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Week 18, if you feel these first letters are getting bigger as time goes by, this is only the an optical illusion.

"No form of Nature is inferior to Arts ; for the Arts merely imitate Natural forms (...) then the most perfect and comprehensive of all Natures could not be surpassed by any artistic invention. " (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations book 11)
In other words : calm the fuck down and come back to earth. You'll never do better then yer mam.
For as much as to understand Music, we need to understand Silence, to understand doing, we need to not do.
To understand making we need to understand practicing, and to get the playing right, we need to know how to listen.

This here, is nowhere near trying to school anyone but myself. And this is the greatest gift I have got from reading this book as well as the introductive ones of Ryan Holiday : we are our best teachers if only we can reach the fine line between honesty and self confidence.

What a better time to read about the most powerful man of the history of humanity. As he dealt majestically with a plague killing between 5 and 10 million people in total while writting letters to himself for the only purpose of becoming a better man, and accepting his own death. What a better time to kick yourself in the balls 25 hundred times in a row to see how much you can handle. What a better time, to realize humanity has already gone through and survived this kind of thing.

Shit, I promised myself I wouldn't write about the pandemic. But look we're surrounded by this shit right now and as far as I can see, this is the only thing apart from music that is on my mind, as the people I love the most in the world are heavily impacted by it and it keeps breaking my heart everyday.

The main thing which I am waiting for, is the rebound of all of this. Think of it for a second : we are going to release millions of people who were locked into their houses and only able to go around (for some in a within a certain distance) for a walk or a little bit of exercise. How do you think this is going to look like?
Well I sincerely hope bartenders and waiters are ready for what is coming because chances are they will never see that again for some time. RELEAAAAAAAASE THE HOUUUUUUUUNDS ! 

Is it the sun that's making me wanna drink, or the amount of outstanding music I currently swim in the middle of on my Bandcamp wishlist? I don't know, but let's find out.

Seefeel - E​-​hix²

Welcome Brothers and Sisters. Welcome to the Church of the New World. Welcome to a place where you don't need to be saved as you are already fucked so deep in the butt that literally not even Mario and Luigi can fix your shit pipe.
Here, no one is going to come up to the sky and come back to earth with the truth, at least no one completely sober.
This is the Gospel of the Holy spirit speaking the words of truth in a language that tongues cannot pronounce, but reverb can sing. This, is the sound of automated lifeforms under the guidance of human brain. This is the story of an abstract creator defining new rules for a world in which you will spend an hour, to hopefully come back every so often.
Donations ill not be handed to the priest but generously to the Lord of Bandcamp who's hand is connected electronically to the wallet of the one genius delivering this message. 
Be as kind and munificent as you can be, for this will come back to you a million times.
I say it to you my friends...

Thomas P. Heckmann - Krautrock 

Krautrock instanteneously shines the memory of the one best Acid Rock album that ever was made : Krautzone - Spiritual Retreat. This is a bit of a promotion inside a promotion, but these two things are so connected, on two different levels, that this amount of collected letters forming nonsense almost, was necessary.
Do we need to introduce Thomas P. Heckmann? No. If we do, speak to your doctor.
Countless legendary releases in there, and guess what, Thomas also had countless lost tapes hanging on his shelves. Therefore and out of generosity, he decided to share all these with us to not deprive the world from the infinite amount of pleasure this is suggesting to the serotonine waterguns inside of our brains.
Krautrock, has roots to the origins of Electronic Music of course, but its arms disguised in sound waves extend to the future to define again what yesterday was the sound of tomorrow. You'll find Dub, Minimalism, Pop even, warmth, detail. 
Like a Salade Niçoise of electronic music. This track is amazing. 
Et bon apétit bien sur! 

Marvo Genetic - The Fourth Wave (Vocal Mix)

And now let's go raving. Let's go raving in the days when Punks did not yet invade the grass to leave empty cans of cheap beer on the floor, and when Techno was a synonym of freedom, and fluorescent colors. 
Let's get RICH PADS. Yes RICH PADS with a modulation that almost makes you sea sick so much that it feels like the keys are sweating love and happiness, enough that even Sylvester would throw up overboard.
This old school sound with sharp highs, rich mids, and human sized bass sound is the eternal sound of the times when musicality and whole heartedness were some of the most present qualities found in Electronic Music. And the end of it even reminds you of a classic song from a Detroit legend that definitely should stop wearing sunglasses on stage.
Happy days. A beautiful track for this summer.

Steven Brown / Daniel Aspuru / Manrico Montero - Living Pillars

All aboard the Choo Choo now. The sun is way up and it is time to leave our dream spot where we spent the past 24 hours to go back to reality, or not yet the exact form of reality that we know. Let's first make it a stop that will open up our landcape a little more before we hit the 9 to 5 again.
Let's make a stop in a place which I cherish particularly which intends for us to be creative and let our minds imagine. Somewhere the audience becomes part of the creation by interpreting silently what is being served to it.
Does this mean the music does not have a meaning? Or does music ever need to mean something to be apreciated?
This is the exercise that is being presented to us with this piece of music. 
Can we pause for the mud to go down and the water to come clear? Lao Tzu had it right.
And following this idea, not everything needs to represent a form or a shape for it to have the right to breathe and exist. 
Even though it does...

Launaea - Amida I (Original Mix)

Oslated again here on Lessen. A very creative and organic form of Dub Techno is being served to us once again, as very often on their Bandcamp. Launaea here delivers a great neo D&B piece of music, which funny enough reminds me of one of my jams last summer. After letting things be whatever they are, we are here facing a piece of music that has more personality then Arnold Schwarzenegger himself (as human or robot), and asserts a clear message that rushes you to get in your mind.
A repetitive melody that messes with the high commander, a warm rhythm and a great sense of space will here be the motives for staying with Launaea until the music stops, and that was well enough for us to put it in here.
Preorder is on as we're speaking...

Anthony Georges Patrice - NR 8

Little bit of self promotion never killed anyone. So here is the fourth release on Lessen Electronics Bandcamp page.
This time a little more rough on the edges, as a way to pay tribute to something closer to the House Music we were listening or maybe not. Maybe let's just say it's just music. Can you yourself describe your own music without being scared to miss or have missed on the target? I fucking cant.
So get your ass over there and press play if you fancy. I'm out of words for my own shit.

Heavenchord, Infinity Dots - Sparkle

Heaven spoke again with chords falling from the sky. And the forest was covered of music, and the minds were covered of blessings. What is it with me and religion this week seriously? I've no clue.
As said to him, it is very hard to make ambient music moving an ever growing interest that feels endless, without a single rhythmic element. 
To provide a moving atmosphere that can generate interest in the busy human beings that we are right now is the proof of a higher understanding of Music in my opinion. When you don't need much but your action is effective. When you need few words, but your message is clear.
Heavenchord got my heart until the end of time that is for sure.

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