Catharsis : The Tiger Eye Stone Of Soundcloud

Easy for me and completely logical to find on my way, the souls behind Catharsis podcast series, maybe because of my interest, or quest, to search for the reason why, as human beings, we tend to have particular interest in…

The 7 milestones of Finale Sessions

Finale Sessions
 is one of these labels that not only has released what is one of the most beautiful tracks of the entire history of Electronic Music (i'm afraid you'll have to read the entire post to know what it…

10 Tracks (almost) Made In France : Escape To Berlin

Definitely felt like the "French Electronic Music" topic wasn't over with the first post, so here I decided to collect stories about a bunch of our very special international baguette holders, wine drinkers and stinky cheese fans, who left their…

Music = Food² with GIVING

People struggling to pay their rent, holidays cancelled, Cultural venues closed (some for good), entire countries under lock down or half lock down situation, and on top of that a political context in desperate need to deal with incredibly unfair…

10 Tracks To Make Musique Concrete Rise From The Ground

Hon The Radio (ooh oooh ooooooh...)

What is Sound exactly?
Sound, is a vibration that propagates as a wave through the air. Millions of particles in the air that we breathe moving all together according to a waveform.
We will…

10 Tracks Made In France - Part 1

Liberté, Egalité, Poils Aux Tétés

I cannot say France had a major infatuation for House Music and Techno like England and Germany had, or even like Belgium. We always seem to be stuck in a country where Claude François…

How To Make Money On Musicians In 2020



Spotify, why do you get all the love in the world?

How To Make Money On Musicians In 2020

In 2018, Spotify was worth 25 Billion Dollars, a number you and I…

The Art Of Listening To Music


How do you listen to Music ? Are you more of a smartphone addict, earbuds stuck to your ears as a shield against aggressivity of the outside world? Or King of the Castle wood and silk room and mounted…

10 Tracks That Shine On Bandcamp


Before we get started, far from me is the idea of neglecting one or another type of device used to make music.
As far as I do believe that limitation can get the greatest results in terms of creativity…

The Most Expensive Track On Bandcamp


1000 Euros for a collection of 0 and 1s piled up on to each other. Seriously?
Ok described like that, your wallet screams, and your mind tells you to fuck off 

This reminds me of a TED speaker I…