Listen // Week 51 2020

The soundtrack of your week on Bandcamp for the official Pastis week.

We'll be starting from the depth with an absolutely stunning ambient track from Naarky out on Spclnch. Take a moment to listen to that shortly after you wake up. Simply the best way you could start your day or to start a night maybe?

Then we'll move on to the rhythm smoothly with our head still up in (the butt) the clouds, courtesy of Yoyaku's bandcamp spot, with Elli Form.
Possibly fitting perfectly right after Naarky's cloud of sweetness, to leave space for K-HAND's legendary solid, real deal vision of Deep House, bringing the answers to the Mystery of the day.

Speaking of Mystery, here's another drone-ish experimental bomb from Bookworms . I'm simply speechless facing this level of machine mastery and dream factory brought into music. The best 16 minutes you will ever spend today will probably be on this one.

Following up, one of my favorite bandcamp spots of Berlin : Styrax Electronica has released this album from Rising Sun last year, but it still feels as fresh as a new potatoe (did I just say that ???). Seems like this week I was missing a good flight with that selection of up in the air music, but as this is one of the only digital releases from him, I felt the urge to go grab it.

Audio Werner was also on with a new album two weeks ago, and I kept it preciously as this is quite far from the dancefloor bangers you normally hear from the man. Audient - Z1 is a muscular Dub exploration Spaceship that took me on a journey the day of its release as I went through it. Dry and Wet, Percussive and Bowed elements find their way to come all together as a piece that will stand the test of time in the background of a time we will remember as having to show to the world another side of our creativity. In other words : pushing the game forward. Well Andy, your vision of pushing forward is seen as a 20 feet high slingshot here! Superb album, a must have.

And finally Rotate ! Coming back to us with another great release from Luc Ringeisen & Suburbial. Bonhomme De Chemin, the one pick for the dancing shoes to wiggle was picked by Trommel for Premiere, I myself decided to go for a more dub oriented track to let the days pass smoothly and in balance.
Artwork was made by yer man Max Binski and mastering by Lopazz. Good music coming from good people produced with passion and mastered with talent. It's a win !

LISTEN // Week 51

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