10 Tracks That Shine On Bandcamp


Before we get started, far from me is the idea of neglecting one or another type of device used to make music.
As far as I do believe that limitation can get the greatest results in terms of creativity…

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The Most Expensive Track On Bandcamp


1000 Euros for a collection of 0 and 1s piled up on to each other. Seriously?
Ok described like that, your wallet screams, and your mind tells you to fuck off 

This reminds me of a TED speaker I…

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10 Minimal Tracks To Get On Bandcamp


           Is Essentialism leaning on thoughts of Asian ancestors adepts of Wei Wu Wei (doing, but not doing)?The 288 things project is also certainly pushing people out to live only out of their essential items, but some even go deeper…

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10 Deep House Tracks To Get On Bandcamp


  The World of the Inside, drawn by the Universe ruler of the realm of the spirit, speaks the truth in a foreign language of which yet the code is still hard to crack. We try our best to conquer…

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Rdrp01 Test Pressing approved / Listen Blog



             As we get closer together with our family, ourselves and those we hold in our hearts as much as technology allows it, we sincerely hope you are dealing with this sanitary disaster and economic crisisas best as you can…

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