Week 50 - Yoyaku

Yoyaku, the Parisian monster truck Record Store, Distribution, Agency, Party promoter, and I'm pretty sure with all that they also probably make one of the greatest coffee in town (still, the best couscous, stays forever the one from my mum though).

 We are enjoying the release of the second installment from our dear friends of Positive Future, to stop by and select a few records out there to make sure our shelves are heavy enough for the long winter awaiting.
For t he time being, why not reminisce the best live performance I've felt (and I'm not the only one to say it), by listening to the man play a few records in the old landmark ?

Oh but wait, that's not it : they're also taking a step ahead in terms of distribution and availability of Music, by revealing a website dedicated to digital pieces which for some, were never to be found anywhere digitally. Quite like bandcamp (pay for the music, not the format), but MUCH less of a pain in the butt in terms of Payment, and also with a lot more of their catalog than you can already find in there. You'll also find on their website good Vinyl + Digital deals, which is signing an ending contract to your days of not being able to play what you want because there is sand on the slipmat. 

Surely not an hour wasted. Certainly a good way to get yourself in the mood to dig for days, grooving to the deep sound which is part of what you can find in this store, but not limited to it. And while I look forward to visit their new location, for now I selected 7 of the stuff that blow my mind from their shelves.

Solune - Journey Of The Folktales 

Etienne from Arcarsenal delivering a solo project action under his Solune moniker.

This one will explore the realm of Deep from the heaviest perspective. Starting of with an ode to the connection between Blues and a primal ideal of Dub Techno melted down into space effects. Death Of The Delta Blues is a mystical introduction, close to a shamanic experience.
Next, we've got a Ron Trent ish exposé, a sound that was kept alive only by the house heads who's heart never went too far from the original cell which gave birth to our music how it is today. As for this form being a will for the future generation, this track adds another page to it for us to cherish its ideas in present.

 Our pick from the release is on flipside with Thela In The New World (Equinox Mix). If the A side was designed to gently let the pressure fill the pot, this one is definitely the one that makes the whistle turn around itself. A warm, uplifting, timeless piece.
 Started off with Dub like vibes, closing down on them, as a way to close the virtuous circle for it to spiral upwards for as long as the needle can shake on its grooves. Versions Of Orpheus can perform as well as an opener or a finisher, depending on where your mind is.

Arcarsenal - FH:07 

Ok here's the full gang. Why? I'd say Why not? Our attention got certainly caught in the "Finest Hour" label tag on it and almost didn't even look at the name behind it until settling down to write the review about it.

Dub Techno, here we come again, with all your space, lower leg energy groove, and heavyweight atmosphere. Stirring Canopy goes as classic as one could wish for with all of its resonant stabs and delay tales and all and everything you need for a fat piece. 
Alma Drift slides into the mind altering side of Techno. Mind altering, as these pieces feel like they work themselves out inside your mind and leave a message, food for thoughts, or else just a seed for well being to grow in the days to come. This should be refunded by our local health insurance.

 Nautilus Funk, as the name announces, is bringing a little more accent to the rhythmic section. A little gitty up to your mood or a gentle wake up call to help your left foot chase the right one until you lose yourself in the music for a moment, before Liberation seals the deal and finishes off on a slightly more experimental note, deeper in thoughtful music.

Ghostride The Drift 

I cannot believe this record hasn't flown out the window in a couple of days. I literally jumped on my credit card the moment I saw this in fear for it to disappear leaving me alone with my tears and tissues. Simply the representation of a piece being born to stay and stand proud in your collection, one which will wait patiently for the right moment to be presented but when it is, will wipe out everything you played before, and everything you'll play after.

 Raw as a piece of salmon violently thrown on to your face by a pissed off Sushi chef that saw you eat ginger at the same time then his beloved creation. So much that even those insults sound like a serenade to you and you keep going with a smile on your face thinking that was a present. As if the one behind this created the music for it to be the exact representation of a moment, which probably involved so many different attempts in the past in order to really translate something outside of the sharp, made up music we have been fed with for the past few decades.

A piece which I will not even attempt to speak of track by track, as the best experience you could have with this record is still to listen to it from beginning to end, as a treat for your hard working time consuming, wallet devastating whole hearted passion, a reward for your restless efforts to dig through the crates, the blogs, the sets, your shelves, to only keep what feels like being the very best out of what Humans are able to create these days.

Sorry for the other records. This is just something out of conception to me.