Week 51 - KMA60

After selecting many times records from KMA 60's shelves in our Record Of The Week blog, it felt quite natural to go to this sweet Neukolln spot, perfectly located a few steps away from every Berliner's beloved Tempelhofer Feld. For those who never came, imagine Orly or Heathrow would stop its activity and become a public parc where people would skate, play football, take their dog out to socialize, or even catch the wind with a kite and fly high enough for everyone to scream. That's it.

So here, we're after catching the wind too as records in this store fly like dead leaves in october, and I'm sincerely hoping these stay at least until the time this review will be online for me not to look like an idiot. 
Ran by the awfully talented Dana Ruh, to whom we never cease to show love for her magnificent works, and the power of her strong sound identity, this place feels good at any time and you may catch people sitting outside in summer time, enjoying a cup of coffee before they get in murder their wallet. Another form of Berlin Store attitude which feels great as it definitely comes light years away from the "no smile - give money and fuck off" trend we may experience in other places.

Apart from that the music is shite (mouahaha). You wish! You wish you didn't find anything in there seriously. What a deadly combo for a shop to be in a lively neighborhood, a few steps away from one of the sweetest parks, employing welcoming and helpful staff, and serving deadly music. Once again, try to make friends with your account manager at the bank at least before you step in. You'll thank me later.

And while we'r here, why not listening to an instore session from Molly playing on behalf of Automatic Writing?

Losoul - Individual Sin

 One more time, Slices Of Life coming to us, with the heavy sound of another legendary artist who marked its territory into the sound identity of Electronic Music.
One of which the weight of the sound equals the madness transfered to whoever listens to his music from beginning to end, one of which the simplicity and unmistaken humility is immediately appearing. One of these pure souls of Electronic Music : Losoul.

Not happy enough to have have turned Electronic Music upside down for so many years (on Playhouse, in between a lot of other valuable imprints), Losoul came last July with an EP stating for itself through the power of music, as a standing proof that the sound coming from the speaker still has a word to say compared to the kings of digital marketing.

A timeless record, impecable groove expressing the fine Art of repetition and its unlimited power over your desire to move (and the quality of your dj set). One that fits a lot of different setups, but one that deserves to be played at the right time for its magnificence to shine high enough above everything else.

Alehoy! - Theory02

With that kind of a pad to start with, you couldn't expect anything but a piece which would be science related. So ladies and gents, please put on your white lab vest as we will go through this experiment, as the sound coming out of your speaker may splash over your beloved pyjamas and ruin your January sundays for this year.

Hum could be the sound of the old teacher clearing his voice to express the reason behind the experiment, while everyone else's mind sits somewhere between the coffee machine or the weekend's date with the hot neighbour as well as how to avoid her if this is a disaster. Nonetheless, the long-lasting expected nerd talk is actually shorter then everyone imagined and makes space for a profound introduction which inevitably catches everyone's attention, right on time for Richard to put the trumpet back in its case as this was his only idea to wake everyone up. Chill out Ritchie. They're all yours.
Richard's Dream attacks also with a breakbeat of which the complexity is far from a jazz-like masturbation for rhythm friendly students, and serves a message floating high enough in the stratosphere for your mind to escape my twisted story, but close enough to earth for the air not to freeze your balls out (and for the snail not to decide to come home).
Y-Shape closes this side of the record with an experimental-ish piece which connects an idea of science-fiction music with a reality to which you can relate to. If that had to have a name it would just be simply a work of art. But now the class room decided to have a drink and I wonder what they will retain from the theory but fuck it, grab me a Teeling if you go to the bar please.

Dozen Claves feels like it is going to go deeper into the experimento-ambient side of the coin but wait for it to hit the floor as one of these fast kick comes into the track as a sign to remind you that these new loafs were not a good idea as they sound like a million cows walked into the room when you tap the beat.
 We have one more track to go with Bulb, who's role will be to genuinely close the record. And while I am pretty sure nobody can really remember what was the theory about exactly, everybody is unanimously conquered by the power of this record and therefore got home with a copy of it to try to find, as an assessment, if the theory whatever it is can be found through enjoying this piece with another drink or two. 

 (I promise I only had coffee this morning, but I might switch to tea if this gets out of control)

Modernism - Consortium 

Now this one I have been chasing for some time. One of these Dub Techno / Sci fi / Techno Soul masterpieces one will regret not to have grabbed when some cunt will put it out there for 5 time its price within a few years. 

Just the perfect example of a Dub Techno record that will stand the test of time for it covers a large field of what the genre is capable of at its best. A fat rhythm, a comfortably soothing repetition taking you by the hand for a journey which you could repeat everyday without a doubt. 
Aside is strictly Dub for the pleasure of your ears, with two expositions perfectly put together in terms of artistic creation and sound, as a way to infinitely build the wall of fame destined to be home for memorable music. 
Bside goes slightly more emotional, especially on this Consortium 0.4 which is the one that did stab me in the stomach real hard, turning my desire to get this record to an veryday obsession.
A magnificent piece to treat yourself with.

Giorgio Maulini - Gliese 581

 The Venezuelan born king of the sexiest and sharpest house in town is back to us on an imprint of which the softness of the sound makes dreams meet with a reality that feels good enough for us to go through, these days : OGE records.
Home for an everlasting house sound which hosted a particularly mindblowing remix of SAM a few years ago, I was personally only counting the days before seeing the deep spirit of Giorgio invade this record label, but still was pretty well surprised with the general quality of the outcome.

A House sound that is rooted in the past, but that is not totally defined by an idea of music slave to the beloved days which are gone. The opposite. A sound from which the soft touch and sharp groove help certify its longevity. A sound that keeps the idea of the original sound of House Music alive and ready to hit the generations to come, by adding to it rather then repeating what has already been done. As if the "Universal Language" needed fo a new dictionary every year to fit the extension of its capabilities, and to reflect its adaptability to the modern world.

Imagine "The Young And The Restless" was a good TV show, this would be a new chapter of it. I know, you'd have to imagine pretty hard but you're already reading my words so pretty sure some of those cells are still working.