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Hiroshi, would you wanna kill me if I said this reminds me a lot of Terry Riley? I hope you dont. I would be nuts, to die for a comment on a fantastic bandcamp release.

Simple, infinitely powerful ambient track moving as unstoppable particles in the atmosphere. This here is infinity. I feel like the track could repeat itself for 20 decades and I would not feel tired at any moment to listen to it.

Also reminds me a lot of Peter Jolly - Leaves for some reason. Probably has to do with the thought that these two songs have reached a level of perfection in the depth of music, and in the representation of beautiful human emotions that have barely been equaled in the past and probably won't very often in the future.

The fluty sounding arpeggiator is of course the secret of the track, but the comfort of those pads is definitely adding furnitures to this landscape that seems to be out of a very fine taste in music, as well as a talented musician.

The entire album is worth spending the extra bobs of course, but this one particularly caught my ear's attention and my heart.


Ron, Oh Ron !!!!!! 
When will you stop? Come on man seriously, didn't you already melt our hearts for the past what, 30 years almost? Time for you to stop doing that now ! 

Actually no, just keep doing what you are known to be one of the best for. This, is the kind of stuff that made me want to buy records in the beginning of the millenium. I have been dreaming to be able to play this music to a crowd able to understand it, which doesn't seem to exist in South Of France unfortunately (or not as much as needed for us to hear that more often there).

A groove lesson. "Ok yeah Anthony, the percussions, but what else makes the groove?"
The mind of the genius, and the hand of God, son. The deepest vision of the word "Soulful", that many attempted, but few succeeded to achieve. It's like mount everest but the other way around. Deep inside, the melody, the rhythm, across time and if you listen close enough, accross space as this music is here for nothing else but to take your soul out of your body, to a place where sun shines gently on your heart, and the night awakens your deepest desire to live. 
This makes me dance off the sole of my feet like they wanna fly me to another planet.
You're still the Boss Ron, and it doesn't look like anything is gonna change.
Timeless music!



Yin and yang, positive and negative, strawberry and lemon Ice cream, contrast.
These words come to my mind when listening to this heavy uplifting yet flying in the air spacious track.
It is simple and its efficiency relies on its contrast and repetition. A lot to learn from this music, as well as from its title. We feel the sight being reduced to its minimum vital essential needs, Tunnel vision as its called.

Bass grounds your feet to the floor, and pads lift your head up, and that combinantion can keep you going for hours. Simplicity made efficient and kept interesting all along the track.
Nothing to ad, nothing to take away from it. As simple as that.

Only Darkness Ahead? Surely, but as the sun comes after the moon shines, the darkness folds up facing the light as these pads fold the tension of the track to release its full potential without the need of anything else, but the rhythm.
This is all we need right now.



Time for Classics now. NRK. Legendary bristol imprint with countless releases sticking in DJ's flight cases for decades, (since 1996 to be precise) re-released this in 2008 as a reminder that good music lasts for longer then you can remember.

Time for funk indeed, this is fat, and never left my usb since this got out digitally. Heavy, and steady.
The spirit of American house music displayed by the Philadelphia born, Newark raised man going also under the name of Johnny Dangerous.

This was originally out in 1998 on Soundmen On Wax, but quickly turned into an infinite wave of repress and re editions on several labels such as International Deejay Gigolo, Amuk, Junior London, and NRK.

Good music lasts. Funk is eternal. We hear Funkadelic, we hear overdriven drums making you mad, we hear the past, we see the present, and we hope for the future with this soundtrack representing the junction between all the influences that are included in the book of Electronic Music's history.


Excursions vol 8 : a collection of infinitely talented people on a legendary label.

My very good friend Vincent (who also got me hooked to Dub Techno), got to know this man as he was (is? will be again? HELP ME!) part of an equally talented group of people in the region of Aix-Marseille throwing outstanding events in beautiful locations. And in general, when Vince is sending you over a link to listen to something, you DO take the time to listen. I remember meeting people in Aix en Provence, talking about music trying to describe what I'm into in terms of Electronic Music (drowning in the agitated ocean of my own words, waving the white flag when I heard the word "Deep House" and what they associated it with), and for them to mention "ah kind of like Elysee stuff?" had me screaming YES so hard I felt like my balls were melting like a sugar cube in a hot cup of Barry's tea.

Enough of how I feel about his music, as I could talk for as long as the Sun will take to burn down every particle alive on this planet (and of course in the cup of tea too)

Abstract could be his leitmotiv, as that comes back along all of his music. Imagine Ariane getting on to his discogs page, wanting to make sure she'd come back alive from the journey and on time to go to work on monday (eventually with all her teeth and the jaws functioning enough for her to speak to a 4 year old), well that's what she would use to find her way back home. The word Abstract.
Once you know that about his music, you're ready to get on the groove, and let yourself be driven, your mind be pleased and your feet move to these infinitely interesting pieces of music.

Scrolling around on bandcamp looking for my weekly dose of earpleasing goodness, that release felt on me like a piano on a cartoon character and definitely did have the same effect. I could have chose the one from Agazzi, but my sudden southern french patriotism had me choose Elysée.
Though I would highly recommend you do take the time to go through the entire release from Sleep Is Commercial  as this definitely is something that will stand the test of time, therefore one more reason to support their work through the one and only Bandcamp


Anton Kubikov, Moscow born talented man is coming to us with a herbal treatment, as you know i'm also fairly into myself.

One of these releases that conquered my eyes before my ears. And that shot of mind eraser sunday deepness with a slight touch of dub, finished the job and scored itself right in my cart. Coulnd'nt say I pulled out the scented candles and kissed my own forearms for 3 hours while listening to this, but it certainly is a topic worth being spoken of in times when we're all simply just going absolutely bonkers either by isolation, missing a good dance or, if you're like me, by trying to hold the head high of 20 000 things at the same time.

The entire EP is worth a listen through as you may think another one of these medicinal plants might help you with your dis ease of the moment. Velvet Dance, is perfect to warm yourself up with a bit of funk, Forms is an absolutely lovely shot of low deepness driven by that swing we never have enough of, and Simple Reactions to open the bal with class and precision.

Feel free to scroll his discogs page (yes, scroll! As yer man doesn't seem to waiste any time in his life seeing the tremendous amount of releases he has under the hat), and find out about his fantastic releases on imprints such as Nerv Music, his own Pro Tez or even Kompakt


Heavy and light, dark and bright, again another legend using contrast as inexhaustible source of inspiration for making music.

It feels far, but you suddenly comes close. You lose touch with your sense of orientation on purpose, as this track and its elements are orchestrated with as much simplicity as intelligence as one could possibly want, so that the message of dub remains intact from beginning to end.

It's a pretty full on busy but spacious track (and here again tadaaaaaam ! Contrast!) . Here we're kind of at the opposite of the emptiness and cold we'll normally find in this style of music. The track is fairly glued together like an alive moving statue, a work of Art for which Claudio PRC is fairly known for up until now. The "Techno" part of Dub Techno owns its term here.

What's that above your head you asking? A cloud of comfortable heavy blueberry cotton candy hooked on to a copper string, falling down on to your head, like christmas is happening in November, like Hungry Santa got the wrong type of cookies before jumping on the trailer.

Too bad Santa, that night looks like it's gonna be a long one!


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