Then The Wind Blows

So, we're locked down again, and this time with the everlasting American Election for distraction. Let me sum it up for you : an entertainment industry in agony, entertainers gladly switching to a full time job, Winter at the door (thank fuck not Pedro!), and Donald Trump being an infinite 4 year old losing his toy that keeps him safe from his Russian friends chasing him with the bill.

Even worst : people are still dying of that Covid 19, and moreover, other people in full strength think this is all a scam from governments wanting to control us.
So what? Weren't they already controlling us? Have I missed an episode of The Young And The Restless? Did Jack finally get to fuck...whoever it was?
You signed up to social media thinking you were gonna be safe, just because at this time you had no idea of the value of your privacy, and your personal informations (but not the belongings : my size medium 10 years old pair of boxers is still worth nothing as I gladly realized on Ebay).

In this big smelly 10 Years dry aged bowl of shite, I'd say we'd need a good 12 hour party (if not more) to erase the sadness and sorrow but nope, not happening (safely at least).

But appart from me talking bollocks with swearing up to taste, these spicy words hotter then your next door red curry won't make you smile enough to forget that your best friend at the moment is still the toilet paper (and I seriously don't wanna know what ya doing with it even if it's paper planes).
Therefore, drowning in the middle of a good bunch of tracks I had the pleasure to finish this year thanks to a fantastic training in 2019, I thought it could be cool to give away some of them as the year goes by. They don't hurt my hard drive so I pretty much think they won't hurt your ears and hopefully you'll even love them!

Nothing new with this free download thingy of course,  as a bunch of other people have already been adopting heavily this practice with their music, and in times where some of us are counting the pennies, at least this helps us think there is a future for people appreciating what we love to do, or eat pasta for.
Besides as always, I made a little selection of things which I did like recently and that fit to the idea of financially accessible music. So for some, it's not completely free, but they let you set your own price on their Bandcamp posts, which ends up being a fantastic deal between giving to the artist, and saving the poor corona dry pockets of these days.

Today, behind this great picture taken in 2015 at Le Cap D'Antibes near Eden Roc, you'll find some music that I promise was not taken from a Chanel advertisement. This is me here, creating without trying to make something which absolutely fits to an idea, totally going free wheel down the road.
If you're searching for stillness, this could be a good start for your day.
And if you feel like your creative urge could match mine, and you'd wanna use the music for a video or remix this for example, well feel free to send me an email. I'll be glad to either tell you to go fuck yourself or allow you kindly to act like a plastic surgeon on my beloved baby. 

I'm tired of speaking already, but now I gotta talk about these damn things which I've been listening to. Let me get myself a cup of coffee and you'll be able to read what happens to my mind when I listen to those.

Rhythm Robot feat Owen Ni - Cosmonaut I

We're starting with one of these great deals when you decide and set your own price. Christ Antho, you're having us make a decision now? Yes. I'm calling for your generosity for these people taking care of your need to mentally dance when you physically can't (at least I wish you don't, in order to preserve our culture from a dark future).
As life on earth doesn't seem that fun, we shall go outta shpashe shall we? Our feet though, well grounded on the floor is what's needed here for this classic filter-ish house track. Sounding like we are where we are : Chicago ! It's somehow heavy and fairly efficient on the floor (the one I'm desperately imagining since February, my last dance on the boat) and it reminds me a lot of Tomie Nevada's Stargirl, which I discovered on that magnificent compilation from Rolando back in 2007.
We won't start too wobbly on the legs here.


Stratton - Living It

Coming out of nowhere else but Natural Science. Manchester's team has us filled with goodness for more than we can count. These guys run in a similar field as NAFF which I recently spoke of in one of my last posts (right here)
If we had to explain to someone what it is like to have an identity and dedicate 600% to it, we'd give this person this track for a listen.
Everything you'd be looking for is in there. The junction already made between break beat and Dub Culture with the sound of these drums, layed upon these fancy reverb tails makes me wanna jump out of my chair and start this ... podcast which i've been trying to set up for months!
Melody here is driving enough to keep you going, but Stratton did not skimp on the amount of headspace he is giving the listener that dares to load that to his ears.
Excellent job Mr Scientist !

