Listen // week 43 2021

Still trying to wake up from the 10 years of Rawax celebration which happened at Renate, I thought it would be legit to start on another one of Robert's labels, of which the track selected will shine bright sunlight over…

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Listen // week 42 2021

Week 42 starts of with the rough driving sense of Dub that comes out of this Parallel 9 release out on Delsin. The same sound of which we cannot say if it is futuristic, old school, or just simply and…

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Listen // week 41 2021

Week Pastis minus 10 (only French will understand), taking off with SWAG, one of my personal favorite House projects. It's raw, it's deep, it's ultra-effective, sometimes really twisted. It smells like Soul, especially this one, part of a huge compilation…

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Listen // week 40 2021

Been a while since we were diving into the ocean of Experimental Music right? Well Shuttle 358 is here for us to take a dip, as the Dan Abrams project is getting a re-master treatment for a vinyl release. Ash…

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Listen // week 39 2021

We'll start with a talented man who we had the pleasure to host last week for a Bandcamp selection : Eren Eren
Head of Mémoire Affective, he has been driving the label designing an identity rooted in the deep sound…

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Listen // week 38 2021

Dust as we are, the immortal spirit grows  
Like harmony in music; there is a dark  
Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles  
Discordant elements, makes them cling together  
In one Society  

William Wordworth, found in Anthony Storr's Solitude book.  

Same as next…

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Listen // week 37 2021

Week 37 takes off as leaves fall from the trees, with the mesmerizing modulating ambient sound of Endurance.
Shapes shift, the light shines all along through different points of focus to which the creator of this piece directs the listener…

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Listen // week 36 2021

Week 36, Hello September ! Hello Dott. Santafeo ! Great to see this passionate friend doing his thing again on Spclnch, this time besides Kaan Elitok. A dynamic deep dub piece is being presented here with a sharp rhythm and…

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Listen // week 35 2021

Week 35 starts off with who we consider being one of the new kings of Dub. His sound has been spoken of several times here and he has as well been a generous supporter of our works. You won't mistake…

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Listen // week 34 2021

This week will take off with a Bandcamp link that takes you to some of the finest Ambient and Experimental music there is at the moment : namely Muzan Editions. We have been flooded by an army of releases coming…

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Listen // week 33 2021

Week 33 starts off with one fresh album released on August 6th by Nokken on Polymath. A fantastically produced break album made of highly banging sharp rhythmic elements and an insane sense of melody organized around a very small number…

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Listen // week 32 2021

Week 32 is the one we go back to one of our main focus of the website : ambient, slow grooves and experimental music.

We'll begin with Lawrence, pulling out a fantastic EP on his Home Label that is Dial. …

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