Week 52 - DIZONORD

Riding the cold, hard and vicious winter wind that blows in between the knobs, the eternal quest to find the finest vinyl records available on the shelves of the last and most important link of the chain of fools we call the music industry, does not have time to rest. Not even for christmas, not even for new year, not even for the hangover-of-the-universe (© Ian Pooley) day.
Embodying the idea of not wanting to go faster then the music itself, living by the quote of which I have no time to find the author (help me here if you can) "No hurry, no pause", searching for vinyl records can feel similar with sewing, fishing, or ironing your clothes, but definitely not taking a dump. When you take a dump, you do your job as fast as you can and get the hell outta there before you realize the laws of physics which cause warm air to go up. When doing the rest of these things, you define a goal and take the most amount of time in order to achieve it as best as you can. When sewing, you want to repair your beloved warm wool socks which feel so great at home but make you look like a meth addict at the moment in front of that girl you just met. When fishing, you'd feel like having a taste of that trout you saw swimming in the river. When record digging, you have an idea in mind of how the perfect record would sound like to your ears, and you wait for it to come to you. Sometimes you let yourself be tempted by something just completely out of your range, and sometimes you focus on the music you are obsessed with, or the pieces you'll play for the decades to come. And you stay there, until all that's left in your wallet is a fiver for a beer for you to be calm enough to find a way to pay for your rent.
Sounds depressing? Not necessarily. Sounds more like a dedicated soul living every single minute of the day in awe and devoted to the one thing that makes their life valuable, and one of the best example of it is a record I didn't find in this store today, but which I cannot stop singing whenever I hear it.

BREF - PUTAIN - VOILA as we'd say. This week I got lost in a store which I haven't visited physically yet, but which seems to be a mine of heavyweight champions of the world records, and as it is a physical spot, it just felt right to dig some of that black gold over there, aiming to find old and new Dub Techno and House Bombs.
If you don't feel like reading you're a fucking moron, but look, there's also a youtube playlist right underneath for you to listen again or discover what I've found in stores.

Rhythm & Sound - Roll Off 

Of course this blog cannot go too far away from one of the originators of the genre, lads of whom the sound can be recognized through millions of pieces, lads who you won't see bragging on social media, lads that have been and still are lazer focused on the real deal : Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald. 

I heard once that Qi Gong practice is about connecting Heaven & Earth, connecting the sky and the ground, and that through this practice of mastering connection between these two elements, peace of mind (or maybe perfection) can be achieved. If there had to be a duo or a band achieving this in the history of Music it would be Rhythm & Sound. 
A ground that feels solid but not concrete tight, allowing movement to come from the core, evolving and going up the spectrum with warmth and personality to find itself high in the sky through repetition with time ennough to assimilate all the stages this escalation goes through, keeping a wire connected to the ground which the listener will hang in a cloud to make that connection.

This is a piece to listen to from beginning to end, and I could not imagine a better one to start off the week.

Claro Intelecto -  Metanarrative

Following this majestically handled take off, comes another legend of the Deep sound, evolving between Dub and Rocket Science music for years, which inspired and continues to inspire the new flows of music from the new generations : Claro Intelecto.

 Released on a label where Andy Stott is mostly seen, Mark Stewart is one who I consider being one of the most representative artist of Modern Love. This is one of the labels that hit me hard at the beginning of collecting records with a sound that seemed to go beyond a conception of Time and Space. Sort of a new definition of Deep for me.
This album is nothing different to that, coming with music that is everything but static, taking the listener on a journey that melts down Groove, Melody, Depth, with more or less repetition and with more or less a song-like structure. A beautiful trip to a music that is clearly intellectual, as in that transfers a higher vision of music using the ways of conventional music remodeled and translated to match a unique perception.

Simply, a piece to have, and keep, forever.

Blunt - The Black Series Vol 1

Everytime I hear this word, my mind is 13 years old getting to know this skateboarding trick that seemed impossible, and that you see kids doing these days.

But rather then a memory of almost broken legs from the past and mad chase by the police in those days, what grabbed my attention on this record is this CV313 remix.
When earlier I was talking about imagining the perfect record when on a quest for new music, this one could be defined as the object of my imagination upon today's digging session. 
A remix that goes along using depth as a rhythmical element, using noise to populate a piece with personality, and reinterpreting a piece to turn it into one of its own. In other words, the very best kind of remix you could wish for if you were the author of a track.
"Reduction" is also the perfect way to approach this track, as it simply has taken away all of what we basically loved, but was not necessary  to the piece, sort of like distilling the essence of a piece by boiling it, and letting evaporate through a number of pipes, go through filters, and find yourself with a few drops of the sweetest and most precious particles which represent the essence of what you hear.

Essentialism, at its highest level.

Pole - Steingarten Remixes

 With this one, we'll fly back to 2007 with a line up of legendary remixers. The old days of releasing an ep, and another one for remixes were good times for our ears especially when people like Thomas Melchior, Dimbiman and the dearly missed Mike Huckaby were found on the remix credits.

The Dub House monster sound of the legend Mike Huckaby opens up the record, with a remix of  Dusseldorf  hitting your brain with his secret sauce heavy rhythm section and very long phrases of filter madness, which we recognize very often as being one of the signature sounds of the Man from Detroit.
 Weirdness and swing then invite themselves through the music of one of the most iconic music producers that Minimalism and repetitive music has had up until now. A soft, warm modulated beat backed up by an atmosphere of which the recipe is kept best as a secret, if there had to be a kingdom for remixes, this man would own a major part of it.
Finally, closing down, the unforgettable twisted dub vibe going deep down the legs, the man who makes any dancefloor his under any circumstance, partner of Markus Nikolai for what is one of the greatest addition to the history of Electronic Music: Dimbiman, also known as Zip, develops his own version of Achterbahn.

Nothing to add