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Once again, there's way too much that I really dig out on the infinite load of goodness there is available on Bandcamp.

Even though I still prefer to play vinyl like many of us, I do also buy a shit ton of stuff digital. Even more since I decided to completely stop buying on Beatport, focusing 90% of my digital budget to Bandcamp.

They do have an infinitely complicated buying system, especially when you buy a fair amount of tracks from different artists, but in fairness, the money goes directly to the Artist / Label, they offer for the same price MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and you don't need to make a choice right now. As in you can come back to it anytime and decide you'd rather have a bigger file, or a smaller one to save space on your phone. If this isn't the future of digital music, i'd rather split my balls into the last living squirrels outside looking for nuts to survive the last days before the winter, then sign in again to spotify.

Let's see what was in the crate this week

OGEID - Trifasico - Funk E Remix 


Trippy endless fat Minimal Dub infused bomb track. Christ with that many adjectives I feel like i've nothing to say anymore about this. Like a movie that reveals the pitch at the introduction. Well done Antho.
 Repetitive yet not the best qualitifcation for it, Infinite would be a better one. What's the difference between repetitive and Infinite? Fuck it. Maybe becasue it makes me think a lot of Studio 1 - Lila 3 for some reason, and this track has been killing me for some time. Anyway, another bomb from Pleasure Zone out on wax and digital. Ok i'll add one more word : Timeless! play that today, tomorrow, yesterday, for lunch, breakfast, dinner you won't get tired of it never.

Audio Werner - Don´t Stop (RKDS036)

Swinging Deepness. A driving rhythm, and then a pad bringing comfort into that track that almost gets you outta breath, like in a hardcore cardio training workout that makes you feel you are seriously reaching the end of your life, the bell rings and you can rest.
The overall effect is an intense mental madness organized with intelligence and brio, playing with tension all along and as the lyrics say, without stopping for more than 1 hit before this very hard cut lets these very few bass hits get introduced to the rest of the family.
This is such a clever track. Probably one of the most clever piece of music I've heard in a while. It plays with your mind, keeps your feet on the floor. It's a win, and not a small one ! Thank you Andy!

Giorgio Maulini - April 29th

Giorgio Maulini. A swiss serial killer you might notice on a good bunch of fantastic releases (recently on Pleasure Zone too).
This smells like funk, and according to his biography he seems to be well into that sort of thing. Well Giorgio, if you wanted to sound like your idols, you're pretty much there at the moment. Superb rhythm section driving your mind all along these 8 mins. 
It's definitely Springtime in November with this track! And you'll find this on wax, or on Bandcamp as the label releases there stuff in digital one year after releasing on vinyl. Just in case your stylus are as fucked up as mine eating all your records all the time. Thanks for caring lads!


Shōen — Plant​.​æ 

Pluie / Noir. Does that name resonate? Of course, if you're into minimal and ambient electronic music you probably have heard enough of this label. If not, I highly encourage you to read this article in which I wrote a few words about its founder Cleymoore.
Here, I simply cannot select one track over the other, and that happened a couple of times this week.
An ambient album, to me, is made to be listened entirely. You can't just pick one track or another, it would be like picking up one word from Lao Tseu out of the Tao Te Ching. Makes no sense at all.

This, is what we can call a story, or an experience like I'm always saying about experimental music.
It's like a show, at home, and if you're gifted with a proper listening set of gear and room, it even becomes a treat.
Airy pads, comfy sound and mesmerizing vocals is where you're at when you press play on this beauty. Just like I said earlier in this blog, if you have the time, try to really do nothing else when you're listening to this. Don't commit the blasphemy of putting this on when you're with friends at home (not too many hopefully), or when you're cleaning up your (real messy) flat.
This is yet another perfect example of how this kind of music can involve the listener by having her/him interpret the sounds as she/he wants. Try it out. Close your eyes and give yourself the treat to listen to this album from beginning to end.

And if that's not enough, here's another one from Shōen, this time on the Rings Of Neptune compilation which was recently put out around last summer.

The Other Side Charity Sampler

I personally am never tired of good music serving a good cause, like what Giving does for hungry people in Ibiza, like what Rotate did for Denis Kaznacheev, or even what Michael Jackson did for the kids in his garden (wait a second, maybe not that last one right?)

Anyhow anyway, I saw people talking shit about that, as if it was easy to take a business opportunity and dress it up as charity to win followers, candies or whatever the hell you want for christmas.
If you're twisted up to the point to see evil everywhere, go to the church. You'll find a lot of similar people. If you're here to try to support musicians who just love to do what they do, and wanna throw their cent or dollar to help a good cause, then press play. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. I got mine, I think it's lovely.

And I also always had a lot of fun meeting Lebanese people, and eating their unbelievably rich and healthy food. So go on, leave discogs for a minute or two, and throw a few bobs for those who dedicate their time for a good cause.



Fantastic Man - DJ Mentality

We love breaks, don't we? If you keep reading here, you may too. So here's another rhythmic monster which you probably know of, working the samples out to turn your brain into mash potatoe and your legs into jelly.
I just can't get enough of that sound myself. It's subtle but evident, driving, very simple, and connects a lot of different styles and influences together, makes the crowd come as one to the floor. Just like in those days when raving was the thing that was hot and not whoever was playing the unreleased shit of xxyz. 
Same thing always and forever : you feel connexion to the feet as it makes you wanna dance, but there's space enough for your mind to wander in peace.
Lovely release by Mr Fantastic.


Dan Curtin - First Contact

And last but not least : Dan Curtin 

If you feel I really need to say anything anymore about Dan Curtin, you need to seriously go dig the crates of what made electronic music on this planet in the past 20 years (if not very close to 30). His first was actually out on this very label Metamorphic records. Or wait, maybe you're just not from this planet and I'm really sorry you're reading this. But still, feel very welcome to go check out what Dan did for our beloved music. It's worth it

Dan is another one of these guys that started when House and Techno were walking hand in hand. And many were driven by the need to rave in the weekend to hope for a better future. That bit hasn't really changed in many parts of the world, and is even emphasized in some cities.
When I listen to everything I have the pleasure to have from this gentleman, If there had to be an idea behind his music, I'd say it's just futuristic warmth. The fine line between intellectualism in music, repetition, and soul. How can a line devide three departments? I can't explain. Maybe Dan Can?
Who the fuck cares seriously Antho? 

This is real music. Not just like catchy beats up to today's hot taste of some hot djs and co, and not only do I say that because we seem to share a good few common interests (for gym, hip hop, and listening to non electronic music outside of a club), but just some people's music to me is felt like an arrow piercing my heart and leaving its venom run into my system, up until I get the chance to share it with a crowd as loud as I can.

This one, is a classic digital reissue of one of them absolute bombs from Metamorphic. My pick in there, "First Contact", is a soul lifting experience pressed on wax, transferred into digital thanks to the label, Dan, and Bandcamp.



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