I'm not gonna lie to you, this is EXHAUSTING.

Holding by myself the weight of an entire website, suffering from having an idea a day given by every single personality that lives inside of this mess I can barely call brain anymore, is becoming the source of an unnecessary effort for sure.

If you are here, chances are you are either living and dying for records, breathing bandcamp, a label owner, a DJ or a music producer searching the needle in the haystack that will magically promote your music and make sure you can stop waiting some gang of dumbass's table at night to live from what you truely want to bring to the world, my mum or my dad (in this case remember once again there is no need to be so mediterranean  here and comment "what do you want for dinner?" here as I will delete the comment) ; a label of which I have passionately spoke of from my heart, or even someone who bought the redrop record.

Nice to meet you then brother, sister.

Well, it happens that Lessen has far more ideas then I have time in the day to put them into place. Common fact to most of us or just myself not being able to manage my time, one of these two but anyway the point is, that right now I feel like I believe enough in the general Idea of collaborating with other people.

As one you can only go as far as your own feet can take you, together we go around the world, as they say. And I pretty much did agree to this idea always but never really found a way to apply this to my desire to share and make music, as well as to my will to bring something bigger then just myself to the world, and build together with a team, a family, the model of an organization that would be based on pure passion and fairness for the real day to day actors of the Art show (music, performances, visual, sculpture, writers, whatever you do that generally your friends will check out when they're taking a dump after a gigantic christmas dinner burping the last sips of champagne from the night before). Sharing Art with a one and only common purpose : for everybody that puts their guts (I would have said balls, but then you'll think I'm misogynistic) on the table to act for it to be seen in the middle of a community rather then for themselves to shine brighter then others. Sharing what they do at their best to bring bread to the table in the future, for everyone to be able to think about concentrating more time on something else then your boss busting your guts (...balls?).

Does that reminds you of something? A Party maybe? That's exactly what the aim for this is. We're not allowed to party right now, so let's take the best out of what we take from partying (appart from ingesting a little too many liquids) right here on the web.

This project has been building up for several years for parts of it, and is really based on the basic ideas of the Underground Culture of the 90s. Searching for a way to make the world famous and the unknown meet for coffee. Expanding the exposure as much as we humans can, to Artistic talent of some sort. Connect the dots. Have a sense of common purpose rather then just yourself wanting to make it. Build an immense win-win for an entire community based on the rich, the poor, the lazy stoned music head, and the isolated silent perfectionist nerd coming together to serve the common purpose of bringing to the world what they think is best from themselves AND from the others.

Capital letters for AND as this page really wants to make a standing point in bringing in people to the game that not only want to show off their own face to the world, but want to take part of a project that aims to put in a moderate yet still constant effort to fight the big tastemakers, instagram djs, Spotify, beatport and Discogs nonsense that makes it sometimes hard for new music to come to the ears of the great public.

If you have read all this I cannot thank you enough, as this means that not only does my idea might be worth of your precious time, but that some people still believe in a form of togetherness that makes us feel alive, going to the same direction, rather then using each other (and still far from a specific political movement which was an infinite failure to the face of the world).

Right now, Lessen needs a bunch of people in order to develop itself on the base of one contribution minimum per month (if you wanna do more, feel free!).

Ideally we need : 

- passionate writers interested in Vinyl Records for the FROM THE CRATES section
- (more) passionate writers for the LISTEN section
- Graphic designers (how ever many we can as this is based on collaboration)

What Lessen offers : 

- A fully functional website, as well as the possibility to have your own Artist page on it to expose yourself as you want it somewhere else but on Social Media
- An unlimited soundcloud page
- The possibility to collaborate to a general purpose in Music, Visuals and who knows more (except my willy which is already taken).

If that sounds good to you and you haven't yet fallen asleep, then send an email to contactagpc@gmail.com. We'll be happy to get in touch with you to see how we get along and what we can share.

Until then, I thank you very much for taking part of this project, as you did by reading this page, and wish to speak to you very soon.

Much love!