Record Of The Week / #2


J.E.D. TAPE - J.E.D. TAPE 01

Bikini Waxx Records is the place where we picked up the Record, on this second set of days layed out and organized with names, just in case you have been up in your PJ for two weeks and still haven't slept. Who cares? You're home you say. I might be a little scared to see you again though. Fuck it, let's play some music.

J.E.D Tape, who is this? Who cares? It's brilliant fucking brilliant music! They could be called Ross From Friends (shit.. someone is already called like that!), as long as they do good music, I couldn't care less about their name.

First track is intriguing enough for you to want to keep playing through the record. Not the track that would open up the heart of a dancefloor unwinding the red carpet and all the kit (forget about that Tuxedo man), but the kind of track that would definitely have you re-think about your idea of music to play in one of your set. Something about that snare on my end, makes me wish this track was 16 minutes long.
Ok, haters will say "we been listening to that sound for ages man" well, you've been talking since you're able to walk but you still haven't shut the fuck up have ya? Then listen, that sound may be here for years, but there's a reason for that, and it's simply because it's timeless, sounds true to the bone, made people dance, and probably will 20 years from now.

I'm already sweaty and we're only listening to the second track. Is it the music? Or does even my body reject the amount of shit talk I can throw up in this blog?
Let me turn off the heat for a sec.
The second track fits perfectly with a very light headed kind of music we hear a lot since a couple of years, or back again should I say. Was it ever gone? I don't mind. This one, seems to be on the type of steroid that would make Governor Schwarzenegger look like a hobbit in your garden for the last barbecue of the summer season. This is REALLY muscular. The kind of stuff that allows you to open a damn good amount of musical doors on a DJ set. Very clever, very well made, and extremely efficient.

Here comes my personal pfavorite then. Really? Is it? I don't know actually, but it's the one you can listen to up there on the video.
So if you're stupid enough to read before you listen, you went to the wrong fucking shop my friend ! Library is next to the left. Bye nerds!

And last, we'll finish on the sharpest tool from the box. Imagine you're sorting your tool box and say to yourself " hammer, screwdriver... tape, nails, scissors, tantō..." and then stop like "What was I doing with a samurai sword the size of a bread knife in that toolbox?
That's what you'll feel listening to that. Or maybe I shouldn't have woke up at 4 today? I might be tired for sure already. Anyway, this is sharp as a blade and definitely is the kind of track I would play if I was to try to find my way to a dancefloor's mind, while having to perform a looooong marathon kinda set.

To summarize, it's a great record. (Really?) It's not even funny anymore seriously. Next week I promise, I'll pick up the shittiest record ever produced in the history of Electronic Music and review it here.

More seriously, even if there definitely is this record somewhere in the world, as a mark of respect for human creation and human judgement, I would never mean to do that. 

I highly encourage you to get this beauty out of Bikini Waxx, while this copy is still available on Discogs (I hate discogs, but this time, it's for the good cause!).
And when we're all set and done with this pandemic eating our brains out every day of the year, you'll be able to visit physically the store which is also extremely nice, as well as their staff!

Until then, stay safe, buy records, buy music, get naked when you can, and grab a Pug in the street if you can!

Muchos lovos !


Click the image to go directly to the store and grab that beauty !

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