Listen // week 10 2021

Did you know that the word labour came from the great Woman labouring to give birth? Easy. Not the act by itself, but the relationship between the word and its origin. 
As Woman goes through the pain and suffering Man will never know of, Human will need to find his way to achievement à la sueur de son front (from the sweat coming down his head).
Though not everything needs to involve a constant effort, persistence and resistance needed to hold on to the times of the growing process sometimes feel non human, but in order to proceed to seduce the beast your heart may turn into a wild fire. 
Some people may like things easier then others, and some like me tend to feel alive only when they feel like their body is about to explode. Are these people giving birth to a new version of themselves everytime they go around the cycle ? Probably, but seriously who gives a fuck?
Exhaustion turns your writting into words put one by one next to each other by mistake, and hope shines an accidental light onto them like a gold digger searching for his sacred safer future.
Thankfully, all these talented people are here to at least take care of our ears while we can't dance, so that we can feel the warmth and the beauty of what they have best to offer to the world, and for that, I thank you Bandcamp.


Shotaro Hirata, Heavenchord - Magnolia (Heavenchord Ambient Reshape)

What about a bit of fresh air? As yer man Heavenchord always has something under the elbow to blow your mind and teach you the laws of simplicity, with as much class and skills as the job needs, like always.
Teaming up here with Shotaro Hirata, Heavenchord could not resist reshaping to a more static interpretation, and to be honest, this would have been a sin to hide it from us. Where is this going to go?
The answer is in the name, but I think i'm already up there listening to it

Star_Dub -  Back To Basics

A little heavier touch here with Start_Dub.  A round version of Dub, adding some weight to the cloud inevitably taking your steps closer to the imaginary dancefloor as the track goes on.
This alias of Matt Star is definitely a banging one, offering a lot of stuff down on Bandcamp fortunately enough for us to be able to fill our ears with another perspective then the one usually served in this style of music. A clearer and heavier vision from the same room if you will, rocked by the sound of the delays and other space fx that we affectionate deeply.

Glasidum - Badap

Back to the House game now. Purism, sticking to the idea of the name, spreading the words of House Music, with an amazing rhythm section, those warm pads and an outstanding bassline that even goes through the deaf ears of my macbook pro. If that ain't a win, i'm wondering what it is.
Halfway Kerri Chandler, halfway minimal, I could easily hear Bar-a-thym right behind this one just to make sure we burn down the house until ashes are all gone with the wind, to spread the spirit of this music as far as particles are allowed to travel on the planet.


Xanadu - Ikosaeder

LNCH TIME ! It's time for everlasting music that bends the existing borders between Minimal House and Dub. Not that hard to bend you'll say? Not that easy to make such a perfect mix i'd answer. Spclnch keeps serving week after week the results of the works of an infinitely great load of talented artist, and is getting ready to release another wonderful record very soon.
Something tells me this will end up in Record of The Week, if this gets to be in a physical store. If not, well it'll end up in my collection anyway.
Huge fan of what these guys do anyhow, as well as infinitely respectful for the amount of music they are releasing.
Don't stop right here, take a listen to the rest of the collection, and hit the "follow" button. That's a favor you're doing to yourself.


Mr G. - Ease Ya Mind (Mango Boys Dub)

The most alive act you could ever find. You'll recognize the level of passion this Gentleman has for electronic music both in live performances, and in whatever the. outstanding music that gets released on wax and digital with the G. imprinted on it. The same type of groove that keeps refreshing your ears and making the legs move (not as good as him though). We said it many times here, this is called finding perfection. Like looking at an ocean filled with trillions of drops of water equally sized, equally shaped, moving along naturally, leaving you in awe for days, nights, and days again without knowing why.
It is a blessing to find this out there on Bandcamp, and we jumped on the occasion to follow along the future releases which hopefully will appear in there as much as possible.

Jordan GCZ - Jaguar Dreamin

Don't know about you, but I cannot wait for April. Don't be mistaking, you'll have to wait to see this coming out.
Pure synth dream. Fast, warm, science fiction inspired : I'm conquered. Electronic Jazz at its best i'd almost say.
This is how "melodic" music should sound like. Simple and complex at the same time, repetitive, playing with moods, texture, and even tempo.
One of the best live I saw in my entire life, along with the one from Daniel Bell at 20 years Perlon birthday, but in a different range.
Hey Herbie, throw an ear to what Jordan does, you might want to come back to your synths 
Just sayin

Daniela Cast - Mouth of the Lion (Original Mix)

Deep minimal groove here. Mesmerizing. Lower leg energy to my taste. Sweet, class and forward thinking.
This is the kind of stuff that had me fall in love with minimalism, the timeless shit. The stuff that only a few can master, and Daniela is definitely one of them. Her bandcamp is also filled with a bunch of cool tracks and you will probably want to be aware of future siblings for these beauties.
Spot on music.

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