Record Of The Week / #7

Yes, Synchrofoof again. When you love, you come back. Physically, or virtually.
This week's record has something special as coming from a label of which I wrote a few months ago, which is owned by a rare Man of Faith who I had only the pleasure to meet virtually unfortunately : Michael Zucker. Yes it IS still owned by you Michael. Your body is missed, but your spirit is and will be with us until the end of time.

One track is stuck in my head on this record : Glass.
Guess that has to do with the moment when Music has enough simplicity to breathe in and out, but enough personality to flirt with perfection. "Repetition is the Mother of Skill" says Tony, and I cannot agree more when I listen to this. As the recipe of this track is pretty much usual for Myles Serge, but at the same time that's what makes it particularly special. Just another legendary track signed on to a legendary label. 
In my dreams I wish I could achieve what this label, and the people involved in it did.

Speaking of Legend, you have another one on the Aside : G Marcell ! The man that sends you love in case no one did today. Come on, just for that, you should get all of this guy's discography available on wax, digital, sung in the street, whatever has his name on it. Particularly into "Damaged Earth (You)" for its soulful sci-fi attributes.
A music teacher I had, said that for a piece of music to be exceptional, it has to put the listener into another state, or take the listener to a different mental place.
When listening to that, I feel warmth. Warmth in insecurity to be precise. Like some sort of force awakening from inside while listening to this, empowering you to face the challenge of life with love and understanding. In other words, it's just beautiful music.

And it's bought in a beautiful shop too! Synchrophone has been a reference in Paris for years, have their very own sound signature and at the same time, cover a vast range of music in their selection. And on top of that, if you speak French, it's just always a good craic in the store.


LSN-E001 is out on Bandcamp !
LSN-E002 to be released end Feb.


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