The Add To Cart Blog is getting a little facelift, as we are moving forward to the direction of what makes us really vibrate, and what made us vibrate all along the years of listening and living for the music.

We will therefore leave the Listen blog slightly behind, and concentrate on sharing more vinyl selections then digital picks, while still keeping our playlist section filled with the good things we find on Bandcamp, us, and the lovely people we have around or met through the creation of this website.

We will therefore in here, instead of sharing the Record of the Week, pick a record store you know we love and try our best to discover more of those dedicated souls, to pick 7 records and review what we loved in them with you.
Some will have their own website and we'll stick to it, others will only be open to public physically in their store or through their Discogs Page and therefore this is what we will use when we cannot physically go there.

This week we will start with a small and friendly spot we haven't been able to visit yet, but of which we love the atmosphere and the spirit. So let us introduce to you our selection out of one of Leipzig best spots to visit for music : Inch By Inch.

Various ‎– Tamed Monsters EP (Pandora)

The Ambient sister lable of Düsseldorf's Rough House Rosie, on which you may have heard the likes of Trinidadian Deep.
You'll find in here music from Benedikt Frey, Shine Grooves, Unbroken Dub, and a magnificent piece from Kurvenschreiber that blew our mind. No offence to the rest of the artist, this one is where our heart turned to liquid. Psychedelic atmosphere where tape delay feels home and where the mind refrains from its constant activity, for the time of a song.
The listener travels to a place that cannot be named for four minutes, and though this was originally organized to close a record, we feel like this could be the beginning of an infinite story. For your lazy Sundays, or even better to start off your holiday week when all you'll have to think is create and plan long refreshing walks. A Beautiful piece


Hisashi Ito ‎– House 75 (Below)

This label has been releasing some of the most underrated pieces of music in our honest opinion, therefore not only did we fall in love with the record itself, but felt it could be another time to go on a mission to put to the face of the world the works of a(nother) great German place for spacious, deep, and true to the bone House Music tuned in Dub.
In this piece, you will find yourself pleased to embark on a ship sailing the waves and the winds of repetitive music. As when driving through Germany in Winter time you may experience the sun piercing through the heavy grey sky, you will be poked by the appearance of very subtle changes into this comfortable melody designed to set a happy mood for the rest of your day.
Music that could explain the rules of a happy life.

Unknown Artist ‎– Knowone 017

Been a while since we shared some heavy, spacious, drowned into hiss Dub. Thankfully Knowone and the utmost famous Unknown Artist (who pretty much signed everywhere...krrr krrr krrr) are here to save our soul and keep manifesting stillness through something we may mistake for Darkness. 
According to Lao Tseu, Darkness is the gate to all mystery. Your sight is blurred, but your feet still touch solid ground and a paradoxical sense of lightness emerges from a heavy atmosphere. A high level of contrast in the air we breathe while spending a moment listening to this record that feels like entering a room which we do not want leave anytime soon. The comfort of spacious music. Simplicity explained again with another set of words, a story told with a different language but with the same tone of voice. An eternal soft message lies in this piece.

Various ‎– Antenna International 

Another Various Artist but slightly sharper then what we had on our plate today, as we move towards the week, the day, or the end of another complicated year. In here Beat Smugglers, Soultek, Marko Katic and Andres Bucci joined forces almost 20 years ago to bring their contribution to the everlasting story of Electronic Music.
A piece that brings together everything you need to warm yourself up. Space, groove, a sharp round sound and vocal shots to seal the deal with a human point of focus.
This track is definitely the one that gets the groove on but that doesn't mean that the rest of the pieces are to throw away. Everyone has a record they bought for a specific track and had the pleasure to be happily surprised of playing the flipside by accident (or simply because you didn't bring enough records you slouchy little lazy son of a bitch), therefore it is always good to welcome providence as well as a change in our taste when selecting records of which we only like one track mostly. Or just simply you buy the shit because you like one of them if you're not into messing with your brain like I am.