Imugem Orihassam - Gleam From Distant Gate (Nsyde Entertainment)

Nsyde Entertainment, a label that brings some of the warmest forms of expression Electronic Music has been able to witness, is one of the first records we spotted in the list, no surprise here. The perfect way to start this journey, and also this feels like the perfect place to get it second hand from. How can one have had the thought of getting rid of that piece? Don't ask me. If this falls between my hands you'll find me at the church of weirdness to get married with that record within the next 20 minutes.
A piece that takes the listener to a powerful visual and emotional land, travelling with the sound of acoustic strings backed up with magnificently brought in, space fx. 

But wait, we may have started from the end here as all that was at hands was this youtube video. The beginning of this record is actually designed considerably more for the purpose of using the sole of your shoes then this cinematic outro which we fell in love with. Gleam From Distant Gate, other then eponymously bringing this record to life (if you wonder if that word exists just keep reading as if nothing happened), it presents a futuristic yet based on solid grounded roots, piece of music destined for the facepalming crowd.
Misty Evening will start over the Bside humidifying the room in order for all these plants to stay hydrated and keep growing, until the track which you can listen to besides arrives to close the story with poetry and sophistication.
This was out 2012, and hasn't aged a single day.

Daniela La Luz – Foreverness

The person clearly responsible for massively destroying Renate for the 10 Years Of Rawax party was not performing her first crime by doing so, and we will find evidence of it every day the sun shines for the next years or so.

Here Daniela presents on a record released in 2016 on Parallel Berlin, a florilege of the moods, and vibes you could have been expecting if you were there in Renate, a few years before that (if that doesn't make any sense, please send a tube of vitamin C, my address in PM).
Depth, rhythm, groove and personality are the marks left after this record is brought under the needle in any mixtape, club, open air, and anywhere Vinyl Records are able to be played. And though we chose Morning Red as it felt like this was the best track to represent the atmosphere we got to dig from her music, the rest of the EP should be carefully listened to as it brings a preview of how large the spectrum of her music can be within the Deep spirit. Red Acid comes in with an agressive acid line (which you were expecting as you read the title), that comes in contrast with an uplifting pad bringing fresh air into the sweaty room. Lazy Eyes which you may feel like having when entering the third or fourth club of the night (or day, who cares), speaks, behind a sharp rhythm, the language of repetition and delays known as Dub, and slowly opens your eyes to See The Future.
A proper outroduction is provided by Never Forget The Pinch Of Riot in order the long lasting party to finally end.

Agnès - Chaton - Ripperton - + 91 Ahead Session 2 (Plak Records, 2008)

Time to go over to the mountain, to listen to the sound of a few Swiss legends which have been rocking the scene with intelligence, groove, musicality and a good feeling you cannot find anywhere near that altitude.

 The Bside which you find besides (promise that joke was not planned) is the one that obviously got our veins pumping with hot blood. Agnes's Kingston-Geneva Dub House work distills just enough repetition to get under your skin and provide the necessary constant desire to dance, with a growing pad punctured by spacey chords, all of it solidly supported by a banging rhythmic section only Agnes has the secret of.

Aside though, takes you by surprise within the Deep, with a rather muscular kickdrum inviting you for the dance by performing the role of the infamous track of the Warmup, or beginning of the set. These percussions designed to infuse the madness inside your pure heart will not leave your thoughts until the lights come up and you don't know yet if to call it a night or not.

At the end, this is just another double sided banger you would not want to see missing from your shelves, and today you're lucky enough to find it in a trusted store.

DDrhode – Yellow Socks (Volt Music, 2013)

With a video provided by who we think is one of the most valuable Youtube Channel when it comes to Electronic Music (who also did a selection of Bandcamp tracks for us which you can check in the playlist section), I must confess we were already half conquered before we even pressed play. A worldly form of Deep, an ocean of stillness, music which you wish you had so much of that your days would be clocked to the beginning and the end of each and everyone of these records. Halfway into the infinity Wu Wei feeling of Dub, halfway into the musical feeling of Deep, to serve to the world a mixture which is often witnessed but always seems to bring to the table something new.

 The power of the right sample at the right time defines a genre of music that expresses itself giving a new life to the forgotten (or overheard) music of creative souls. The spirit of Jazz Music reinterpreted by modern artists putting their brick to the wall of music with the tools they have at hand, rather then dreaming of having what they could not have.
Electronic Music thrived and walked the musical hall of fame thanks to pieces like this, thanks to the genius mind of disinterested creators aiming to fulfill their desire to share without their real name being displayed.

An Ode to the spirit of Music itself, a speechless story touching the heart and taking the soul on a journey.