Wiley - 100% Publishing (Lo5ive UKG Mix)

For the UKG heads here. Kind of like an extention of this dub influence England wath bathed into. One of the most amazing thing London gave me with these countless stores owned by proper Jamaican people dedicating their soul to that music I had no idea existed back in my 20s. 
So here is an unofficial edit of a track from Wiley that sounds exactly how I love UKG : driving deepness, powerful in your face style vocals, and sycopatic rhythm up to taste for my feet to keep walking to this Leicester Square-ish restaurant I was working at in those days.
This represents pretty much also my transition to electronic music at the very beginning of deejaying in the early 2000s. Besides from being hit by Franck Roger and the Sun Orchestra in those days, I was dying to find this kind of music in France which was totally out of reach in those days for us.
So here, get ya workout gear on and go for a run with that in your earbuds, you'll thank me later.


Horsemen - All My Bad Behaviour

House music. We're not leaving the Soul field from too far away with these chords and keys and comfy sexy vocals. Berlin guys Juicy Traxx deliver a pretty eclectic Various Artist here, from which I have picked this endless Deep track. I know i've gone a bit away from the ambient / minimal / dub targe sometimes here but as though i've been really trying to focus on that, my mind tends to drift to anything good that makes me wanna dance and PLAY (!!!!!). My American influences here be pleased to this sound that reminds of ... the music i've been playing since forever. We've heard that many times, nothing here is reinventing the wheel but that is not the purpose. Deepness, well managed and well presented does not need anything more or less, it stands for itself. And with tracks like this one, it may stand forever like a king.

 Dafna Naphtali and Hans Tammen - Fenestrae Part 3

Here comes a window of weirdness for your mind to expand. Something for your own definition of music to be shaken like a pisco sour at your local decent cocktail bar, or if you're fancy, and Scientologist, maybe Tom Cruise can take care of that for you supreme bitch.
I see this as an exercise. An exercise to expand over my own definition of music, to nourish this Redrop project of mine also. I cannot explain this to you, but does it really need to be explained? Does all things of life need to be explained in detail rather then just be enjoyed? Anthony Storr was talking about this in his book "The Music And The Mind" , that mankind always looks for a way to put words on things (i interpret that as a way to make it more graspable), but music is, at the very beginning of it all, a way to actually express things we cannot put words on, or we have pain to put words on.
If you can understand this language here, it is the essence of what I am try!ing to achieve with this blog, and with the musical projects that are attached to it.
It's free to listen, and it calls for your generosity if you love it or want to have it in better quality.

José Manuel Berenguer - Trenes Alla Fuga

As I was on my way there to discover Nachtstuck Records in search for experimental goodness to inspire and escape my mind from the harsh reality that this world is sometimes, I discovered this 17 mins inspiring gem.
Call it however you want, play it however you like, but to me this should be experienced as you experience a show. You get outta shower and put on your relaxed and happy face, happy to put on the ritz to feel good about yourself for one night.
You sit in your sofa or wherever you want and press play. And that's where your mind starts imagining. This performance to me reflects perfectly the magic of experimental and minimal music, as you are not getting served music that you can predict and sing along, but you are invited, yourself as an audience, to take part of the music. 
Everytime you will listen to this, your brain will interpret it different, imagine different things, even sometimes hear different things.
It is a beautiful night you are offering to yourself and a fantastic present for your mind you experience, when you let the music invite you for a mind game of which only the music itself can win, over and over again.
And if you hear a train, get on it ! You never know where this will take you to.


Derek Wisdom - In Memory Of György Ligeti

Antipolis, not only is this the name of a label which released one of my AGXP projects (for those interested, it's all happening here)
It is also partially the name of the place where I grew up. Sophia Antipolis, as well as the place where I got to know that English was not a complicated language to learn, even though the first day I found myself at school with a bunch of Americans, I felt like I was in a Seinfeld show 24/7 more than I understood a word of these guy's talks.
Anyway. Here is, a compilation dedicated to the Great György Ligeti. For those interested in one of the most talented twisted composers of all time, just hover over his name and magic of google chrome should do the rest.
Not only will you find someone you know already under the name of Kink in there, but in this free package, you'll also have the pleasure to find Derek Wisdom with a magnificent ambient tribute to the legend.
I highly recommend you do check what is going on in there at Antipolis, as one of my techno legends K21 has also released a great EP in there.
And if you feel like you wanna be part of that family, they're quite open for valuable original music.
You're very welcome!


Now that we're here, why not listening to a Drum & Bass improv by the man himself K21?




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