Week 48 - elevate Berlin / Lessenorg selection

Hailing from one of the most intense areas of Berlin, a record store named after a word defining the spirit of House Music more then anything else in the world opens its doors a couple of days a week to the happiest record collectors in town.
Home of a strong family of labels answering to the names of Beste Modus, Beste Freunde, Unison Wax, 803 Crystal Grooves and
We _R House,  the store disposes visitors towards the infinite power of House Music presenting its full spectrum through a selection of all time classics, talented newcomers, all carefully selected, tested, and filtered by the well trained and experienced ears of a woman that has shaped the sound of House Music in Berlin : Cinthie.

We did select many times records from there for our Record Of The Week, therefore it was only a matter of time (if not minutes) until we sat down and went through the plethora of sweet grooves you are able to find in this store.

Who will resist to the call House Music is giving to the world ? Certainly not me. This selection will keep the clouds away, elevate your mood and warm up your feet for the winter. 

Ron Trent as Sound Factor - 7th Heaven  (Tribute to the energy of Frankie Knuckles)

As for the main focus here being House Music, let's open the bal with one of it still highly active pioneers : Ron Trent. 
Needless to present the immensity of the contribution of this signature deep sound, which has been so representative of the Chicago sound of House Music.
All the elements of a track that will stand the test of time are joining hands here coming in front of the stage one by one to deliver the right amount of well deserved musical intensity one could expect in a piece signed by the name of Ron Trent.
We are here offered 11 minutes of sweetness driven by a sharp enough rhythm on which is sitting what we could call an orchestra of synthesizers, bringing the world into a piece which is also dedicated to the loving memory of Frankie Knuckles, same as Cinthie's mix right above. An extended tribute to the Godfather of House Music, taken from the right place.

Gari Romalis - Black Traxx Matter

Gari Romalis again. Feels like everywhere we go these days we see music from him. Not that we're unhappy about it in any way, as the wide spectrum he covers combined to the level of talent he is presenting, as well as the consistency of his works make him one of the most deserving artists we have these days in our record stores.

 A statement which unfortunately still needs to be made loud and clear, as the world seems to still suffer a high degrees of amnesia, especially regarding the origins of what we listen to today, and since the last 70 years.

Gari talks the talk and walks every single step of the walk, delivering 4 highly dynamic deep tracks preparing you for a long night dancing or simply just a good ride on the waves of his true to the bone spirit. Nothing but the real deal in there.
You're coming here for the Deep, the Funk, and the Swing, and you'll have so much of it when you get out that you'll probably need another car to take it all home.

Soul Notes Recordings - The Many Shades Of Soul Notes, Volume Two

Repress action, of one hell of a various artist that kept shaking the floor of every respectable club for the past decade or so.
Originally released in 2013, this record draws energy from the ground, pulls it out of the soil through your feet, sends it to your guts and then finishes off pinning both your cheeks muscles up to your ears for the rest of the night. Not just another House banger, but rather a group of tracks organized precisely to reach effectiveness as separate elements as well as when working as a team.

 The anonymous Crue calling for the roots, the infamous label boss of Esperanza Kasper warming your stomach,  the sharp sound of Adriyano and the soulful driving beats of Kirill Tipo have here joined forces to spread and celebrate a message of House Music that designs itself through the power of Depth, and we are still able to find it in stores it necessarily approves of the necessity of its presence in our lives, but most importantly in our record crates.

Andrew Red Hand – Spiritual Capital

Hello there ! Long time no see ! Not so long until we define how long ago is long ago but still.
As always, we cannot resist picking one of the members of the 10 years old family of label infusing high energy into the record stores, tirelessly adding new members to it as if it was trying to repopulate another planet. The nation of House Music indeed, never has enough citizens and keeps expanding joyfully with records as this one.

Here we have Andrew Red Hand, "The Romanian Underground Resistance", exploring and exposing to light, several shades of his rather Raw true to the bone vision of the genre. Sharp beats spread accross your left and right ear to reach your feet, with A Palace Of Culture and its dynamic sound driven by the bass and supported by the strings. And once we danced it's time to come home and treat your soul by the fire, invited by the warmth of the timeless chords displayed in Current Mood, proving once again the power of Deep Music.
No time to rest when you flip the record, the room is under attack with Jack in Lasi and its funky oily bassline calling for the crowd to come together. Missing Mom closes the record with an organ lining the walls with the appropriate mood for you to receive the message.