10 Reasons to Fall For Greyscale / Redscale

Lithuanian label ran by Grad_u . If there was one guide to stillness materialized into a record label, besides Basic Channel, that would be Greyscale for me.
Just enough movement for your feet to dance, just enough space for your mind to experience comfort with the sound. One more reason for me to associate Qi Gong and Dub in all of its forms these days. 
This music to me represents pretty well what the philosophy of "Doing Not Doing" recorded on wax would sound like.


Movement / Identity

I got into Dub Techno progressively, through the ears and the brain of a genuine friend which developed in me a taste for stillness and subtlety in Music (Thanks Vincent). As coming from a warm, soul background, it took me quite some time to fully integrate the idea and to really get to feel the movement in thereUnderstanding the sense of infinite motion in this music was definitely a milestone for me.
The particular use of both special outboard FX and the use of the mixing desk as an instrument are  fairly responsible for the sense of motion, as well as the rock solid Identity of Dub music in general.
The Engineers and Producers who created this Music in the 1960s, originally wanted to come up with a totally different style, by manipulating the tracks of an original recording (which later on lead us to the legendary "Dub versions" we also had)
Mark Ernestus, originator of Dub Techno, shares this idea and explains a bit in this video from Electronic Beats about the conception of the almighty Zähl AM1 mixer.
If you love Mixing desks, you'll wanna get in debt for the rest of your life to get your hands on one of these (I actually have no idea of the price for that beast, but I guess it won't be painless for the wallet). 

Greyscale // Redscale for sure has been perpetuating these traditions of Dub, manipulating the sounds to create a universe of its own for every track released on the label through two different color codes, and a plethora of well selected fine artists, ending up becoming a solid representative of this fantastic music.

Redscale / Greyscale

Greyscale and Redscale. The warm and the cold. The positive and ... the positive too (was hoping to write something cool but both entities are positively charged unfortunately). Seems like the love for Dub is directly related to a particular taste for visual arts.

Redscale is achieved simply by shooting the film the wrong side, and it gives this warm red filter to the pictures.
Greyscale is what we call in the simple world of not specifically visually educated people, Black & White pictures. But if we do educate ourselves (or if we read wikipedia), we realize that actually what the pixels are achieving in these pictures is simply to let the light shine where it matters, as opposed to color pictures providing full range of colors andd a variety of elements to lose sight on.
A sense of pure focus now invades my head, and totally makes sense regarding the name of the label. Focus. Something that seems simple but many times extremely difficult to achieve. Greyscale, directs your focus to an essential element to which the artist wants you to stare at for your ears to be amazed and for your feet to move.
Redscale definitely aims for warmth, and a muscle up vision of Dub Techno, while Greyscale aims for stillness, keeping the groove on to most of the releases but giving that lil sense of chill like summer rain.

Grad_u and his artists have been spreading the good words of high quality Dub Techno since 2012 on both entities, providing nothing but extremely high quality music that finds itself a well deserved frequent spot in the crates of the world's best record stores, for just enough time the record needs to sell out.
The Bandcamp page is filled with all that goodness, where you can order both physical and digital releases, so I then decided to select as I always do, 10 Tracks that really blow my mind from their catalog for you to discover, or rediscover the goodness Grad_u and his pals have to offer.
They also offer like many labels their entire catalog for 100 euros, and to be honest, in the middle of artists subscription and the nonsense that this makes to me right now (even as an artist), I think this is a pretty good way to use a green note in order to support that level of creativity.

Enough talk, let's listen to some music now.

With love



10 Reasons to Fall For Greyscale / Redscale

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