Music = Food² with GIVING

People struggling to pay their rent, holidays cancelled, Cultural venues closed (some for good), entire countries under lock down or half lock down situation, and on top of that a political context in desperate need to deal with incredibly unfair inequalities around the world. Ibiza, as much as the rest of the world, is suffering deeply as its people try to find further ways to feed their mouth, and get healthy, more than ever.
If that ain't a massive bag of shit for the entire world you can call me Madame. But thankfully, in times of trouble we tend to see a bunch of exceptional people taking massive action, gathering around forces from all kinds of beautiful souls to make things move.
The Island is no different : its income and health has suffered tremendous impact from the still running Pandemic of COVID-19. So in this critical time, Grego G, Stéphane Ghenacia,  and Alex Garcia decided to initiate Giving - Non Profit Label in order to support Food For Ibiza, an already existing non profit organization aiming to bring a bit of butter in the spinach to people living year along on the Island, struggling with to make both ends meet.

A well ordered charity starts by self, and that Food For Ibiza understood that in 2014, when setting up their actions to bring food to the poor people of the Island. Now if you've been there you might think that an Island filled with yachts and billion euros clubs, and fancy restaurants may have found the magic recipe to avoid that but no ! Little House In The Prairie is only on TV, and there are actually poor people struggling to get their lives together everywhere in the world, even in Ibiza.

They started by collecting soon to be expired food from the supermarkets, bakeries, fruit shops, restaurants, and so on in order to help those in need, rolling up their sleeves even more in times like Christmas where we should all celebrate a decent dinner with friends and family no matter how bad or good our payslip looks at the end of the month.
They organize events where entrance is free, but in order to get in, you have to bring in 2kg of canned food, engaging musicians, as well as fans into a good cause, therefore making the Island dream of all people getting together an almost reality, everyday a little more.

As for aiming to be a real non profit organization, Lessen could only want to support the effort served with a smile with this fantastic bunch of people, and them three music heads found a way for us to want to do a little something from our end.

After speaking with everyone in the Music business they were in contact with, they collected a total of 90 tracks, and put out on June 21st a compilation combining all of them for the ridiculous price of 15 euros (minimum - but if you can, you're very welcome to give a lil more), available only on Bandcamp.

That's your bargain for today. Approximately 9 hours of music.

Repeat after me : NINE - HOURS - OF - MUSIC ! For the price of a meal on the way home at the train station. As opposed to the junkfood, I'm guessing you won't find yourself putting on weight by listening to Archie Hamilton, Ark, Dan Ghenacia, Gab Jr or Seuil. You'd even lose a few pounds without that kebab - chips - ice cream combo and as a bonus you'll probably wanna get outta the house for a walk with that shit in your earbuds. Winner & Winner = Chicken Dinner! 

All sorts of high level music blogs and magazines already shared the information, but I believe that this type of initiative is never communicated too much, which is the reason why we decided to share it here for the rest of this website's days. 

Make your cart worth food for those in need!
And play the music of those supporting them loud enough for the world to hear.

Much love



 Music = Food² with GIVING

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