The 7 milestones of Finale Sessions

Finale Sessions
 is one of these labels that not only has released what is one of the most beautiful tracks of the entire history of Electronic Music (i'm afraid you'll have to read the entire post to know what it is),  but moreover, when we take a look at the overall release collection, has set itself as a linchpin to the growth of forward thinking Electronic Music in the 2010 decade.
This one here, inspired thousands, inspires thousands, and listening back in the future will probably inspire millions again. While collecting more informations about them, especially about Michael Zucker (because if you really need to collect more informations about Chez Damier you probably have been mistaking coffee and decaf this morning), I realize how these Men have been pursuing a much deeper purpose than 90% of the labels out there in the Electronic Music scene. 
The fundamental of Finale Sessions can, and cannot be explained with one word, as the architect spirit commanding every single one of its moves responds to both One name, as well as the name of all things. I may reference some beliefs which might go against your vision of the world, but I'll beg you to please see it through the eyes of a story teller, rather than through someone trying to convince you about anything else then the beauty of the history of one of the labels which represent a major part of the legacy of Electronic Music.

1 The Creator(s)

Arriving to Berlin 4 years ago, I once had an insight while trying my best to finish a track (let's be honest : I was losing my mind to it). I therefore started to question myself about what makes a great track greater than others of your own? What, considering you put the exact same amount of dedication, the same level of passion, in the same room, with the same gear, and being the same person as you are makes a difference in between every music composer's different work ? What is the ingredient missing in most of the Music we make?
Being at the beginning of what I considered an initiation to a spiritual path at that time, I started to consider some sort of higher power, accepting to see the rational part of myself open the door for the incredibly irrational idea, that humans alone would not have 100% control over a few particular key elements of their lives, without a bit of self manipulation. Reading now Anthony Storr's The Music And The Mind book, it seems like I am not completely out of my mind and some other composers light years ahead of my level of skills, believe in a similar idea, like Alexander Goehr for example saying " There is no longer a composer who pushes the material about, but only its servant, carrying out what the notes themselves imply ".
Getting to know the central source of inspiration and power behind Michael Zucker's musical expression of love, life, and existence on the planet made me understand the reason why every single cell of my body vibrates to the signal sent by the needle running over Finale Sessions grooves. More than that, it felt like a revelation. Like some sort of feeling, some sort of proof that there is one thing guiding our steps, even though we may all have a different language, or a different word in our language to name it.
Michael Zucker majestically calls it God, and finds in it a reason, a force to guide every single one of his steps, but for the purpose of explaining it all to non religious heads and to include the idea for other forms of beliefs, you can visualize it another way with the great help of Lao Tzu 

"The Name that can't be named, is the Eternal Name" 

2 The Man Of Free Will

Besides the number 1 stands 2. Mankind is in fact divided in between heart and logic, passion and reason, abstract and concrete. Heart is guided, Logic controls. Passion burns, reason chills. Abstract imagines, Idea applies (according to Schopenhauer - Thanks Anthony Storr).
The Name That Can't Be Named, invests our soul to suggest, but only the mind of Women and Men can decide to set the intention to follow the guidance, and that's where it, The Choice becomes tricky for most of us (YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!!!!), but this is only my honest and humble experience of experimental human being. 

Listening back to all Finale Sessions releases, you can instantly detect that a clear and precise, yet not stubborned and fairly open, pure intention is guiding every steps of the label. A crystal clear desire to lean on the foundations laid in the everlasting history of (American) Djs and Clubs who provided the fertile ground for repetitive Dance Music to grow ; combined with the profound desire of wanting to add bricks to the great wall of Music by signing forward thinking artists, rather then sticking to what works and what's hot. Not that these two are incompatible notions, but again with an intention set to "do more of what works" (as all shitty blogging sites advise you to do), theirs is set to deliver nothing else but the quintessence of deepness and soul for your loving heart to warm up, and for your pioneer brain to reach maximum satisfaction. Now for your thinking brain : what's the result of combining two grounded spirits with an immaculate intention ?
It's simple : it works, and it's hot!


3 Eternity

Wether you look at it from a scientific or from a spiritual point of view, the notion of eternity is way more than just an existing idea in human's minds. If you do have some spare time I would kindly invite you to watch this video about Star Life Cycles, which to me represents and exposé of Life, Death, and most importantly : eternity. Who said Science and Religion could never meet? Sir, I think you just got served.
Probably the day I personally accepted that the existence of faith in my heart also. However you feel like calling it, I found it in this video.
Your body goes, your spirit stays, your creations which are made of particles of your true spirit, from your heart, will stay, and leave a trail for eternity, as you transfer your emotions to them.
 Again a story of math, but the combination of the elements which we revealed here, cannot lead anywhere else but to eternity. The One as a ground, Intention as the seed, and the expression of eternity shining through the eyes of the leaf coming from the soil. The infinite common thread appears rain or shine, through the unspoken words of deepness. Feet want to dance, heart is warm and mind expands. There is simply not a single record that doesn't achieve that on this label (which made it painful to select 10 tracks out of bandcamp, not to mention); as well as there isn't one of them that couldn't have been played yesterday, could not be played today, or could not be enjoyed tomorrow. Isn't that the exact definition of Eternity? An object, a particle, an atom, an emotion, a feeling, that never dies according to a forward thinking vision of science? (hash tag persistence in time?)

