introduce Melcure. They have been around for time enough to establish their well earned reputation for being one of the go to of minimal house for the last half decade or so, signing music from, Felipe Valenzuela, Dani Casarano and the outstanding Le Loup.
Wait for that bassline to come in. Seriously a musical piece of a track with an interesting construction that holds a change of rhythm and that massive hook in the bassline. Something to make your DJ set interesting (finally... i've almost been waiting).
They seem pretty active on their Bandcamp account so take a chance from now on, don't miss anything coming their way by hitting the follow button.

Hypnoize - Aura distopica

If you haven't heard about that guy, two solutions are offered. Number one : go check out the podcast he did for us. Number two, keep a close look at what will be released on this Space Hybrids label. Very well produced music, covering a large and interesting enough spectrum of everything around Minimal House these days.
Hypnoize is here showcasing some valuable influences as well as true passion for this style, while certifying an identity that to me is said to stay in your memory and under your stylus for some time.
Literally have no particular pick in there, as all tracks are rocking.
Fantastic EP !

Unknown Artist - Fine (Dr. Breaks Remix)

Unknown Artist. Dammit that one has been productive in the past couple of decades. For how many times we see Her./ His name ...
I just felt this time like an anthem. Like a proper Rave anthem that brings us back again to where it all started, and to a time when everyone was uniting under the Techno flag whatever happened. A time that surely will come back soon enough, and we can't wait for it.
Just easy enough to make you smile, but with enough interesting elements (drums especially) to keep those vinyl junkies dying for records still up on the floor.
I wouldn't play that every set to be fair, but still the kind of track which well played changes the face of a night.



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