Record Of The Week / #10



Liepzig... Liepzig, oh Liepzig ! How much I want to visit! How much? Well up to the point I start looking for record stores there, that says it all.
Inch By Inch, is a Distribution / Record store that looks pretty interesting in my eyes considering what they showcase on their website. Oriented to selected new releases, and second hand records, you'll probably find there things you never knew you needed, setting themselves as being the real dj's best friend. Exactly the kind of mentality a proper record store should have.
They complete the full circle by proposing people to discover, and also distributing trusted ones they love. Happy days !

Here, is the first release for the imprint of the same name (tant qu'à faire hein, as we'd say in my beloved country).
Horns of Nippes (the horny nipples, as I'll call it for the rest of my life), is a dreamy, fat ravey track which is the first of the release that caught my ear's attention. I hear far away the sound of post punk kids raging down the streets of London, I see the sun coming up at the end of a party, smiling faces. I know, I need a dance with selected few people, and I need summer.

Hinter Der Stirn keeps it deep but with a tiny bit more repetition, and that legendary rimshot sound to eat your brain along the track. It's pretty straight up, but these strings coming up slowly all along drive the interest alongside a few notes of lead. Less, is definitely more. No need for much to make beautiful music.

And then Trevor J Baldwin definitely comes in to regroove that shit up. A heavier version for sure, leveling up the amount of pressure with those noisy percussions and claps which I am also, particularly a fan of. 
It is inspired by old school, but tends to the future with its arms right open, adding just enough novelty to the game for haters not to moan "we've been hearing this a million times". Yes by the way, we did. But who the hell said we had enough???? Not me for sure.

It is an absolute pleasure to review a record from this store from which I will probably receive future orders and who knows, maybe visit once hopefully ! 
Not only does it looks great, but they also use Bandcamp to showcase the records. How smart! Of course bandcamp is the way for the underground to live a prosperous future, we all knew it.



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