4 Conquer The World With One Love

So now that you what you work for, why you work for it, for how long you will be giving it all that you possess, you will be expanding for the world to know your message.
What? Prophetic? But doesn't any message that relies on these simple yet infinitely complex ideas is actually set to become prophetic? When and idea matches heart, soul, logic (oooooooh I feel some are gonna want to debate on that) and body wouldn't you want it to travel through space and time? Or would you rather want to keep it safe in a box? If that's your idea, then it is a Concept, not an idea (again according to Schopenhauer's visions greatly explained in Anthony Storr's book The Music And The Mind).
These people here, were guided through their steps, they raised their flags so all souls around the world preaching the words of true deepness could join and dance, and for some, be part of the book bringing to the table a fresh visionary expression of their heart, for it to be immortalized and pressed on to hot Vinyl Acetate. Sometimes (ahum... MANY TIMES), there is no need to sell like Michael Jackson to leave a trail around the world. Like in a mountain covered of winter snow, sometimes a helicopter lands and a man jumps out to own the mountain for 20 minutes, and sometimes a bird wonders to find food to survive. But they both leave the mark of their temporary appropriation of the space, for the sky to remember. Finale Sessions expands to the world, through space, signing artists from all over the planet, and through time, like an ageless Lady relating the story of Eternal Love.

5 The Sky A Home, Not A Limit.

As much as deepness and a futuristic visions of music, the sense of space feels omnipresent on Finale Sessions releases. Patrice Scott (YES!! Another Patrice :D), knows how to showcase that sense of space in his music, as well as the forward thinking sound Finale Sessions chooses to bring to the world through time and space. It could be easily assimilated to the kind of sound Greyscale is also putting out sometimes (see my Greyscale Label focus here if you don't know them already), with a greater touch of soul but a similar intense feeling of infinity through repetition.
Men and Women finds themselves impersonating a physical body on earth, but their spirit belongs to the sky, the universe, therefore the only music translating well the feeling of stillness for our mind can only find itself in floating beats and spacey chords, combined with sustained dynamic and comfortable rhythm to match the rhythm of our heart, which we wire to the sole of our feet.
Looking at the bigger picture, Finale Sessions achieves from the beginning and through the years, the expression of human life on planet, covering the entire spectrum of emotions a human mind is able to experience during its existence on the planet.
Real life happening under the only needle with which provides a sustainable form of love which we experience since the first days of recorded music.

6 Creations Of Men


Man created by The Force expresses the will of The Force flawlessly when focused on the higher self, therefore focused on The Force itself rather than focused on the way to express the will. "The words are fingers pointing at the moon; if you watch the finger you can't see the moon" (Lao Tzu).
Man on earth represents the Heaven and the Hell (if not the Heaven and the Earth, depending on where you set your point of view from). Man was made imperfect by nature, God, the Force, however you wanna call it. Made of good will, and judgements. Therefore our purpose seems to be not to pursue a quest for perfection, but rather to search for the resonating string on the guitar which french will call la corde sensible, the one string of which the sound is tuned to our one true purpose, a different one for every spirit born into a physical body on this planet.
Words from this song from Blaze resonate here : We Are One. Is it closer to the beginning or is it closer to the end? I'd rather say it is the representation of an eternal "immense" and infinited virtuous circle which Finale Sessions puts on to your shelf in the form of a 12" record (or file ON BANDCAMP!!!).

7 Perfection, back to the beginning.


Some men reach the goal set for us to express the voice that is hard to hear, especially for some stuck in a visions that worships the fake proof of achievement. Some men dedicate their life to the invisible yet almighty source of power making the world turn around until the end of our days. 
Even putting it into words feels like some sort of blasphemy or inadequacy considering "he who knows doesn't talk, he who talk doesn't know" (can you guess who that is?). But here all along this article I intend to give a try to myself, from as far as my deep interest to mankind's purpose has come to, to paint a picture that honestly represents and pays tribute to the people following "The Way", no matter how much it costs in terms of human, emotional and physical investment. 
As many times I asked myself why on earth, was human created regarding the disaster we are here able to produce with the gifts that we have been given, well listening and taking a closer look to the incredible work of all and everyone, and everything involved in the life of a label like this one, I tend to believe that some of us found a way to express the words of the invisible force as they should be heard, or if not, as close as humans can go when they tap into the expression of the unlimited power of their hearts.

This track here, was released at the very beginning of the label, and is the one to me that represents the essence of Deep Electronic Music. Made by a man who's spirit is as high above all of us, as his level of passion and dedication for music is. The same friend of mine who got me into Dub Techno, introduced me to his music and God knows (oh snap! I said God!) how much i'll be thankful for the rest of my life for this introduction to an such an artist.
It is though very hard for me to compare music as all creations should be considered equally in a fair world, in a society where I feel like we should pay tribute to every attempt to join "The Way". I tried here to show respect and massive consideration to everyone involved on this journey, and if you feel I didn't do I will beg you to excuse the passion driving my heart here and now, and my desire to present and share what moves my soul, exempted of any desire to blame or forget any effort of anyone involved.

Finally, one of my personal favorite of the label : Innerspace Halflife - Fan Nation. Yes Finale Sessions, I am a deep fan of your eternal loving and forward thinking idea of music. And I will dedicate a big part of my music sharing passion to try my best to spread the words of you, your family members, and the souls alike for as long as the air I breathe is able to reach my heart, the same as your music did to me for so many years.

For those interested, Owain K also published a fantastic interview worth a read right here with Michael Zucker. A much closer presentation of the man and his story with the Label.

I hope you enjoyed reading me and my thoughts which sometimes fly all over the shop, and that you will ask next time at your local record store if they still have a Finale Sessions record sitting here or there. They deserve it!

With love


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